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AAA Roundup: Laredo Kid injury, return of the Mack, video of Rey de Reyes sword competition, more!

Welcome to the AAA Roundup. Let’s get caught up on some news and wrestling action. Laredo Kid and Killer Kross are/were battling injuries, the Mack will return to AAA, and Conquista Total featured part 2 of Rey de Reyes. There was a mixed tag title tilt, a short-lived Perros del Mal reunion, and the Rey de Reyes match itself where the winner earns a sword.

Laredo Kid announced on his vlog that he suffered a muscle tear in his biceps. The injury occurred on a top rope springboard cutter. Laredo said he will continue to work through the pain. I believe he’s still going to London to participate in a show this weekend. Let’s hope he heals up efficently, because it looks like AAA has big plans for his future since he is Trios champ, Cruiserweight champ, and a contender to fight Fenix for the Megacampeonato.

Laredo isn’t the only luchador that has worked through pain recently. Killer Kross is finally recovered from a hyperextended knee.

Damn. Nice bruise he had there. When AAA airs a few of the matches during that period, I’m going to keep an eye on if he takes any leg kicks. If so, Kross probably wanted to kill for real.

Lucha Central mentioned that Willie Mack is coming back to AAA on May 31. Lucha Central said his last appearance was in 2013 or maybe 2016. This is probably some sort of agreement to please Mack, who was unhappy with the restrictions of his Lucha Underground contract. I don’t believe he was ever in an important role in AAA, so let’s hope that can change this time. Mack won’t be there every week, but maybe he can get a little story thrown his way like Cage sometimes has.

Conquista Total: Rey de Reyes, Part 2

This week’s Conquista Total was part 2 of Rey de Reyes (video here). The lineup includes an appearance from Cody Rhodes, mixed tag champs Niño Hamburguesa & Big Mami against Villano III Jr. & Lady Maravilla (match), Perros del Mal reunion of Taya, Daga, and Joe Lider wrestling against Poder del Norte (match), and the 30-minute Rey de Reyes bout (match).

I’ve already covered the March 16 event with a preview, live results, and a recap/review, so I’m only going to do some quick observations this time around. The only live bout not to make the cut to be broadcast in part 1 or part 2 was Los OGT’s versus Pagano, Drago, and Puma King.

The episode opened with Cody Rhodes talking about the AEW partnership. Konnan and cronies came down to mouth off, so a crew of fan favorites saved the day for Rhodes.

Lucha Libre AAA

The mixed tag title bout was fun and sad. Fun because Niño Hamburguesa and Big Mami are always a hoot. Who doesn’t enjoy super heavyweight high-flying?

Lucha Libre AAA

Sad because Hamburguesa left Mami high and dry to attend to the maneating Lady Maravilla. At least the champs retained to fight another day. I don’t want to see Hamburguesa and Mami split up.

Too bad that the Perros del Mal theme song can’t be played on YouTube. It is one of the better faction songs in wrestling history. Here is a clip of Daga turning on his team.

After Poder del Norte were victorious, there is a segment where former enemies, Taya and Faby Apache, become friends.

The episode closed with the nine luchador Royal Rumble bout to determine the Rey de Reyes. It was full of cool moves. If you like Taurus, then you’ll enjoy seeing him be a wrecking ball. He had to get triple-teamed to be eliminated.

As always, the best part of Rey de Reyes is the winner receiving a sword.

Lucha Libre AAA

There are a lot of reasons I’d like to see Lucha Underground return for season five. One of them is Aerostar bringing that sword to the Temple to use with fury.

Who would you like to see Cody Rhodes wrestle in AAA? Do you think the Taya and Faby Apache friendship will last? How awesome is that Rey de Reyes sword?

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