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NJPW / ROH G1 Supercard results & liveblog: Switchblade vs. Okada III, Lethal vs. Taven vs. Scurll, and more

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New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor are teaming up to run the first non-WWE pro wrestling show in Madison Square Garden in decades!

Supercard of Honor and Sakura Genesis have merged, and the combined April show has been built around a main event of the New Japan Cup winner challenging the champion of his choice. In this case, that’s Kazuchika Okada challenging IWGP Heavyweight Champion “Switchblade” Jay White.

Plus we have defenses of the ROH World Championship, the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship, the Women of Honor Championship,

Today’s action kicks off at 6:30PM Eastern / 3:30PM Pacific, we’ve got a preview and predictions post for you right here, and you can watch live on NJPW World or HonorClub at no additional cost beyond membership, or on FITE as an individual purchase internet pay-per-view.


Kenny King wins the Honor Rumble

Jeff Cobb def. Will Ospreay

Rush def. Dalton Castle

Kelly Klein def. Mayu Iwatani

Flip Gordon & LifeBlood def. Bully Ray, Shane Taylor, & Silas Young

Dragon Lee def. Bandido and Taiji Ishimori

Guerrillas of Destiny def. Briscoes, Los Ingobernables de Japon, and Villain Enterprises

Zack Sabre, Jr. def. Hiroshi Tanahashi

Kota Ibushi def. Tetsuya Naito

Matt Taven def. Jay Lethal and Marty Scurll

Kazuchika Okada def. “Switchblade” Jay White


You can pick a fight with me, it’s alright with me. You see what you’re gonna see, but it’s got nothin to do with me. The decades have been cruel, abuse unspeakable. You did what you had to do, I don’t hold that against you but I’m too grown to play your fool, and I’ve got to liveblog this here pro wrestling show, folks.

Right into the action with the Honor Rumble we go!

Honor Rumble

Gonna go a little barebones with the Honor Rumble here, just entrances and eliminations, as I’m trying to recover from a migraine and will shift back to full speed once we’re on the main show, folks.

Kenny King makes his entrance at #1, and we’re told he selected that number.

Minoru Suzuki is #2.

Out at #3 is Cheeseburger.

#4 is Beer City Bruiser.

SHO is #5!

Out at #6... Shingo Takagi!

I have to reset my feed and BUSHI’s in the ring when I get it back up, so I assume he was #7.

And at #8 is YOH!

Beer City Bruiser is eliminated.

Shaheem Ali is #9.

At #10 is Rhett Titus.

#11 is Leon St. Giovanni, who you may recall from my Inter Species Wrestling recap, where he wrestled a killer rabbit.

And #12 is Ryusuke by god Taguchi!

#13 comes out and is Will Ferrara.

Entrant #14 is Chase Owens.

#15, marking our halfway point, is Rocky Romero!

BUSHI is eliminated after Taguchi leads almost everyone in teaming up on him.

Brian Milonas is #16.

LSG and Shaheem Ali are both eliminated by Brian Milonas.

Bad Luck Fale makes his entrance at #17.

SHO and YOH are both eliminated by Bad Luck Fale.

#18 is Jonathan Gresham!

Shingo is eliminated by Minoru Suzuki.

Former Evolve Tag Team Champion “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams comes down at #19!

At #20, is YOSHI-HASHI.

Ryusuke Taguchi is eliminated by Fale.

And at #21... the Darewolf, PJ Black!

Will Ferrera is eliminated by Minoru Suzuki.

Chase Owens is eliminated.


At #23, TK O’Ryan.

And at #24, Vinny Marseglia.

Tracy Williams is eliminated by the Kingdom.

#25? Delirious.

Tomohiro Ishii, c’mon down at #26!

PJ Black is eliminated by Ishii.

The Sublime Master Thief Toru Yano enters at #27, but he’s just here to relieve Colt Cabana of commentary duties!

#28 turns out to be Hirooki Goto!

Bad Luck Fale is eliminated by a lot of people.



He ran over to save Colt from Haku minutes ago and commentary informs us that Toru Yano is officially in as a 31st entrant.

Delirious is eliminated by Great Muta.

