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AEW Double or Nothing live results: Jericho vs. Omega, Cody vs. Dustin, Young Bucks, more!

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It’s time! Double or Nothing, the first pay-per-view (PPV) from All Elite Wrestling is here!

Even before the first bell in Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena on Sat., May 25, the new company from Tony Khan, Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega has already shaken up the wrestling business. The time for talk is over, though, and now we’ll finally see what AEW has to offer.

Here's a place to find out about everything that happens at Double or Nothing, and comment along as you watch the broadcast on cable/satellite PPV, B/R Live, or Fite.TV.

Headlining the show is a rematch from Wrestle Kingdom 12 - Kenny Omega vs. Chris Jericho. Whoever emerges victorious this time will face the winner of the Casino Battle Royal (happening on the free pre-show, The Buy In) for the new AEW World championship on a future show.

The Young Bucks will defend their AAA Tag Team titles against Lucha Bros, Pentagon & Fenix. And it will be brother vs. brother, and era vs. era, when Cody Rhodes faces Dustin Rhodes.

Plus, a pair of women’s matches, several tag bouts, and probably a surprise or two!

Double or Nothing is scheduled for 8PM Eastern; The Buy In starts an hour earlier.

We'll update the results tonight as they happen, and feel free to use this space to discuss all the action with the best pro wrestling community on the internet - before, during and after the show.

Casino Battle Royale

Battle royal starts with MJF, Sunny Daze, Michael Nakazawa, Brandon Cutler, and Dustin Thomas.

Brian Pillman Jr, Isiah Kassidy, Jimmy Havoc, Joey Janela (with Penelope Ford), and Shawn Spears are the next one.

Billy Gunn, Glacier, Jungle Boy, Ace Romero, and Mark Quen are the third group.

Final group consists of Luchasaurus, Marko Stunt, Sonny Kiss, Tommy Dreamer and Orange Cassidy.

#21 - Hangman Page!

Page is favoring his left leg. He faces off with Janela in the middle of the ring.

Marko Stunt eliminated by Ace Romero in a spot reminiscent of when he just tossed a guy out of the ring... but then Jungle Boy eliminates Romero!

Dustin Thomas eliminates Shawn Spears! He’s then eliminated by MJF!

Brandon Cutler takes a FameAsser but then eliminates Billy Gunn. Cutler then immediately eliminated by MJF.

Luchasaurus chokeslams Joey Janela out of the ring through a table, eliminating him!

Tommy Dreamer eliminates Sonny Kiss and then goes face to face with Orange Cassidy. Cassidy taps his legs before getting punched in the face. He kips up with his hands in his pockets before getting eliminated by Dreamer.

Jimmy Havoc staples Tommy’s head and crotch before eliminating Dreamer.

Jungle Boy eliminated after Havoc bit his fingers when he was trying to hang onto the rope while skinning the cat.

Final 4- Luchasaurus, Page, Havoc, and MJF. And that becomes a quick 3 on 1 on MJF, who rolls outside.

Page drops Havoc to the apron and Luchasaurus big boots him to the floor.

Lucha runs at Page and Page pulls the ropes down, sending the big man to the floor. MJF runs in after the bell has rung and clotheslines him out of the ring. But Hangman skins the cat and gets in the ring and eliminates MJF to win the battle royal.

Adam Page wins the battle royal to win the right to face the winner of Omega/Jericho for the AEW world title

Kip Sabian def. Sammy Guevara via pinfall after Deathly Hallows

This was a very athletic match, Sammy worked heel and did get the crowd booing him, though it’s tough to boo the moves either of these men did. At the end of match, Sammy went for a 630, Kip got his knees up, and then delivered his Deathly Hallows finish, which was a torture rack when he then dropped the man on his face.

- JR makes his way to the ring placing the Boomer Sooner music.

- Cody, Brandi, and Pharaoh are driven into the arena. Omega’s on a laptop as it looks like we’re getting a BTE open skit. Meanwhile, Matt Jackson meets Michael Nakazawa backstage, then is joined by Nick, who superkicks Michael Cuellari before they enter.

