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CMLL Roundup: Incredible pairs tournament tonight, international ladies hair vs hair accepted, more!

Welcome to the CMLL Roundup. Let’s get caught up on the major moments from the past week.

An incredible pairs tag team tournament is scheduled and two hair vs hair challenges have been accepted. One is international between the ladies, Japan’s Kaho Kobayashi and Mexico’s Amapola, and the other is between two well-aged veterans, 47-year-old Ultimo Guerrero and 61-year-old Mascara 2000.

The three week Torneo Increible de Parejas 2019 wrapped up with Cavernario & Titan defeating Ultimo Guerrero & Volador Jr. on April 26. So, who’s ready for another incredible pairs tournament?

You better have answered affirmatively, because CMLL is starting a tournament up in Puebla tonight, Monday, May 13.


The mix and match tecnico/rudo teams for stage 1 are:

  • Rush & Mephisto
  • Mr. Niebla & Stuka
  • Negro Casas & Stigma
  • Angel de Oro & Euphoria
  • Soberano & Gran Guerrero
  • La Bestia del Ring & Flyer
  • Kraneo & Forastero
  • Shocker & Guerrero Maya

No obvious winners jump out. I’m going to go with Angel de Oro & Euphoria and Soberano & Gran Guerrero as the favorites to get to the stage 1 final. Those teams will probably be the most exciting in the ring too.

Do any teams stick out to you? Who will you be rooting for?

You can watch the event unfold live on CMLL’s YouTube channel.

CMLL action in the ring

Let’s go over some other storylines and lightning matches from the week.

CMLL posted highlight footage of last week’s untelevised hair vs hair bout between Metalico and Disturbio.

Disturbio was disqualified in Fall 1 for what I assume was using a foreign object. Disturbio pinned Metalico in Fall 2 after a series of running knees in the corner. Metalico won Fall 3 off a low blow and pretzel-legged pin.

Monday from Puebla (May 6, 2019)

Caristico and Volador Jr. continued their feud in the main event bout (starting at 1:39:00 of the show). Less than two seconds after Caristico popped out of the curtain, Volador popped him from behind in an ambush. The grudge match was on.

Fall 1 was slow with stalling to the crowd, chatting with the referee, and some fighting outside the ring. Volador referenced to the fans as pipopes again. That still makes me laugh.

When Caristico threw a flurry of punches, the ref grabbed his arm. I’m not sure if it was for closed fists, the ref being a rudo, or if the ref was mistreating Caristico for yelling at him the last few weeks. Volador scored the pin on a roll up when Caristico was arguing with the ref.

In Fall 2, Volador pointed at something in the crowd to distract the ref, then he yanked off Caristico’s mask as a goof. Caristico later hit a nice suicide dive. A couple of kicks after that and Caristico pinned Volador.

Volador ripped his own pants off to start Fall 3. Highlights include a slingshot headscissors takeover by Caristico to the outside, a tope con hilo by Volador, a slingshot corkscrew by Caristico to the outside, two consecutive big-time suicide dives by Caristico, and a monkey flip into a Mexican Destroyer by Caristico.

For the finish, Volador escaped the whirling part of Caristico’s whirling armbreaker. Volador pointed off into the distance to distract the ref, then Volador pulled off Caristico’s mask for a roll-up win.

I don’t want to say the match stunk since it wasn’t designed to be a barn burner, but there are better ways to spend your time than watching this bout. If the feud ever does get taken to the next level, then I’m confident it will deliver.

Tuesday from Mexico City (May 7, 2019)

There were no storylines on this show, but there was a lightning match between Audaz and Misterioso Jr. (starting at 1:08:20 of the show). Highlights include a suicide dive and tope con hilo both by Audaz.

During the bout, Misterioso was fiddling with the mask of Audaz. Audaz ran the ropes but was popped up into the air to receive a kick to the balls then have his mask pulled off. That resulted in a disqualification victory for Audaz at the 4:49 mark of the ten-minute time limit.

Friday from Mexico City (May 10, 2019)

International hair vs hair challenge

Kaho Kobayashi and Amapola continued their budding feud after Kaho pinned Amapola in trios action last week. This week was a lightning match (starting at 41:40 of the show).

Kaho entered first, which allowed Amapola the opportunity to ambush her on the entrance ramp. Amapola controlled the action until Kaho reversed an Irish whip into the corner and followed with a dropkick. The story of the bout was Amapola using her size advantage while Kaho countered with speed and dropkick offense.

On the finish, Kaho took to the air for a flying crossbody to the outside.


The two exchanged blows on the floor and ended up getting a double count-out draw at the 6:03 mark. The ladies were not happy with that result and continued fighting inside the ring.

Oh snap. Kaho grabbed the mic and said she wants a hair vs hair match. The mic sound was poor, so I couldn’t understand much of what either luchadora said. But, I did pick up that Amapola accepts.

There is no date yet for the hair vs hair bout, however, the two will go at it again as part of trios action on Friday, May 17.

Revenge of the rudos

Los Laguneros and Los Dinamita resumed with their fussing and fighting. Los Laguneros entered first, and Mascara 2000 ran up to knock Ultimo Guerrero down. Mascara ate some punches from Gran Guerrero and Euphoria until his backup arrived (starting at 1:16:15 of the show).

Los Dinamita handed out an ass whooping for Fall 1. Euphoria submitted to Mascara’s standing octopus, and Cuatrero nailed Gran Guerrero with a springboard elbow drop to take the fall.

Los Dinamita continued with domination in Fall 2 until Los Laguneros set up a triple sliding dropkick. That led to Gran Guerrero’s ramp-running teamwork leapfrog maneuver. Gran Guerrero and Euphoria also had a sweet double overhead press super slam. The top highlight was Ultimo Guerrero and Mascara 2000 slapping the shit out of each other.

For the finish, Gran Guerrero hit a flying crossbody to the outside and Euphoria connected on a suicide dive. The two veterans were left in the ring. Mascara 2000 struck with a low blow when the referee was distracted. The result was a pin to win in a sweep.

After the match, Ultimo Guerrero grabbed a mic. He told Mascara 2000 last week that he would not rest until he was given a hair vs hair fight. I couldn’t hear most of Mascara’s response, because there was some jackass with an air horn. Mascara closed by telling Ultimo Guerrero to make the date, because he isn’t scared.

That makes two future hair vs hair bouts. Just like with Kaho Kobayashi and Amapola, this one does not have a date yet, and Ultimo Guerrero and Mascara 2000 will also be in trios action on the Friday, May 17 show.

I don’t know if luchadores are looking for a fresh summer hairdo, but there are a lot of hair vs hair challenges being thrown around lately. This week, two were actually accepted. These aren’t no cheap bets either with luchadores already having short hair. Kaho Kobayashi, Amapola, and Ultimo Guerrero all have long hair. Mascara 2000 has more of a standard men’s haircut, but it looks luscious for a person of 61 years old. Whatever is going on backstage, I like the direction.

Do those feuds excite you? Who are you picking to win the hair vs hair bouts?

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