Colt Cabana and Toru Yano are eliminated by Minoru Suzuki.

Jonathan Gresham is eliminated by Great Muta.

Hirooki Goto is eliminated by Minoru Suzuki.

Minoru Suzuki is eliminated by Tomohiro Ishii.

Cheeseburger is eliminated by the Kingdom.

Haku is eliminated by the Kingdom.

Tomohiro Ishii is eliminated by the Kingdom.

Vinny Marseglia is eliminated by Jushin Liger.

TK O’Ryan is eliminated by Great Muta.

Kenny King wins by eliminating Jushin Liger and Great Muta in short order.

Afterward, Muta hits him with the mist!

Liger takes a bow before the appreciative Madison Square Garden audience.

The main show opens with a video package where the stars of the show talk about how exciting it is to wrestle in Madison Square Garden.

Commentary welcomes us to the show and runs down the card.

Jeff Cobb (ROH) vs. Will Ospreay (NEVER) (NEVER Openweight Championship / ROH World Television Championship)

Cobb charges right in from the jump, huge uppercut and he punctuates it with a POUNCE! Ospreay spills to the floor, Jeff out after him, duck a lariat, Will turning the speed up in order to land a few shots! Back in, off the ropes... SASUKE SPECIAL BUT MR. ATHLETIC CATCHES HIM! OSPREAY REVERSES TO A DDT ON THE FLOOR! Back in, Jeff catches a springboard but Will gets away and they jockey for position in the corner... JEFF COBB DELAYED VERTICAL SUPERPLEX!

Cobb pressing the attack, uppercuts, a HUGE biel out of the corner, whip into a shoulder block, just manhandling the Aerial Assassin but unable to put him down for three. Off the ropes, Will goes for a Frankensteiner but Cobb pops him up into a bear hug! I can hardly bear it! Ospreay gets out and lands a handspring gamengiri for some separation, leaving Mr. Athletic stunned.

Boot up in the corner, Tiger feint follows it, Will fired up and springboarding into the lariat... NOPE! Underhooks, thinking Storm Breaker but Jeff reverses so Ospreay goes for Kawada kicks. Third one caught, palm strikes but Cobb snatches him up... FALLAWAY SLAM! Uppercut, Samoan drop, kip-up, standing moonsault... OSPREAY KICKS OUT! Right hands, Jeff with a knockout right but Will gets a boot up in the ropes.

Hard lariat, Cobb unmoved, a second right to the arm hits harder, crescent kick for superkick, Jeff calls for it, off the ropes... WILL COUNTERS WITH A STANDING SPANISH FLY! Ospreay up top while Jeff staggers, missile dropkick to the bad shoulder! Elbow pad removed, Cobb ducks the hard back elbow! Looking for Tour of the Isles... REVERSED TO A YOSHI TONIC FOR A NEARFALL!

Roundhouse kick to follow but Jeff catches him with a waistlock. Will with a kickflip, Cobb drops him with a thunderous lariat! Mr. Athletic heads up top... NOBODY HOME ON THE SPLASH! Robinson Special connects, Ospreay calls for it... COBB CATCHES THE OSCUTTER AND THROWS HIM AWAY! WILL LANDS ON THE TURNBUCKLES AND HITS THE OSCUTTER ANYWAY BUT JEFF COBB KICKS OUT!

Another crescent kick, underhooks, he gets Cobb on his shoulder but Jeff gets into the turnbuckles. Cheeky Nando’s, Jeff is out on the second rope and Ospreay climbs up with him... AVALANCHE TOUR OF THE ISLANDS AND THE STRAPS ARE DOWN! A SECOND...

Jeff Cobb wins by pinfall with Tour of the Islands, retaining the ROH World Television Championship and winning the NEVER Openweight Championship.

Dalton Castle vs. Rush

Rush hammers Castle with dropkicks...

Rush wins by pinfall with a corner dropkick.

Castle is slow to get up even with the Boys attending to him. They create a human throne to try to cheer him up... AND DALTON TURNS ON THE BOYS! SLAM INTO STOMPS ON ONE... BANGARANG!

