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Double Or Nothing PPV price may give WWE fans sticker shock

All Elite Wrestling’s Twitter

While we got an announcement about their partnership today (May 15), there’s been continued back and forth about what kind of deal AEW and WarnerMedia cut for All Elite’s upcoming weekly television show on TNT.

After some initial confusion about the pay-per-view (PPV) portion of their arrangement, however, B/R Live cleared up the cost - at least for May 25’s Double Or Nothing from Las Vegas. That doesn’t require a subscription to the online streaming service (a glance at their site/app’s sign-up page can be a little perplexing, since they sell a variety of packages to view games from soccer and basketball leagues), but the show itself will run you...

It’s a good looking card, and a historic event. But for wrestling fans accustomed to paying $9.99 per month in exchange for all of WWE’s PPVs, it’s a bit jarring.

One of the reasons the debate about whether or not AEW is getting a rights fee from TNT for the weekly program is interesting is because it will provide insight into Tony Khan’s revenue model. A $49.99 PPV price point - and reports are the cost on a traditional cable or satellite platform will be $10 higher - would seem to indicate All Elite will be relying heavily on PPV sales, at least for now.

Are you intrigued enough to spend what you pay for five WWE events to see Double Or Nothing? Do you have the budget for several fifty dollar wrestling shows a year?

The long-term viability of AEW may depend on your answers.

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