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MLW Fusion: Davey Boy Smith bests MJF, Hammerstone hijinks squatting Bocchini, more Contra carnage

MLW Fusion returned with episode 61 from the Waukesha County Expo Center in the greater Milwaukee area. Feature bouts were Kotto Brazil vs Richard Holliday, Ace Austin vs Air Wolf, and MJF vs Davey Boy Smith Jr. Also, Alexander Hammerstone squatted Rich Bocchini, the Midwest Mega Powers turned their hats around, and the Contra Unit created more carnage.

On to a recap and review of the show...

Hammerstone squatting Bocchini

Rich Bocchini interviewed National Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone in his private workout facility. There was a girl in the background polishing the title as Hammerstone was pumping curls.

Hammerstone cut an agitated promo about his hard work not being recognized. Nobody is giving him respect because they don’t identify with him. The fans identify with mediocrity, like Brian Pillman Jr. “I might not be your favorite wrestler (to Bocchini) or your favorite wrestler (pointing to camera), but that was always by design. Because what I am is your National Openweight Champion.”

Bocchini upset Hammerstone with phrasing about the Dynasty having his back. He retorted by posing a question if he chose the Dynasty or they chose him. “If you could have a friend like this, I think you would too.” Hammerstone is the one that gave Dynasty destiny and gold.

At that point, Hammerstone raged. “You want to make your implications? You want to be a real man, huh? You think you’re a real man? Could you even lift this weight?” Tough guy Bocchini attempted to lift a 50 or 80 pound dumbbell and failed. Hammerstone laughed then picked up Bocchini to do some squats.

Fantastic segment to start the show.

Rich Bocchini and Jim Cornette updated us about the kidnapping of Tom Lawlor last week. Cornette mentioned that Lawlor wants retribution, not arrest. The police are unlikely to be involved. Good way to tie up loose ends on the logic tip.

Kotto Brazil vs Richard Holliday

Kotto Brazil made a point to remove his eyepatch during his entrance. His eye injury is all healed up. Richard Holliday was accompanied by his Dynasty buddies and Aria Blake. MJF counted Holliday’s abs. Blake joined him ringside, while the other two went to the back.

This bout was speed vs power and a showcase for Holliday. He controlled the pace. Holliday had a sweet twisting suplex. Brazil picked up steam with his quick feet and a flying single leg dropkick. It didn’t last long as Holiday crushed Brazil with a brutal clothesline. Holliday used a gutwrench powerbomb to seal the deal for the win.

Ace Austin vs Air Wolf

The bout began with some chain wrestling. The story was Ace Austin being resentful about sharing the ring with the 19-year-old. Highlights include a suicide dive by Austin, a springboard spinning sidekick by Austin, a German suplex by Air Wolf, and a butterfly suplex by Air Wolf.

For the finish, the two were fighting in the corner. Air Wolf caught a kick by Austin then shoved him down to the mat. Air Wolf followed with a leaping front chinbreaker or something. I guess it was like a reverse stunner? Whatever it was, I don’t believe I’ve seen it before in quite that manner.

News and promos: Reed, de la Renta, Lawlor, Midwest Mega Powers, Low Ki, Contra Unit

We were shown footage of Myron Reed protesting in front of the venue with his “Justice” picket sign.

Salina de la Renta revealed the main event next week for the show she will be executive producing. How will she top the hit show she created last time? It will be the sweaty disgusting warthog Sami Callihan against goat loving Mance Warner in a falls count anywhere, loser leaves MLW match. Later in the show, it was mentioned that Ricky Martinez vs Low Ki and Flamita vs Rey Horus will also take place.

Tim Barr checked in from the Kings of Coloseum control center. That show will be July 6 from Chicago. The main event will be Tom Lawlor vs Jacob Fatu in a heavyweight title bout. “Instead of going to law enforcement, Tom Lawlor has stubbornly chosen to seek his vengeance inside of an MLW ring.”

Tom Lawlor cut a promo about not being scared. Does his face look like a man that hasn’t been beaten, battered, and bloodied before? Those are all things he signed up for, but he didn’t sign up to be stabbed in the back by the Contra Unit. What is Lawlor going to do? He is going to get the Von Erich brothers to help him clean this place up. The Von Erichs have integrity, respect, and brotherhood. Lawlor is going to teach Contra that he is not a man to be messed with.

Mance Warner and Sami Callihan responded to the news of their loser leaves MLW match next week. The Midwest Mega Powers shook hands as you would imagine Mega Powers doing. Callihan said the joke is on Salina, because they like to fight. Warner chimed in, “All day long, baby.” They are going to give Jim Cornette a stroke and want to quit wrestling.