We go backstage where Juice Robinson has been laid out and buried under chairs!

Kelly Klein vs. Mayu Iwatani (c) (ROH Women of Honor Championship)

Code of Honor accepted and Klein sends her entourage to the back. The bell rings, collar and elbow into some mat grappling, neither woman with a firm advantage and they stalemate. Back to the grappling, Iwatani is the first to throw a kick and Kelly returns the favor with a boot to the injured knee. Going to work, deathlock applied, adding a modified Dragon sleeper briefly.

Pick the leg, rolling leg snap, fireman’s carry into a Samoan drop, grapevine the leg but Mayu reverses into a sleeper hold! Break, off the top with a crossbody... KLEIN CATCHES HER AND DROPS HER! Iwatani sidesteps a charge and puts Kelly into the turnbuckles, sending her crashing to the floor... DIVING CROSSBODY TO THE FLOOR! Klein rams Iwatani face-first into the ringpost!

Back inside, both women wobbly on their feet, slugging it out forearm for forearm and the Gatekeeper drops her with a straight right! Jockeying for position over a powerbomb and Mayu hits a Poison Frankensteiner! Crescent kick... NOPE! Wicked German suplex from Klein, Iwatani’s fired up and decks her and they’re both down and out! Dragon suplex... KELLY KLEIN’S FOOT WAS ON THE ROPES!

Up top for a moonsault... NOBODY HOME! Klein with a lariat, Iwatani up top, Kelly gets underneath her... TENRYU POWERBOMB ISN’T ENOUGH TO WIN HER THE TITLE BACK! Fireman’s carry slam, up again...

Kelly Klein wins by pinfall with a fireman’s carry Michinoku driver to win the ROH Women of Honor Championship.

Post-match, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky make their entrance and get in the ring to jaw at Klein. Mandy Leon leaves the commentary desk and joins them, standing at Kelly’s side... AND ATTACKING HER FROM BEHIND! Love lays Klein out with a kick! Jenny Rose tries to make the save but gets run off! Stella Grey gets the hairspray into the face and a DDT!

The Beautiful People draw an anarchy symbol on Klein’s forehead in lipstick for some reason. They leave and stop on the stage and a graphic comes onscreen identifying them as The Allure. Or, excuse me, with a closer look at the graphic, there’s an umlaut in there, so they’re The Allüre.

Mega Ran comes out to perform a song he’s written for the occasion for us.

Bully Ray makes his entrance and interrupts.

Ran asks him what this is and asks to be allowed to leave peacefully. He asks what Ray’s issue is but Bully stands implacable, so he says he’s gonna leave. Bully points at the crowd and Mega asks if the crowd is asking for D-Von, to which Ray says 20,000 people in Madison Square Garden want to see him kick Ran’s mothertrucking ass. He shoves the rapper and tells him to get out of his ring but Mega stands up to him, so he whips him with the chain.

He says it’s a shame what happened to Juice and so as it stands right now, his open challenge is still open!

Enter Flip Gordon, healed up sooner than expected!

Bully Ray vs. Flip Gordon (New York City Street Fight Open Challenge)

Superkick at the bell, springboard spear and Gordon is fired up! Right hands, whip reversed, boot up in the corner, Flip perches... AND DIVES RIGHT INTO A BUBBA CUTTER! Ray goes under the ring for plunder and pulls a table out. Back inside, he sets it up but Gordon is recovered and hits a superkick! Kendo stick in hand, Flip comes over and goes to tee off on Bully only for Silas Young and Shane Taylor to come to the ring and put boots to him!

The lights go down and when the come back up, Mark Haskins and Juice Robinson are on the stage with a cart full of plunder! They want to make this a six-man tag!

Bully Ray, Shane Taylor, & Silas Young vs. Flip Gordon & LifeBlood (Juice Robinson & Mark Haskins) (New York City Street Fight)

Ray and Robinson trading punches, Juice with the Left Hand of God to send him out of the ring! Young in with a chair, waffling Robinson across the back, Silas follows with his overly flippy finish and Haskins hits his roll-through Death Valley Driver! Young decks him with a lariat and then catches Gordon on a springboard only to get dumped to the floor himself!

