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Everybody’s reacting to AEW’s TV deal

All Elite Wrestling’s Twitter

Whether you’ve already got an AEW tattoo or are readying LOL memes for Tony Khan, Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes & The Young Bucks’ new company, there’s no denying today’s news of their television & streaming deal with WarnerMedia has the potential to change the 21st century wrestling business in a fundamental way.

As such, there have been a flood of reactions from all over the industry.

TNT has been busy hyping their return to wrestling, including with a tweet pinned to the top of their official account. Chris Jericho is a focus of a lot of their early marketing, which makes sense given how his history in the business gives him name recognition among more casual fans:

The All Elite Wrestling crew is understandably feeling proud. And while Y2J wasn’t at today’s upfront announcement, he’s noticed how he’s being used, and using that to kayfabe it up for his Double Or Nothing match with Kenny, and likely showdown with Cody somewhere down the line:

And there are those outside of the AEW circle reacting, including a certain Bro down in NXT:

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