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The Viking Raiders have vacated the NXT tag team championships

This is a bit odd.

The news this morning that the Viking Raiders have relinquished the NXT tag team championships in itself is not odd. In fact, it makes sense. They’re a Raw tag team now and a dominant one at that. Ending their NXT run undefeated will help add to that mystique.

It’s when you take into account last night’s NXT that it seems odd.

The Viking Raiders opened the show saying they would relinquish the titles until the tag team of the Street Profits came out and goaded them into a title match, which William Regal granted. That title match ended in a no contest when the Forgotten Sons interrupted and a fight ensued. The team of Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan joined the brawl, which ended with the tag champs standing tall. (The Street Profits “pinned” the champs during the brawl and ran off prior to the end.)

With their next TakeOver only a few weeks away on June 1 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, this segment seemingly set up a fatal 4-way title match for that show. That way, the Raiders could lose the titles but not have to take a pin on the way out.

But instead, they just relinquished them, not elevating another team on the way up. That’s somewhat disappointing.

William Regal will address the vacant titles next week on NXT. A triple threat match with the three other teams in the brawl is a likely possibility.

Let us know what you think they should do with the tag titles now. And join us in congratulating Vacant on yet another title victory!

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