Gordon and Haskins off the ropes for stereo dives! Bully with a kendo stick, wailing on everybody, his partners join in and a defiant Flip asks to be hit harder! LifeBlood join the fray with more kendo sticks and we’ve got a standoff! Wailing on Silas and then Shane, Bully decides discretion is the better part of valor and runs but Juice comes up behind him and returns him to the ring!

Ray begs off and apologizes, but it was a ruse and he low blows everybody! Superkick sends Robinson out of the ring but Flip comes back in with a missile dropkick and another kendo stick shot! Haskins joins him, springboard Van Daminator with a trash can assist! Flip with a Pele kick to Young, duck a trash can from Taylor but he springboards right into it on the second try!

The heels set up a table and put Gordon through it! LifeBlood yank Bully balls-first into the post! Brawling more, a dropkick sets Silas on top of two chairs and Mark double stomps him against them! Shane Taylor hits a pop-up Greetings From 216 on him! A pallet set up in the corner, Juice cannonballs Shane through it! Bully pulls Robinson into position but Flip cracks a kendo stick across his back!

Haskins superkick, Juice scoop and a slam, they pull Bully into position for Haskins to play D-Von... WAZZUP HEADBUTT! Gordon up top...

Flip Gordon & LifeBlood win by pinfall with a 450 splash from Gordon on Bully Ray.

Bandido vs. Dragon Lee vs. Taiji Ishimori (c) (IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship)

Lee and Bandido boot Ishimori out of the way and get into it, trading headscissors and Bandido hits a corkscrew dive in seconds! Back in, Taiji with a headscissors into a standing neck twist, charging in, sidestepped, back body drop to the apron, jockeying for position, Dragon back in and he hits the suicide Frankensteiner on Bandido! Ishimori follows it with a moonsault that wipes both of them out!

Choking Bandido in the corner, springboard knee grazes him but Lee breaks it up! Dropkick into the corner, slingshot dropkick, off the ropes, hesitation dropkick into the double underhook backbreaker and a low-angle Sick Kick but Bandido breaks it up! Luchadors slugging it out, off the ropes, Bandido catches him in La Atlantida and hits a knee to the face out of it!

Lariat for two, Ishimori breaking it up, off the ropes with a knee that takes Bandido out. Off the ropes, rolling sunset flip countered into an elevated powerbomb... NOPE! Dragon gets Ishimori in the Tree of Woe but Bandido snaps off a springboard avalance Frankensteiner outta nowhere! Taiji muscles Bandido down with La Mistica, Lee in with a snap flip piledriver!

Dragon caught with a high knee and Bandido hits a pop-up Ace Crusher on Ishimori that nearly ends it! Bandido up top, Dragon cuts him off, tree of woe double stomp! Over to the champion, going for the Orange Crush, countered into a hurricanrana for two! Tombstone gutbuster... NOT ENOUGH! Underhooks, Bandido breaks it up and puts Ishimori up top. Jockeying for position, Dragon Lee comes over, all three men perched up top... BANDIDO HITS AN AVALANCHE FALLAWAY SLAM ON BOTH MEN AT THE SAME TIME!

Lee breaks up a nearfall, Bandido slips out of the capture Orange Crush but eats a Poison Frankensteiner! Knee to Ishimori sends him to the floor, Dragon goes back... CAPTURE ORANGE CRUSH! IT’S OVER!

Dragon Lee wins by pinfall with the capture Orange Crush on Bandido to win the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship.

Post-match, Bandido puts the title belt around Dragon Lee’s waist in a show of respect.

Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) vs. Guerrillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa) (IWGP) vs. Los Ingobernables de Japon (EVIL & SANADA) vs. Villain Enterprises (Brody King & Pierre Carl Ouellet) (ROH) (IWGP Tag Team Championship / ROH World Tag Team Championship)

Normally I don’t note entrances in these as my one concession to giving myself time to breathe, but PCO gets this whole Frankenstein resurrection sequence with Destro and it friggin’ RULES, y’all.

