Where's Ruby?


We thought this was just for NXT Halloween...

Whither the Squad, in general?

Since WWE decided to not even bother mentioning the stable's dissolution on TV during the Superstar Shakeup, the three members of the Riott Squad have been noticeably absent on weekly television. The last appearance of any of the trio on WWE programming came when Ruby Riott lost to Dana Brook in a match on main event on April 22. Commentary during that match mentioned Sarah Logan being sidelined with an injury.

Ruby and Liv, reunited to work RAW live events during the European tour, assured us that Sarah is busy with official Viking business.

In the meantime, Liv Morgan has made herself into a feature of Post Office bulletin boards.

But the larger question remains - what is the plan for these women? They've been featured fairly often on TV over the last year, doing an admirable job of utility heels in the women's division. And now they've vanished.

What was all that work for? RAW's women's division finds itself stretched perilously thin, thanks to both injury and Sasha Banks's time away from the company - so much so that the latest episode of RAW featured only 1 women's match - a six-women tag that included Alexa Bliss, who was not medically cleared to work Sunday Night's PPV. Things are looking a bit dire right now.

Perhaps Logan is rehabbing an injury - and if so, I wish her well. But Ruby and Liv are ready to work - and, from this humble viewer's position - the TV product could sorely use them.

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