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Yes, CM Punk is going to keep disappointing you, entitled wrestling fans

CM Punk took some time to respond to a particularly stupid tweet from a “fan” of his:

The entitlement of some fandom is simply beyond my comprehension. If CM Punk does not show up in All Elite Wrestling he will somehow be disappointing his fans, per this random person, who has decided to speak for them all, by making clear Punk is wanted in said promotion. It is perfectly fine to want to see a performer you enjoy enact a performance you will get enjoyment out of. It is not fine to choose to be needlessly shitty to said performer because he is choosing not to deliver said performance.

CM Punk does not owe any of his fans a damn thing. He never has, and he never will. He is a human being, with agency, who is using his free will to pursue his interests. Those interests no longer include professional wrestling. It’s that simple. The appropriate response to this is not begging nor pleading, it is not anger nor resentment; it is simply acknowledgement and acceptance.

It’s time to move on.

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