All out chaos at the bell and within seconds PCO back body drops Mark to the floor and hits a tope con giro! Brawling on the floor, the four teams separate out before the two sets of champions return to the ring to square up! Slugging it out, Villain Enterprises off the ropes and the Briscoes drag them to the floor and throw them into the barricade! SANADA and EVIL in, brawling with GoD and Jado makes the difference without even using the kendo stick!

EVIL fighting them off two for one, SANADA with the Paradise Lock on Loa! Mark in, Jay joins him, cutting SANADA off and bowling him over, Brody King in and he wipes Dem Boys out with a crossbody! Tanga untied and back in throwing haymakers, Brody with a boot and a headscissors takeover! Off the ropes, cannonball! King sets ‘em up, off the ropes... BIG MAN TOPE CON GIRO!

Mark with a dropkick through the ropes, up top... CORKSCREW MOONSAULT LEG DROP! Back inside with Tonga, strikes in the corner, Briscoes get a cover on him for two! Diving blockbuster on Tanga, Jay has Tama but eats a back elbow and a dropkick that sends him to the floor! SANADA inside, low-bridge puts Tonga on the floor, EVIL horse collars him with a chair and tees off!

Back inside, EVIL takes Tama out with a lariat and LIJ pose, which leads the Briscoes to clear them out, Jay Driller into Froggy Bow, lateral press... BRODY KING BREAKS IT UP! Cactus Clothesline, Rock Bottom into the apron, PCO up top... SENTON ATOMICO ON THE APRON THIS MAN IS OVER 50 YEARS OLD! Brody gets him up... THUNDER FIRE PILEDRIVER! Ouellet up top, moonsault... GOD BREAK IT UP!

Machine gun chops from PCO to Tama, Loa breaks it up, double electric chair... POWERBOMB TO THE FLOOR COMPLETELY UNPROTECTED! PCO SITS UP! YOU CANNOT KILL WHAT DOESN’T DIE! Gun Stun blocked, Brody with the German suplex, arm-trap lariat takes Loa down, off the ropes and Jado hits him with the stick! Gun Stun connects! Getting King up... AVALANCHE POWERBOMB!

Guerrillas of Destiny win by pinfall with an assisted avalanche powerbomb on Brody King to retain the IWGP Tag Team Championship and win the ROH World Tag Team Championship.

Post-match, the Briscoes brawl a little more (reportedly stomping Enzo Amore out after he jumped the rail, so... hooray for having to deal with THAT asshole) and Toru Yano appears on the stage holding the IWGP Tag Team Championship belts!

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Zack Sabre, Jr. (c) (RPW British Heavyweight Championship)

Grappling to start, equally matched and stalemated at first but Tanahashi pulls ahead. Scoop and a slam, looking for an elbow drop and Sabre gets the cross armbar! Disdainful kicks and slaps, Hiroshi firing back with uppercuts and forearms, ZSJ dumps him over the ropes but the 1/100 Ace holds on! No power in his arms and Zack smells blood in the water and goes back to the armbar!

Targeting the arm, wristlock and kicks, Tanahashi gets a basement dropkick for some separation! Scoop and a slam, clutching the injured elbow, somersault senton off the second, again only a two count! Looking for the cloverleaf but Sabre immediately gets into the ropes! Cobra twist applied, the 1/100 Ace manages to pumphandle his way out of it and ZSJ goes to the apron.

Headscissors octopus in the ropes, but Tanahashi picks the leg and gets the dragon screw right back! Cloverleaf applied, Sabre reversess to a triangle choke! Hiroshi grits through and slowly reverses back to the cloverleaf! ZSJ gets the ropes! Pele kick to the bum arm, Penalty Kick caught, Tanahashi tries a dragon screw but Zack rolls through into the European Clutch and nearly does it!

Penalty Kick hits this time... NOPE! Trading pins, Hiroshi with the inverted dragon screw! Back to the European Clutch... STILL NO! ZSJ looking for a guillotine, dragon screw neck whip to counter and a second, holding on, Tanahashi hits a third for good measure! Fired up, off the ropes, Sling Blade connects... NOT ENOUGH!

ZSJ ties him up, Ode to Jim Breaks, full extension, use the leg to trap it, add the half bow-and-arrow... IT’S OVER!

