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The lucha libre world remembers Silver King

The lucha libre world is still shook by the death of Silver King while wrestling in London. Several promotions have expressed their condolences: AAA, CMLL, Koaz, Lucha Libre Elite, WWE and others. CMLL had a salute in the ring for Silver King during their show last night.

Dr. Wagner Jr. provided some words about his brother, Silver King. Unfortunately, the volume is extremely low. Based on a transcription from Medio Tiempo, Wagner said it was a comfort that his brother is reunited with his father up above as grand warriors and grand legends. The promoter in London behaved to the highest and the accompanying wrestlers behaved marvelously. Wagner also thanked El Hijo del Santo and Hijo del Fantasma.

El Hijo del Santo shared a photo taken before the London event. Silver King wrestled as both Silver King and the Nacho Libre character Ramses.

El Hijo del Santo added that Silver King went the way he wanted: fighting!

Hijo del Fantasma stated that words can’t express how he feels and provided a neat photo.

AAA Reina de Reinas champ Lady Shani thanked Silver King for teaching her to love and respect lucha libre and for giving her an important base in the beautiful sport to be where she is today.

Silver King was Taya’s first lucha libre teacher when she arrived to Mexico.

Silver King’s moves were an inspiration for X-Pac in the ring.

Lucha Underground pizza lover Vinnie Massaro shared that Silver King would leave voice messages as Ramses.

Nacho Libre co-star Jack Black posted a cool photo of Silver King as Ramses with the simple message to go with God.

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César González...vaya con dios, hermano

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What are you favorite memories of Silver King?

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