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NXT recap & reactions (June 12, 2019): Stretched out

NXT returned to us last night (June 12) with their second of two TakeOver fallout episodes. You can find the results at the live blog here.

Candice LeRae & Io Shirai vs. Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir ends in a no contest when Shayna Baszler gets involved and it becomes a big brawl

My biggest question coming into this match was whether or not it’d be evident that this was taped prior to TakeOver. Would their actions make sense as something that came after Baszler’s win and Io’s post match attack?

While it felt a disconnected early (and maybe that just because I knew it was taped prior), the ending fit as fallout from TakeOver as well as it would work as a build to it.

Io Shirai’s warpath continued here. The moment when she delivered the Reality Check arm stomp to Jessamyn Duke while staring at Baszler was a strong one. Io Shirai is obsessed with Baszler and that illustrated it well. That’s the type of attitude necessary to defeat the champ. Kairi Sane found her angry side before she defeated Shayna. And Io’s intensity is more than that.

Duke and Shafir looked fine in this match. They don’t look to be lost out there for two who haven’t been doing this for long. It was surprising the lackeys didn’t take the loss before the brawl, but the ending fit into the story of the hatred between all these women so it worked.

The next stop is a cage match between Shayna Baszler and Io Shirai for the title in two weeks. Given there has to be a winner, Io pretty much has to win or she’s going to have to move to the back in the line.

KUSHIDA def. Drew Gulak in a submission match

The men shake hands after the match.

Submission matches are fun, especially when you have two men who are good at them like KUSHIDA and Gulak. It’s also just a different match. Even most very good NXT matches are like many other good NXT matches style wise. But submission have their own distinct feel. That’s always a plus in wrestling.

Gulak shook KUSHIDA’s hand after the match, so much like when he fought Matt Riddle, that will signal the end of their feud. Hopefully, we’ll see Gulak on the black and gold again soon.

Aliyah & Vanessa Borne cut a parking lot promo, claiming Mia Yim does not deserve a title match more than them.

Ah, so this is what Mia Yim is going to do before she enters the title scene. It’s fine, but a step down in competition compared to a best of three against Bianca Belair. Borne and Aliyah are working their gimmick well, but Mia will be feuding with someone lower on the card than she had been.

The Brit-Am Brawlers def. Kyle O’Reilly & Roderick Strong

At the end of the match, Jaxson Ryker slowly walked out. Security tried to stop him but he took them all down. This distracted the Undisputed boys and Danny Burch rolled up Kyle O’Reilly for the win.

For my money, NXT has the best tag team wrestling.

It really is to the point where you worry about the call up to the main roster because these teams are just so good you know you won’t see them again. Remember the Viking Raiders, the team that was too good to put over another NXT team on the way out but then hasn’t been seen on TV in over a month outside being eliminated by Titus O’Neil in the 51-man battle royal at Super ShowDown? That’s why we fear the call up.

So enjoy these guys while you can.

This TakeOver: Chicago II rematch delivered on all fronts, much like you’d expect. The ending worked as a way to give the babyfaces the win (and keep them established in the division since this is their biggest victory) and protect the Undisputed ERA.

It also sets up an Undisputed/Forgotten Sons program, and that’s intriguing. There’s no way the ERA would be the heels in that story. Which is fine given the ERA are getting cheers all over and each time have to turn the crowd. But if they work face, does that mean Adam Cole does as well?

That’s going to be something to pay attention to when NXT is finally back with their new batch of episodes next week.

This was still a fillery episode, but more enjoyable than last weeks.

Grade: B-

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