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AEW Double or Nothing results: Cody beats Dustin Rhodes in bloody spectacle

One of the marquee matches at tonight’s (Sat., May 25, 2019) Double or Nothing pay-per-view (PPV), the debut event for All Elite Wrestling, featured Cody, the public face of the company, wrestling his brother, Dustin Rhodes. Before the match even got underway, they made sure to take a shot at Triple H and WWE.

“He’s sweating blood.”

That’s a quote from the match, just after Dustin got color after having his head driven into an exposed turnbuckle. The story was driven by the passionate competition between the two brothers, with the crowd hot for every step of it. Brandi got involved multiple times, the last of which was a spear that led to referee Earl Hebner throwing her out (and Diamond Dallas Page making a cameo as the guy who came down to literally carry her to the back).

By that point, Cody was well in control and headed for certain victory.

When Dustin made his comeback, the fans were 100-percent behind him. His face was a crimson mask, a grotesque display of effort. When he picked Cody up and hit him with the Cross Rhodes, it seemed like the end.

It was not.

Cody used a low blow to set up a Disaster Kick and a Cross Rhodes of his own, but Dustin kicked out of that. The cameras showed us shocked fans buzzing with excitement, groups of them breaking into “fight forever” chants. Commentary made sure to note Dustin had lost a lot of blood.

Even still, he was there to hit another Cross Rhodes. Yet again, it only got two slaps of the mat.

“This is awe-some,” responded the crowd.

In the end, Cody waved off a 10 count from Hebner so he could hit one last Cross Rhodes. That got the three count. He looked incredibly broken up about it.

After, he asked Dustin to be his partner in a match at the next AEW show, Fight for the Fallen, in a tag team match against the Young Bucks. It was, to say the least, emotional:

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