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Cody took a big shot at Triple H during his Double or Nothing entrance

In case the insider-y (or should I say Observer-y) reference to inflated attendance numbers during the closing moment’s of the Double or Nothing pre-show didn’t get the point across, All Elite Wrestling is not above mocking the big kid on the pro wrestling block.

When Cody Rhodes entered MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas tonight (May 25), a giant iron cross throne, complete with skulls, appeared on stage with him. At first it seemed, the AEW Executive Vice-President & wrestler would just roll his eyes at the familiar Triple H prop and walk to the ring, signifying he was above the self-aggrandizing theatrics of WWE’s Superstar/executive. But then he got a sledgehammer, and did this...

Kind of cheesy, and definitely petty. But the crowd roared, and proved that these kind of digs are red meat for AEW loyalists - and a lot of wrestling fans who’ve been looking for a war to break out between WWE and somebody, anybody, for the last 18 years.

The success of Double or Nothing and AEW will determine if that war is really here at last. But you can’t say Cody didn’t try to get it started.

Follow along with all the action from All Elite’s first pay-per-view (PPV) here.

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