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NXT TakeOver: XXV results - Shayna Baszler retains her title, endures post match beat down from Io Shirai


One consistent in NXT for the last year plus has been Shayna Baszler in the women’s title scene. She hasn’t held the title all that time. No, Kairi Sane held the title for a point until losing it back to Shayna. But Baszler has been in the title seen for well over a year.

After she retired Kairi Sane the last month, banishing her to the main roster, Kairi’s friend Io Shirai went on a warpath hunting Baszler at every turn. That set up tonight’s match at TakeOver: XXV in Bridgeport, CT. After all this time, could Shayna’s time at the top be coming to the end?


In the early going, Io kept up with the champ, who was trying to target her favorite target in Shirai’s arm. She tried her Reality Check arm stomp once but Io rolled out of it and knocked down the champ. But when Baszler tried for it the second time, she prevented Io from rolling out and stomped her contorted arm.

Then the champ went to task picking apart that limb.

Io would fight back, though limited with a bad arm. That doesn’t stop her from flying though.

Despite the champ leaving Jessmyn Duke and Marina Shafir in the back, they came out when it looked like the champ was in trouble. But Candice LeRae followed them out with a kendo stick and attacked both women, having promised Io she’d have her back.

With the horsewomen neutralized outside, the fighting between champion and challenger picked up. Io tried a bridging cover but that put Baszler right into position to lock in her Kirifuda Clutch.

Io would fight and fight but had to tap out to theClutch when she couldn’t make it to the ropes.

After the match, Io Shirai went nuts, unleashing on the champ with a kendo stick. Then she hit a moonsault with a chair onto Baszler.

Post match attack aside, Baszler still won this match because Io Shirai didn’t scout well enough and used a move that choreographed the Kirifuda Clutch.

You can find all the results from NXT TakeOver: XXV at the live blog here.

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