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CMLL Roundup: Torneo de Parejas Increibles, Hijo del Fantasma wants Rush, Sexy Star hair vs hair?

Welcome to the CMLL Roundup. Let’s get caught up on all the news and action from the past week. The Torneo de Parejas Increibles begins this Friday (Apr. 12), Hijo del Fantasma is interested in a rivalry with Rush, and Sexy Star may make her way to Arena Mexico for CMLL.

Torneo de Parejas Increibles

CMLL’s annual tag team tournament with duos putting together tecnicos and rudos will be beginning Friday, April 12 for three weeks to the Friday, April 26 finale. It will be the tournament’s tenth year after starting in 2010.


The first stage will have the following teams:

  • Caristico & Mephisto
  • Angel de Oro & La Bestia del Ring
  • Sanson & Soberano Jr.
  • Barbaro Cavernario & Titan
  • Blue Panther & Mascara 2000
  • Flyer & Forastero
  • Euphoria & Guerrero Maya
  • Rey Bucanero & Triton

I’m not certain, but I believe only two teams from that group will remain in contention after the dust settles Friday night. The second stage will be the following week with a different set of eight teams. I think the finale on April 26 will have the semifinals and final.

None of those teams listed sticks out as favorites. Sanson & Soberano Jr. and Barbaro Cavernario & Titan look to be the most exciting teams, in my opinion. I’ll be rooting for them to advance. Angel de Oro & La Bestia del Ring is another team to keep an eye on, being as they were main event rivals at Homenaje a Dos Leyendas last month.

Hijo del Fantasma wants Rush

In an interview with La Tijera Lucha Libre, Hijo del Fantasma was asked about joining CMLL. Fantasma said the only match he is interested with CMLL is against Rush. Fantasma doesn’t want to feud with anybody else on their roster nor is he concerned about winning championships. If there is a possibility for a feud with Rush, then Fantasma will be present.

Damn, a feud between Hijo del Fantasma and Rush would be hot fire. That is one rivalry I never considered before but would classify it on the dream level for lucha libre today.

Sexy Star to CMLL?

Sexy Star and Tiffany have been in a rivalry for the Kaoz lucha libre promotion out of Monterrey. In an interview with Lucha Central, Sexy stated that she wants Tiffany’s hair. When asked about wrestling in Arena Mexico (with CMLL), Sexy held a finger up for a shoosh, as if to imply things may be in the works. Tiffany also wrestles with CMLL, so that would be interesting if the hair vs hair lucha took place with CMLL instead of Kaoz.

If Sexy Star does sign with CMLL, then I would love to see a match against Dalys. The ripped physiques of those two are on another level compared to the other amazonas.

In the meantime, Sexy Star will be making her MMA debut with Combate Americas on Friday, April 12.

CMLL’s week in the ring

I watched four matches last week from CMLL’s various programs. Sometimes the bouts will be important. Other times, it will be lower luchadores I haven’t seen before. No matter the case, I’ll still keep tabs on the main event feud stories.

My pick of the week is the lightning match between Rey Cometa and Templario from Tuesday, April 2 (starting at 1:00:20 of the show). It was flashy and exciting.

Monday from Puebla (Apr. 1, 2019)

In the semi-main, Caristico, La Bestia Del Ring, and Ultimo Guerrero wrestled Euforia, Mephisto, El Valiente. I don’t know what the deal was with this match having tecnicos and rudos teaming with each other. Perhaps a glimpse of the parejas increibles tournament? Or it could just be the Puebla shows being in their own world sometimes with tecnico and rudo alignments.

I only mention the bout because the two Guerreros Laguneros went nuts on each other. Euphoria opened by whipping Ultimo Guerrero. Ultimo attacked back with stiff chops to Euphoria’s chest. They continued to fight each other into the crowd.

In Fall 3, Ultimo led a puto chant toward Euphoria. Ultimo went on to rip Euphoria’s mask. Euphoria would get that sweet heel heat by ducking out when Ultimo was in the ring. Ultimo’s team ended up winning. Afterward, there were no promos or advancement of a story between the two Laguneros.

Ultimo Guerrero and Euphoria are trios champs with Gran Guerrero. Using American booking logic, that match might sow the seeds of dissension. I’m not sure it will amount to anything other than them being professional competitors, but it might be worth keeping an eye on for the future.

Volador Jr. vs Gran Guerrero

Singles action for the main event (starting at 1:24:45 of the show). Gran Guerrero wore a red mask and trunks. I’ve never seen him sport those colors before. Let’s see if it will bring him good luck.

Guerrero scored Fall 1 with a nifty package piledriver setup into a sitdown powerbomb. I’ve never seen the package variation of that maneuver before. Volador Jr. tied it up in Fall 2 after a suicide dive, flying crossbody, superkick, and backcracker.