Zack Sabre, Jr. wins by submission with the modified leg-trap Ode to Jim Breaks to retain the RPW British Heavyweight Championship.

Kota Ibushi vs. Tetsuya Naito (c) (IWGP Intercontinental Championship)

Naito sidestepping Ibushi as he tries to come in for the lockup, then the collar and elbow, break dirty, duck a kick when Kota comes off the ropes and rolls through and they stalemate! Striking in the corner, whip, up and over, Ibushi snaps off a Frankensteiner that sends Tetsuya to the floor! Golden Triangle, nobody home, Naito trip him up, dropkick off the apron and back to the floor!

The Stardust Genius throws Kota into a security guard and into the barricade, before leaving him in the first row as referee Marty Asami counts! Back inside, corner combination, neckbreaker in the middle of the ring, only two! Cravate applied, elbows for elbows, whip reversed into a backfist and the Golden Star nails him with a dropkick that leaves them both down and out!

Gallon Throw puts Ibushi in the corner, dropkick follows, only two! Probing, disdainful kicks as Kota recovers in the corner, whip across, boots up, turn him aside, inverted headlock neckbreaker in the ropes! Another one in the middle of the ring, a dropkick, only two but Naito is starting to take his neck apart in earnest. Jockeying for position in the turnbuckles, they stumble to the mat and reposition, Ibushi slips down and hits the Pele kick!

Standing on the second, trying to pull Tetsuya up but the Stardust Genius pulls him down and they trade shots on the apron. Boots up... IBUSHI WITH A FRANKENSTEINER OFF THE APRON AND TO THE FLOOR! Back inside, pressing the attack, Ibushi thinking powerbomb, denied, rolling koppu kick from Naito sets up the tornado DDT... SHOCKINGLY CLOSE OFF A TORNADO DDT! AVALANCHE FRANKENSTEINER!

Naito hits Gloria at a high angle... STILL JUST TWO! Off the ropes, back and forth, ducking, a lariat connects and both men are down and out! Kota recovers... GERMAN SUPERPLEX OFF THE SECOND NEARLY WINS HIM THE TITLE! Straitjacket German for two and Ibushi still has the wrists but Naito reverses! Ibushi blocks the revresal and stands up, Tetsuya rolls through into the pin... SHORT WHEELBARROW TOMBSTONE FOR TWO!

Slugging it out on their knees, Naito’s tongue lolling out of his mouth as he enjoys the fight, forearm for forearm, rising to their feet and the Stardust Genius pulls ahead with kicks! Kota goes vacant and adjusts his teeth before NAILING Naito with a right! Palm strikes, duck a kick, Poison Frankensteiner leaves Kota on his feet! DESTINO ISN’T ENOUGH! Trying a second... IBUSHI REVERSES AND HITS A ROUNDHOUSE KICK!


Kota Ibushi wins by pinfall with Kamigoye to win the IWGP Intercontinental Championship.

Jay Lethal (c) vs. Marty Scurll vs. Matt Taven (ROH World Championship Ladder Match)

Lethal and Taven brawling and Scurll bails to start! Marty trying to bring a ladder back in, Jay dropkicks it into him and they brawl on the floor a moment. Fighting over the ladder... MATT DIVES INTO THE LADDER! Hip toss, cartwheel into a dropkick for Taven, pump kick for Scurll and the champion’s running hot. The Villain cuts him off, some hardcore feng shui as he arranges ladders and Matt comes back in.

Throwing Taven into one ladder and then the other, four times in total and then Lethal back body drops Scurll into the ladder for good measure! Straight suplex, Jay drops a ladder on Marty then drops one on Matt on the floor! Wedging a ladder in the corner, but it backfires on him because Scurll drop toeholds him into it and traps him in the Tree of Woe! Jockeying for position over the ladders, Marty with chops, duck a lariat, kick the knee out, set the ladder on the champion’s head but Taven pulls the Villain out of the ring!

