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The best and worst dressed of the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony

Sure, the WWE Hall of Fame is about honoring some of the best and most iconic wrestlers in the company’s history, but be honest with yourself, you only tune into to judge the wrestlers and their fashion faux pas.

No? Just me?


Classic. Simple. IIconic.


Byron looks like sparkly Jack Skellington, Maria chose a dress that clearly got rejected by E! and Baron, oh Baron, he looks like a Cherry Poppin’ Daddy.


Remember when Paige wanted to wear Doc Martins to the Hall of Fame? Well, Paige has come a long way since then. This dress doesn’t stray too far away from her goth roots, but is absolutely stunning! She really has a lock on this whole Glam Goth look.


Please welcome your Juggalo Prom King and Queen! (Please don’t kill me Reby. I love you.)


The white was a bold choice, and that bold choice paid off. He looks put together, yet fashion-forward. It’s nice when men take risks with their suits. I mean, not Baron Corbin level risks, but this is good.


V. happy for Andrade and Charlotte. Less, happy about this outfit. Charlotte mentioned that Andrade picked it let’s not let him do that again, ok? Why are the straps different sizes? Why is it color-blocked? It looks like a freshman sewing project that went sideways because they stayed up all night trying to get it done.


One word: SLEEVES. It’s like a disco party collided with a trailer park and it’s stunning. Just the perfect mix of class and trash. I’ve literally already commissioned a one. Not a joke.


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Hall of Fame

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Ruby and Liv look great. Ruby is dressed up, but a little edgy and I appreciate Liv’s hair and shoe matching game. But Sarah? Oh man, Sarah didn’t even try! Didn’t Vikings have ceremonial clothes? Or also, you know, it’s 2019, she could’ve just not been a Viking for half a day.


A stunning mix of 1940’s glam with a modern twist. To misappropriate Micheal Cole, “Vintage Cathy!”


2002 called. It doesn’t want it’s dress back, but it would like you to burn it.

Outfit of the Night

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Heading to @wwe #hof

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Brie Bella kills it once again. The high low, the long sleeves, the lace. Perfection. A true queen. #BrieModeForLife


Is this what classy means? Look, you’re new to the main roster, you’re trying to make a splash, but THIS AIN’T IT. What the hell is even going on here? Is this some kind of flamenco thing or just a fever dream she had? Oh Lacey, I’d say your time is done, but we all know you’re going to win the battle royal tomorrow. At least we’ll always have this photo to laugh at through our tears.

Best Honorable Mentions

New Day looked amazing in their matching suits in honor of KofiMania.
Carmella looked stunning in purple sequins.
Mike and Maria Kanellis were perfection.
The Miz & Maryse clan turned it out! #CoupleGoals

Worst Honorable Mentions

Naomi wore a green lace monstrosity.
Alexa looked like she was going to 9th-grade homecoming.
Stephanie looked like she walked out of a Midwest Sears department store.
Bobby Lashley wore a hat, and it was a mistake.

Alas, fashion is subjective, my opinions may not be yours, but if there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that Baron and Lacey are bad at dressing, and the Hall of Fame red carpet is a gift.

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