To start Fall 3, Guerrero caught a tope con hilo by Volador. A powerbomb to the floor looked likely, but Volador countered into a hurricanrana. Volador used cradles and Guerrero used power moves to trade pinfall attempts. The bout continued with more pinfall exchanges. For the finish, Volador won after a Mexican Destroyer and a reverse headscissors head spike maneuver. Guerrero exited with a soft neck brace and help from the medics.

Tuesday from Mexico City (Apr. 2, 2019)

In the semi-main, Ultimo Guerrero and Euphoria teamed with Gran Guerrero for trios action one night after their Puebla escapades. There were no issues between Ultimo and Euphoria. They even addressed the situation in a post-match promo backstage.

Ultimo Guerrero apologized to Euphoria for ripping his mask. The competition got heated. They cleared the air and Ultimo paid for a new mask for Euphoria. Euphoria said that even though they are trios champs, they will give their best effort for the fans if put on opposite teams.

I guess that answers that. I actually like them even more now as a team. Los Guerreros Laguneros are friends enough that they can let cooler heads prevail. That is one of those real life positive personality traits that is rare in the world of wrestling characters.

The main event on Tuesday was national trios champs Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero against Angel de Oro, Niebla Roja, and Soberano Jr. To be honest, I took a peak at the card for next Tuesday (Apr. 9) and noticed a championship rematch, so I skipped viewing the whole bout. I’ll just watch the title tilt instead when it goes down.

For the finish, Soberano scored the winning pin for the upset victory. After the match, Angel de Oro said they are within their right for a championship shot next week. Niebla Roja tried to rush the rematch for that same night. The champs accepted the challenge for next week.

Let’s get to the best match from Tuesday.

Lightning Match: Rey Cometa vs Templario

This is my first time seeing Rey Cometa (starting at 1:00:20 of the show). He was dressed in an indian, dreamcatcher, spirit guide sort of get-up. Templario wore Lagunero colors. That is the first time I’ve seen him with fluorescent green.

Highlights of the ten minute time limit include a suicide dive by Cometa, a rolling cutter by Cometa, a tope con hilo by Cometa, a springboard moonsault by Cometa to the outside, a flying corkscrew crossbody by Cometa, a sitdown powerbomb by Templario, a flying crossbody by Templario, a handspring flipping splash by Templario from the entrance ramp into the ring, and a Code Red by Cometa.

For the finish, Cometa was rushing with about one minute to go. He set Templario up on the turnbuckles, but Templario turned it into a super gutwrench powerbomb.


Templario was the victor at 9:20. That was a heck of a finisher to the lightning match.

Friday from Mexico City (Apr. 5, 2019)

The main event for Super Viernes was Caristico, Volador Jr., and El Valiente against El Terrible, La Bestia del Ring, and Gilbert el Boricua. Gilbert and Los Ingobernables kicked ass for the majority of the bout. They won 2-0 after Gilbert faked receiving a nut shot from Volador. After the match, Volador issued a challenge to Gilbert and that’s how we got our main event for Friday, April 12.

Onto the matches from Friday that I watched.

Marcela, Princesa Sugehit, La Jarochita vs Dalys, Amapola, Tiffany

Sexy Star’s challenge made me curious to see Tiffany. Tiffany entered with a championship belt, which I believe is for the Kaoz promotion.


The captains for the battle of amazonas (starting at 19:45 of the show) were Marcela and Dalys. Fall 1 went to the tecnicas after Marcela tied up Dalys for a pin. Fall 2 went to the rudas after a double underhook front suplex by Amapola to La Jarochita and a running senton by Tiffany to Princesa Sugehit.

The finish for Fall 3 involved Dalys connecting on a running crotch-to-the-face attack off the apron to Jarochita. Unfortunately for Dalys, her partners were defeated inside the ring. Sugehit submitted Amapola with an armbreaker, while Marcela went high on a flying double stomp to Tiffany.

About Tiffany’s performance, she was fine, but there were no standout moments. I’ll have to keep an eye out for next time Tiffany is in a lightning match to get a better feel of her singles ability.

Lightning Match: Hechicero vs El Felino

El Felino is 55 years old. He moved well for his age. That must be the reason why he is named after a feline. Hechicero had a pretty cool entrance with a cup of fire (starting at 1:02:00 of the show).


The ten minute time limit began with some mat wrestling. The bout was more of a classic style without flippy stuff. The top highlight was a flying crossbody by Felino to the outside. For the finish, Hechicero was setting up a super hurricanrana, but Felino turned it into a super powerbomb for the 1, 2, 3 at 9:03.

Those were action-packed shows for a standard CMLL week. Drama squashed with Los Guerreros Laguneros, a national trios title bout set up, a big one-on-one duel set up between Volador Jr. and Gilbert, and a great lightning match. Rey Cometa was impressive against Templario. I look forward to seeing both again.

Who are you picking to win the first stage of the Parejas Increibles tournament? Does the idea of Rush vs Hijo del Fantasma excite you? How about hair vs hair with Sexy Star and Tiffany?

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