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A thing that would be cool

Cody Rhodes’ Twitter

You know what would be cool?

If AEW could succeed or fail on its own merits, without that being compared to whatever it is WWE is doing. If AEW could be praised for what it does well without that being a result of something WWE did poorly. If it could be criticized for what it does poorly without that being a result of something WWE did well. If it could simply exist in its own space without everything everyone involved in the promotion saying or doing somehow coming back to WWE.

I get it that AEW invites the talk to a degree by making this into a “war” but that is nothing more than a marketing strategy designed to entice fans. It does not mean you, said fan, have to take part in it. You are not on a side, you are the consumer being sold to. You can like or dislike either company for whatever reason you decide but it does not now nor will it ever make any sense to dislike either company simply because you like the other.

This new wrestling “war” could be great for fans in terms of entertainment value but it could be awful for fan discourse.

It would be cool if that’s not the case. So far, it’s not looking so good.

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