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Estimated buy rate for Double or Nothing could give AEW the record for non-WWE/WCW wrestling PPV

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Ricky Havlik for All Elite Wrestling

According to this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, All Elite Wrestling’s debut pay-per-view (PPV) Double or Nothing is estimated to have done 98,000 buys.

That includes traditional cable/satellite and internet/streaming distribution, where they show is said to have done a roughly 50/50 split. Such a split represents what could be a significant shift in the market, as digital usually only accounts for a small percentage of the overall buys. About 66% of purchases came from the United States. The United Kingdom was comfortably the second biggest market for the show, followed by Australia, Germany and Canada.

The overall figure is not only very good, it’s potentially historically so. The previous record for a non-WWE/WCW pro wrestling event was 99,000 buys for ECW Heat Wave 1999. With replays, Double or Nothing is likely to pass that figure. For other comparisons, ALL IN reportedly drew 55,000 buys. In its 16 year history, the Observer says TNA/Impact has only approached 50K on a few occasions.

Online interest was also strong, per the WON. AEW was the second most searched item on Google Trends for Sat., May 25, behind only the Toronto Raptors, who clinched their first ever NBA Finals appearance that night. The 220,000 searches done for All Elite the night of Double or Nothing was 12% more than the last UFC event and 35% more than WWE Money in the Bank. Second day search numbers on Sun., May 26 widened those gaps, with AEW getting four times as many as WWE’s last PPV and six-times UFC 237.

Dave Meltzer wrote that ALL IN, New Japan’s Tokyo Dome shows nor G1 Supercard in Madison Square Garden ever placed in the top twenty Google Trends. NXT only did so once, when there were 50,000 searches for March’s TakeOver: New York.

Of course, the question now is “what happens next time?”

But for at least a few days at least, Tony Khan, Cody Rhodes & team can be very happy with this news.