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Dean Ambrose has his first post-WWE booking

It was just a week ago that Dean Ambrose’s WWE contract expired, and Jon Moxley burst back onto the scene with a Twitter video which got wrestling fans buzzing.

What does he do for an encore? Announcing his next pro wrestling booking would be the logical move, but our man Mox is an unconventional cat. According to a report from Deadline, Ambrose/Moxley (real name Jon Good) is returning to the movies for the first time since WWE Studios’ 2015 action flick 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown.

The project Good’s joining - Cagefighter, a sports movie set in the world of mixed martial arts - is not without a pro graps connection, however. IMDB lists Good as playing “Randy Stone”, a WWE star crossing over into the MMA world. No word on if Stone is more Brock Lesnar, or CM Punk. But I digress...

He upsets Josh Herdman’s “Reiss”, a champion who probably agreed to the fight for a big check and easy win in a bright spotlight. Following the humiliating defeat at the hands of Stone (pun semi-intended), we get the standard boxing movie narrative of Reiss coming to grips with being humbled and fighting his way back to a rematch with Good’s character.

In addition to the WWE Grand Slam champion and Herdman, the movie’s cast includes an intriguing list of name actors and MMA superstars, including Michael Jai White, Gina Gershon, Michelle Ryan, Jason Maza, Anderson Silva, Georges St Pierre and Alexander Gustafsson.

The pro wrestling connection doesn’t end with Ambrose and his character, either. One of the executive producers on the Jesse Quinones’ directed flick is Jay “Christian” Reso.

The movie’s status is “pre-production”, and there’s no release date at this time. It reads like filming will be in the United Kingdom, which could put a damper on the Double Or Nothing hopes of AEW fans, but we’ll see.

Definitely looks like Jon Good is gonna keep us guessing, though.

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