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AAA Roundup: Video of Young Bucks winning tag gold, Aerostar issues mask vs mask challenge

Welcome to the AAA Roundup. Let’s get caught up on some news and wrestling action. Aerostar issued a mask vs mask challenge. On Conquista Total, part 1 of Rey de Reyes was aired. It featured Jeff Jarrett in a trios cage match and the Young Bucks venturing into AAA territory to continue their feud with the Lucha Bros in the ring.

There is no major news stories this week, so it will be a couple of quick hits.

Yesterday in a tweet from Australia, Aerostar issued a mask vs mask challenge for Monster Clown. The spaceman is hoping for either Triplemania XXVII or the Madison Square Garden show on September 15. I like Aerostar’s suggestion for MSG. That match would likely get buried on a stacked Triplemania card. As a feature bout in New York City, it would have time to shine. Whichever date, I hope Aerostar brings his Rey de Reyes sword.

Speaking of the MSG show, tickets go on sale May 5.

Verano de Escandalo is set for Sunday, June 16 in Merida, Yucatan. No bouts are mentioned yet. That will be the next major event and last one before Triplemania XXVII on August 3, which will have Blue Demon Jr. and Dr. Wagner Jr. in mask vs hair and an appearance likely in the ring from Cain Velasquez.

Tirantes, not to be confused with his son Hijo de Tirantes, left his referee duties in CMLL to become a member of the TV Azteca commentary team for AAA broadcasts.

Forbes Mexico did a story about the partnership between AAA and TV Azteca. With TV Azteca, AAA is reaching close to 6 million viewers on their best days. With Televisa, it was around 1.1 million viewers. 30% of AAA viewers in Mexico are children. The TV deal accounts for 30% of AAA’s money making. It was a two year contract with a possible extension for two more years. In other media relations, Triplemania XXV had 90,000 viewers on Twitch and that led to a contract for Triplemania in 2018 and 2019. 65% of Twitch viewers come from Mexico and 35% are from international markets.

Here are some spoilers for the AAA shows in Mexicali and Nogales over this past weekend:

  • Taya and Faby Apache wrestled Chik Tormenta and a surpirse wrestler. That surprise was a man in a mask dressed in gear similar to Averno from Los OGT’s. Faby ripped off the mask and it was revealed to be Hijo de Tirantes. Later, Hijo de Tirantes faked being hit in the balls for the disqualification win. That should be a hoot to watch when it hits Conquista Total.
  • Hijo del Vikingo won a bout to become number one contender for Laredo Kid’s cruiserweight title. Those two are 23 of the trios champs, along with Myzteziz Jr.
  • Killer Kross had a match then had a thought backstage.
  • Kross lived up to his words 20 minutes later by powerbombing Puma King through a table.
  • In the next show, Kross wore face paint.

Conquista Total: Rey de Reyes, Part 1

The latest episode of Conquista Total was part 1 of Rey de Reyes (video here). The bouts include a four-way Reina de Reinas street fight (starting at 10:00) with Lady Shani defending against Keyra, Chik Tormenta, and La Hiedra, a trios cage match (starting at 24:00) consisting of Psycho Clown, Maximo, and Mamba versus La Mascara, Killer Kross, and Jeff Jarrett, a Trios championship bout (starting at 51:00) with Texano and Rey Escorpion defending against Fenix and Pentagon, and a surprise contest (starting at 60:00) with the Young Bucks battling the Lucha Bros.

I’ve already covered the March 16 event with a preview, live results, and a recap/review, so I’m only going to do some quick observations this time around.

The Reina de Reinas street fight looked rough and tumble in a wild sense. All the moves with foreign objects seemed like they weren’t playing around. Keyra’s Spanish Fly off the apron through a table is still awesome to watch.

Jeff Jarrett always entertains as a scumbag rudo. His entrance brought the chuckles as he riled up the fans and picked on old man legend Super Porky.

The finish to the cage match was exciting as Psycho Clown crushed La Mascara with a huge powerbomb through a table.

Here is a photo that would only happen in lucha libre. How would you explain it in any other context outside of a wrestling ring?

Lucha Libre AAA

That ridiculousness is one reason why I enjoy lucha libre.

Here is the teamwork package piledriver finish to the Lucha Bros versus Los Mercenarios.

I hope there is a rematch one day. Los Mercenarios lengthy tag team title reign deserves a chance at retribution. It might come during the Gladiators: Lucha Libre League of Champions interpromotional tournament, which starts on May 2. Note: As of this moment, I’m still unclear how the show can be watched, if at all. If clarification comes through, I’ll mention it below in the comments.

The Lucha Bros vs Young Bucks bout was a short affair at about 8 minutes in duration, but it sure was action-packed. If you are a Young Bucks fan or ever been curious about them, then you should enjoy this tag team title match. It starts at the one hour mark with Konnan coming out as their handler.

Here is the finish with the Young Bucks upping the ante on the Lucha Bros’ patented finisher.

The rematch with the AAA Trios titles on the line will take place May 25 at AEW’s Double or Nothing in Las Vegas.

Are you down for Aerostar vs Monster Clown in mask vs mask? Did you enjoy the Young Bucks’ appearance at Rey de Reyes? Who should win the rematch at Double or Nothing?

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