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Matt Taven finally captures the Ring of Honor World title


The rivalry between Matt Taven and Jay Lethal goes back years, back to when the two men were feuding for the Ring of Honor Television title. For a while now, the leader of The Kingdom has been chasing Lethal, the most successful ROH World champ in the company’s history. Taven believes there’s been a conspiracy to keep his rival that successful, and even crafted himself his own World title belt out of frustration at one point.

After a 60 minute draw in Las Vegas last month, the stage was set for a final showdown between the two at Madison Square Garden. But Marty Scurll had a Survival of the Fittest title shot in his pocket, and he wanted in on the action at the biggest show in ROH history. The answer was a threeway ladder match, and it was every bit the was you’d expect from a ROH ladder match.

The New York crowd embraced both Villain Enterprises Scurll and New Jersey’s Lethal, and jeered Massachusetts’ Taven lustily from the start. Those reactions were reinforced by Marty and Jay handling many of the innovative and high spots while The Kingdom’s leader thwarted popular moves like the Villain’s chickenwing.

It appeared Lethal and Scurll would fight for the belt, but just as they were starting too, Taven appeared with an even bigger ladder. All three were banged up for the crazy action which built to this moment. Marty was dispatched, and Matt finally achieved his goal after he sent Jay crashing through a ladder which had been propped between a rung on his purple ladder and the middle rope.

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