When Sami wins, Ole Mancer will ride off into the sunset. Warner was not in agreement with that idea. “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Ole Mancer ain’t going nowhere, baby.” They bickered about Warner turning his hat around. The two got in each other’s face. Callihan smelled light beer on Warner’s breath. When asked about drinking, Mancer replied, “It’s true, all day.” They shook hands like gentlemen, but it’s on when the bell rings. Callihan grabbed a stapler from the trashcan. Warner asked, “Is that sanitary?”

Low Ki had a promo while walking out of a building. Low Ki is always prepared. Ricky Martinez has sealed his fate. He is on Low Ki’s list.

Contra Unit had words for Tom Lawlor. Jacob Fatu asked how it feels to get scalped. He held up a necklace with Lawlor’s hair tied into it. Josef Samael said Contra are the global dealers in violence. They accept Lawlor’s challenge. Fatu added that Contra will slice his ass and dice all three of them (the Von Erichs too) until they get to the white meat.

MJF vs Davey Boy Smith Jr.

MJF was joined by the Dynasty and Aria Blake. All three were present ringside for the match. Davey Boy Smith Jr. entered solo with the Hart Foundation.

MJF stalled early to avoid facing the big man. Smith eventually got close enough to grab MJF and toss him over the ropes into the ring. MJF used an eye poke to throw Smith out of the ring, but Smith skinned the cat. The Hart Foundation will have to come up with a new name for that technique. I don’t think Mr. Velvet would appreciate being skinned.

The Dynasty quickly served to be a distraction, which allowed MJF to work Smith’s legs on the ring post. MJF continued to focus on the leg. The Dynasty would distract the referee so MJF could choke Smith with a shirt.

Smith got momentum for a superplex. MJF kicked out on the cover. Smith hit a bridging suplex but couldn’t keep the bridge pin due to leg pain from being previously worked over. Powerslam by Smith. Kick out. Tombstone piledriver and a flying headbutt by Smith. Smith covered MJF near the ropes, so Richard Holliday put MJF’s leg on them to break the count.

Brian Pillman Jr. ran out to fight with Holliday. They brawled to the back. Teddy Hart showed up to scrap with Alexander Hammerstone.

In the ring, MJF secured a roll-up, but the ref caught MJF using his feet on the ropes for leverage. MJF berated the ref, who shoved MJF toward Smith. Smith used a powerslam to win.


The camera went backstage to show a body lying on the floor, Simon Gotch kneeing some dude with his head in a chair, and an unconscious Ariel Dominguez with a pool of blood around his mouth. Gotch blabbered the verbal equivalent of frothing at the mouth. Jah blah blah arrrg. Jacob Fatu said something I didn’t understand and stared into the camera. It panned over to Josef Samael, who threw a fireball. The screen went to the ‘please stand by’ visual as the show concluded.

Episode 61 of MLW Fusion had solid wrestling and dynamite extracurriculars.

Richard Holliday looked impressive in his victory. It was the kind of match that made me take notice of him. Kotto Brazil was the perfect opponent to achieve that. The size and strength difference allowed Holliday to stand out.

Ace Austin vs Air Wolf had a nice buildup throughout the match. It started slower with mat work then gradually picked up to an exciting finish. Air Wolf’s win streak is now at two. It will be interesting to see if a streak becomes his story.

I’m glad to see Davey Boy Smith Jr. defeat MJF, but I am a little disappointed that we didn’t see Smith stretch MJF. The visual would probably be amusing and satisfying. Or unsatisfying if you are MJF. Perhaps it can be revisited in a future skirmish between the Dynasty and the Hart Foundation. Speaking of MJF, it is funny that he is the only one of the six involved in that feud that requires backup for his matches. It fits perfectly for his smarmy character.

The promos were where it was at for this episode. I love Alexander Hammerstone being a muscle freak. That gimmick always cracks me up. I’ll still boo him, but with a smile. Cherry on the sundae was Hammerstone squatting Rich Bocchini. It reminded me of old school hilarity such as when Mean Gene Okerlund trained with Hulk Hogan.

Sami Callihan and Mance Warner continue to be money together. I could watch Warner shout phrases and make faces all day long, baby.


Those two have great chemistry. They mutter back and forth without missing a beat. Next week should be a hoot with their falls count anywhere, loser leaves MLW match. It is a shame that one will be exiting MLW. (It better not be Mancer.) If there was ever a reason to use the silly masked man return angle, I hope this one would be it.

That closing scene with Contra was creepy, in a good way. Simon Gotch sounded possessed by violence. Jacob Fatu’s presence is always frightening. And, FIREBALL!!! Nope, still not tired of seeing Josef Samael throw flames. This was a creative way to squeeze one in without it coming in the ring.

Which was your favorite moment of episode 61 of MLW Fusion? Which match stood out most to you? Where do Sami Callihan and Mance Warner rank on the scale for best promo duos?

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS Saturday nights at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT. New episodes are posted on YouTube Mondays at 7 pm ET. Fusion is also broadcast in the UK, Ireland, and Israel.

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