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CMLL Roundup: Marcela defends women’s title, CMLL vs Crash, Caristico & Volador feud heating up

Welcome to the CMLL Roundup. Let’s get caught up on the major moments from the past week. Marcela defended her women’s belt, CMLL and Crash had an interpromotional tag team duel, and Caristico and Volador Jr. could be heading toward hair vs hair. Ultimo Guerrero and Mascara 2000 also have an itch to cut some hair.

Marcela defended the CMLL World Women’s Championship

The rivalry between Marcela and Metalica went to a title shot for the CMLL World Women’s Championship. Metalica earned her opportunity out of respect by defeating Marcela last week with a piledriver in a lighting match. Marcela had neck pain then but looked fine for the big fight.

The bout went down in Puebla (starting at 58:40 of the show). Marcela was seconded by her daughter, Skadi. Metalica was backed by Tyson la Bestia.

Fall 1 to went to Marcela. After some back and forth to open the match, Marcela pulled Metalica off the turnbuckles. Marcela followed with a double knee drop off the middle ropes for the pin.

Fall 2 was highlighted by a guillotine leg drop from Metalica and a double underhook backbreaker by Marcela. For the pin, Metalica kicked the legs out from Marcela as she was up in the corner. Metalica tied the score after a rope-hung backcracker.

Fall 3 was when the action started cooking. Top moves include a flying crossbody by Marcela to the outside, a back cradle shoulderbreaker by Metalica, a suicide dive by Metalica, a surfboard submission by Marcela, a package shoulderbreaker by Metalica, and a swanton by Metalica. Marcela retained after a Michinoku Driver and a flying double stomp.


That was a pretty good third fall. I’d give this bout my pick of the week. It wasn’t the best out of all CMLL’s shows, but it had the highest stakes. I’d say check it out if you are interested in seeing global women champs compete.

CMLL vs The Crash

In a battle for promotional supremacy, Angel de Oro & Niebla Roja took on Adam Brooks & Mecha Wolf 450. It was sort of presented as Mexico against Australia and Puerto Rico. The match begins at the 57 minute mark of Friday’s show.

Fall 1 had an extended feeling out process then erupted with consecutive suicide dives by Mecha Wolf. The outsiders pinned Angel on a teamwork flying double knee.


Brooks attacked Niebla with a flying DDT to the outside. Mecha Wolf hit another DDT inside the ring to pin Niebla and win Fall 1.

The brothers Chavez came alive in Fall 2 with tandem suicide dives then a teamwork sequence of clotheslines, spinning forearms, and superkicks for a double pin.

Fall 3 took over ten minutes. Highlights were many. The fist pin was a super sequence. Brooks hit an Australian Destroyer on the apron to Angel then a Fosbury Flop. In the ring, Mecha Wolf landed a 450 splash to Niebla. Brooks followed with a swanton to eliminate Niebla. Brooks himself was eliminated after missing a swanton then getting wrapped up into a swinging pendulum submission by Angel.


It was down to two. They battled for a bit, then Mecha Wolf hit a sitdown powerbomb on Niebla. Kick out. Mecha Wolf missed a flying double stomp. Niebla capitalized with a reverse hurricanrana to win.

That bout was a nice treat. There were moves galore and drama in the finish. It was my first time seeing Adam Brooks and Mecha Wolf 450. They were flashy enough to make me want to see them again. I’d like to see more random interpromotional matches in CMLL as a change of pace.

Time for some quick hits of news.

Dragon Lee successfully defended his IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship against Taiji Ishimori in Japan.

Lee will be returning to CMLL this Friday, May 10 for trios action. You can get the results of Wrestling Dontaku from Rev. Claire Elizabeth with day one, day two, and match recommendations.

Lucha Central reported that Astral has exited CMLL. Astral showed up at the Gladiators multi-promotion tournament over the weekend. You may, or may not, remember Astral as winning Mr. CMLL in the 2018 bodybuilding challenge.

CMLL presented a hair vs hair undercard bout on Saturday between Metalico and Disturbio. There is no official CMLL video of the bout. Metalico used a low blow to defeat Disturbio and take his hair.


Other CMLL action

Let’s go over some other storylines and lightning matches from the week.

Monday from Puebla (Apr. 29, 2019)

The main event rematch (full show) of Caristico, Sanson, & Cuatrero versus Volador Jr., Mephisto, & Ephesto began with Volador ambushing Caristico from behind on the entrance ramp. It was a tough evening for Caristico. His mask was ripped, he was worked over as the rudos prevented any tags, and Volador won the match via roll-up after yanking his mask off behind the referee’s back. That rudo tactic has been happening a lot lately to Caristico.

After the match, Caristico grabbed the mic to yell at the referee about the same cheating happening two weeks in a row. Caristico tried the ‘one more fall’ routine to no avail, so he challenged Volador to a one-on-one contest right now.

Volador called the Puebla crowd pipopes again. If those pipopes want a singles match, then they will have to pay for a ticket next week. After Volador left, a frustrated Caristico threw out a tease of mask vs hair. He also redefined pipope from pinche poblano pendejo to pieza poblano perfecta. What a swell guy.

Caristico vs Volador Jr. will be the main event for Monday, May 6.

Tuesday from Mexico City (Apr. 30, 2019)

Caristico and Ultimo Guerrero took their recent feud to one-on-one action in the main event (starting at 1:47:40 of the show). The set up story was very similar to the Caristico vs Volador Jr. feud that is brewing.

Ultimo Guerrero started by kicking Caristico before the opening bell. The fight spilled outside with an overhead press by Ultimo Guerrero onto the fan barrier then slamming a door against Caristico’s head. Caristico sprang to life while running the ropes. He won Fall 1 with an over the back roll-up.

Fall 2 was quick. Caristico had a smooth slingshot headscissors takeover onto the floor. In the ring, Ultimo Guerrero hit a big slam then transitioned into an octopus submission.

Fall 3 featured heavy maneuvers: a tope con hilo by Caristico, a super front suplex Ultimo Guerrero, a super powerbomb by Ultimo Guerrero, a super hurricanrana by Caristico, and a middle rope suplex by Ultimo Guerrero into the ring. The finish was sudden as Caristico ran the ropes and locked in his whirling armbreaker to win.

Friday from Mexico City (May 3, 2019)

In trios action from the ladies, Kaho Kobayashi rolled up Amapola for the final pin to win the bout. There was no post-match bickering, but there will be a lightning match between the two on Friday, May 10.

Soberano battled Mephisto in a lightning match (starting at 45:20 of the show). Highlights include a suicide dive by Soberano, a sitdown powerbomb by Mephisto onto the floor, a Fosbury Flop by Soberano, a flying corkscrew by Soberano, and a dope finish. Soberano connected with a springboard backflip splash onto a rope-hung Mephisto.


Soberano was the victor at 6:32. It was a nice showcase for his high-flying styling.

In trios action with Ultimo Guerrero, Gran Guerrero, & Euphoria against Mascara 2000, Sanson, & Cuatrero, Ultimo Guerrero was kicked in balls by Mascara 2000 as Los Dinamita were victorious. There was a post-match conversation but I couldn’t understand it due to the air horns being so loud. It looks like it set up a rematch for Friday, May 10. Ultimo Guerrero also has his eye on hair vs hair against Mascara 2000.

Does Caristico vs Volador Jr. in hair vs hair excite you? How about hair vs hair with Ultimo Guerrero and Mascara 2000? Which outside teams would you like to see challenge CMLL’s best in the ring?

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