- Now the show officially begins with the Elite (Kenny, Bucks, Cody, and Brandi) walking to the ramp. They do a bit where Matt Jackson says there are 20K people here but Cody tells it only holds 13K. Matt says you can round up in wrestling. Cody agrees and they brag about a new attendance record (shots fired). They talk up the Revolution as the feed fades to the black (while they’re still talking).

- Chris Jackson of Hamilton fame, alongside his daughter, sing the National Anthem

SCU def. Strong Hearts via pinfall (Daniels/Kaz with a BME onto El Lindaman)

This was a very fun 6-man match. SCU are over, and that gave the crowd something to get invested in as each trio showed what they could do. El Lindaman was isolated for a while, then Christopher Daniels was in peril for his side. Finish saw Kazarian save Daniels after he took a German from Lindaman, then a meteora from CIMA. A rana from Kaz and a tope from Scorpio Sky take out CIMA and T-Hawk, leaving Lindaman alone to take the Best Meltzer Ever.

- Allie joins the announce booth to help call the women’s match.

Dr. Britt Baker def. Kylie Rae, Nyla Rose, Dr. Britt Baker, & Awesome Kong via pinfall

Brandi Rhodes came out at the beginning of the match saying she doesn’t want a great match but a match that’s awesome. And... then inserts Awesome Kong!!

Kong and Nyla stare each other down to start. The smaller two women try to take out Kong but she just shoves them aside. However, Kong spends most of the time trapped on the outside of the ring and isn’t a huge factor most of the match.

Towards the latter portion of the match, Nyla spears Kong into the steps, neutralizing both of them for the rest of the match, leaving Kylie and Baker in the ring. They go back and forth for awhile. Kylie spends too much time firing up after delivering a superkick and a German, then takes a superkick from Britt, who delivers a Ushigoroshi for the 1-2-3.

The Best Friends (Trent Beretta & Chuck Taylor) def. Jack Evans & Angelico via pinfall following the tag team crusher

It started with Beretta as the face in peril, with Evans and Angelico working heel a bit as they drop kicked the friends when they went for their hug.

After Beretta tagged out, this match broke down and was just nutty. In the end, the Friends hit a Doomsday Device (but with a knee). Then Beretta delivers a suicide dive on Angelico on the outside before getting back in the ring and delivering the tag team crusher.

Post match, the men shake hands and were about to perhaps group hug when the lights went out... and when they come back on, Super Smash Bros (Evil Uno & Stupefied) are in the ring. They go out again and they’re joined by masked minions who put a beat down on both the Best Friends and Angelico & Jack/Evans.

Hikaru Shida, Riho & Ryo Mizunami def. Aja Kong, Yuka Sakazaki & Emi Sakura via pinfall (after a running/flying knee strike by Shida on Sakura)

For a good time early on, Riho played face in peril. But then it turned into some joshi craziness.

At the end, Sakura hit a moonsault on Hikaru. She kicked out at 2, which the referee indicated, but the bell rang, eliciting a “You f*#@’d up” chant from the crowd. Then Sakura holds Hikaru for a back hand from Kong, but Shida moves and Aja hits her partner. Then Aja is taken out by a Riho drop kick while Shida picks up the pin on Sakura.

Cody Rhodes def. Dustin Rhodes via pinfall with Crossroads

During Cody’s entrance, he stares at a Triple H style throne with skulls and all before making his way to the ring. Then he walks to the ring with Brandi, grabs a sledgehammer, and takes it to the throne. The crowd eats it up of course.

Dustin looked really good early on, earning a deserved “You still got it” chant. Caused Cody to take a powder and get some water. When he gets back in the ring, he gets the refs attention, allowing Brandi to hit Dustin, which leads to Cody getting the advantage.

But Dustin fought back and tries for the the Shattered Dreams kick. But Cody moved and Dusty went into the turnbuckle, which was unprotected. This busted Dustin open.

