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Angelico and Jack Evans reunite as a tag team to sign with AEW

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Angelico and Jack Evans are back together as a tag team, and they signed a contract with All Elite Wrestling. Angelico revealed the news on a video with a twist. He made it sound like he was veering toward retirement, then he received a phone call from a familiar face before signing a contract with AEW.

Angelico and Evans were known as Los Güeros del Cielo while competing in Mexico for AAA from 2013 to 2016. They were three-time tag team champs for a combined 567 days. Their accomplishments and talent make them credible enough to easily slide in as the next challengers for the winner of the Young Bucks vs Lucha Bros feud. With previous connections to AAA, they would also be a nice addition to AAA’s Madison Square Garden show in the talent sharing partnership with AEW.

If you’ve never seen Angelico before, then this dive from Lucha Underground will get you hyped.

All we need now is to see Jack Evans joining Angelico for a camel ride.

Congratulations to the duo and let the good times roll.

Do you think Angelico and Jack Evans are good signings for AEW? What are the odds they become the first AEW tag team champions?