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It sounds like Chris Jericho will work a Brock Lesnar like schedule in AEW

We know AEW has a TV deal with TNT and rumors suggest the television show, which looks like it will be two hours weekly, will start up in the fall. Before then, they have a number of events planned.

So how often can we expect to see Chris Jericho, who fancies himself something like Brock Lesnar to WWE?

From the sounds of it at his post-show media scrum, he’ll be doing something similar to Lesnar:

”Well, I know what my schedule is going to be because we have it in my contract. It’s going to be very... everything that I do in AEW is going to be important. When I appear on the show it’s going to be for a reason, and it’s going to be something big. I think I’m excited. I think the next show I’m doing is the show in Jacksonville.”

AEW has continually stressed how meaningful everything they do will be, so he doesn’t give away too much here. But at 48-years-old and with the star he’s created for himself, infrequent appearances may indeed be what’s best for business.

We know what’s next for him, at least: an AEW world championship match against Hangman Page.

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