Brandi speared Dustin on the outside. Earl Hebner realized something was afoot and kicked her out, leaving Cody to work on his own. DDP walked down to remove Brandi himself, getting a little pop.

Unfortunately, Dustin had lost some blood and Cody goes on the attack. This is a crimson mask, folks.

Cody locked in the figure four but eventually, Dustin reversed it. He grabbed Cody’s weight belt, pulled down his pants when Cody is climbing the turnbuckle, and whipped him with it. He then hit a huge superplex and the Crossroads but Cody kicked out.

When the ref’s back is turned, Cody hit a low blow, Disaster kick, and Crossroads of his own — but then Dustin kicked out!

These men trade their best shots until Cody gets Dustin on his back and drops him on his head/neck (but not really). Instead of covering him, he drags his brother up for a final Crossroads for the 1-2-3.

After the match, Cody grabs a mic. He tells his brother he doesn’t get to retire now. He has a favor to ask him. He asked they team together at the next PPV against the Young Bucks. The men share a tearful embrace.

- Jack Whitewall introduces the man who will introduce the new title: BRET HART!

Bret remembers a bit title match he had in Vegas prior to introducing Hangman Page. This is interrupted by MJF. He cuts a promo on the crowd for being jealous of him, the future of AEW. Then he turns to Hangman and tells him he’s like a horse and when a horse has a bum leg, you blow their brains out. So he may as well relinquish his title shot and give it to a real man.

MJF steps on the apron and Page takes a punch at him but Friedman jumps off. Jungle Boy walks out. He walks past Jungle Boy saying he doesn’t want to wrestle a teenage boy. But then Jimmy Havoc walks out and MJF is trapped between Paige, Jungle Boy, and Havoc. MJF throws a punch at Jungle Boy but then takes it from all three guys.

In the ring, Hitman shows off the new belt.

The Young Bucks (c) def. Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix to retain the AAA Tag Team championship

This was a match that was absolutely insane and non stop.

Towards the end of the match, Pentagon broke/dislocated Matt’s arm like he loves to do. With Nick neutralized on the outside and Matt propped up on the top rope, Fenix runs at Matt. But Matt catches him and with one arm, lifts him in the tombstone. Nick climbs on the apron and they hit the Meltzer Driver for the win to retain the belts.

Chris Jericho def. Kenny Omega - winner faces Hangman Adam Page for the AEW World title at a TBA future date

Y2J’s entrance had some extras coming out as his past gimmicks (early WWE Y2J, Light up Jacket Y2J, and List Y2J).

They fight outside. Omega jumps up on the barricade to moonsault but Jericho pushes him into the crowd. Jericho grabs the camera for a bit while Omega grabs a drink and spits it in Chris’ face.

During their fight, Kenny is busted open, with blood coming out of his nose.

Jericho tries to introduce a table. Kenny baseball slides into the table and then tope con giros onto the table onto Chris! Then Kenny gets into the ring, jumps onto the ropes and stomps onto the table which is on Jericho!

Omega is on offense for awhile but Jericho fights back. he back body drops Omega over the top rope onto the floor through a table.

After some jostling, they’re both towards the top of the turnbuckle and Jericho lands a top rope Code Breaker but Omega kicks out!

Omega goes for a V-Trigger but Jericho catches it and locks in the Walls and then into the Lion Tamer. Kenny able to twist and they exchange shots, ending with the V Trigger. This leads to a One Winged Angle but Jericho brings him down in an ugly looking DDT.

Jericho goes for a lionsault but Kenny catches it and tries against for the One Winged Angle. But Jericho hits a cleaner looking DDT and follows up with a Code Breaker.

Then the Judas Effect! 1-2-3! Jericho wins! Jericho wins!

Jericho grabs a mic after the match. He runs down the crowd and insists he is AEW. It’s not a company for fans but a company for him. He takes credit for all of the company’s early successes. He then demands his thank you.




They brawl onto the poker chip stage set up. Mox delivers knees to the head... Dirty Deeds on the poker chips! Then tosses him off onto the stage!


That’s the show, folks! Thanks for watching with us!

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