Running in, Matt clobbers him with a Penalty Kick! Scurll on him, superkick off the apron, skin the cat, climb the ladder but Lethal cuts him off! FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK OFF THE LADDER FROM THE CHAMPION AND TAVEN CLIMBS! Jay lets go and cuts Matt off, the ladder gets knocked over and Lethal goes back to work on Marty’s leg only to get kicked away. Hopping some life back into the leg, Scurll crumples on the apron and Jay hits an Ace Crusher!

Back inside, Lethal with a chop, Taven returns an enzuigiri, slides under... POWERBOMB THROUGH A LADDER IN THE ENTRY! Taven going for a suplex on Scurll, float over, drop toehold to the second rope, Tiger feint kick connects! Shaking life into his knee, getting the crowd up, calling for it but Matt kicks him and hits a DDT before he can grab the chickenwing!

Taven going to pick the ladder up and Scurll stomps his fingers in the steel! Jockeying for position... SUPERPLEX! Marty gets his umbrella and wallops Lethal with it before catching the Lethal Injection into the chickenwing... Jay rams him backward into a ladder to break the hold! Fighting on the ladder... HE’S GOT THE CHICKENWING ON THE LADDER! Lethal breaks free and Taven comes in but his fingers give out and he can’t climb the ladder!

Lethal Combination into the ladder! Jay has a ladder and Marty cuts him off, sending one ladder into another leaned in the corner and forming an X! Scurll drags the X into the middle of the ring and gourdbusters Taven gut-first into it!Jay ducks a lariat... LETHAL INJECTION! Lethal dumps the X ladder and heads around the ring looking for a fresh one, bringing it into the ring.

The Villain heads out with him, brainbuster on the floor, he sets a table up on the outside. Jockeying for position on the apron... TAVEN DIVES AND TAKES MARTY THROUGH THE TABLE WITH HIM! Lethal brawling with Matt, setting him up on a table and setting a tall ladder up on the floor... HAIL TO THE KING OFF THE LADDER AND THROUGH THE TABLE! Marty and Jay fighting on one ladder, Matt introduces a purple ladder that is very tall to the ring and sets it up next to them as they trade punches.

Lethal with a series of body blows to knock Taven down! Scurll climbing, ladders put through either side of the big purple one as Taven knocks him and the champion both down. Climbing, reaching the top of the purple ladder as he and Lethal trade punches... MATT KNOCKS JAY OFF THE LADDER WITH A BELT SHOT AND RETRIEVES THE TITLE!

Matt Taven wins by retrieving the title to win the ROH World Championship.

“Switchblade” Jay White (c) vs. Kazuchika Okada (IWGP Heavyweight Championship)

White bails immediately before returning to the ring for the collar and elbow. Side headlock, shot off, shoulder block and Okada stands tall a beat but stops short of Gedo at ringside, allowing Switchblade to regain control with a side headlock takeover. Continuing to work the side headlock, and the Rainmaker shoots him off for a boot! Neckbreaker to follow, only one, and the action spills to the floor.

Okada reverses a whip into the barricade and boots Jay into the first row! White throws him into the barricade, before taking him back in the ring and continuing to work his back over, kneeling into a rear chinlock. Off the ropes, back elbow, ducking and dodging, Switchblade hits the DDT and takes charge! Indian Deathlock, standing in place for a good long moment before bridging back into a deathlock Muta Lock, forcing Okada to crawl for the ropes!

He gets the break but Jay holds on as long as he can without referee Red Shoes Unno disqualifying him! Okada fired up, running the ropes, duck the lariat and he’s feeling it! Charging elbow, a boot, the Rainmaker snaps a DDT off for two! Setting White up top... OKADA DROPKICKS HIM TO THE FLOOR! Following after, Kazuchika fends Gedo off and dumps him over the barricade to join his new protege and wipes them both out with the running crossbody over the barricade!

Back inside, Switchblade fighting for his life and he gets the Saito suplex off! A brainbuster follows, still only two and Okada gets under him and gets the Reverse Neckbreaker for separation! White floats out of the Tombstone, suplex denied and he scurries into the corner for safety! Front kick and an elbow from the Rainmaker, follow with a shotgun dropkick and a missile dropkick after!

Scoop and a slam, diving elbow and it’s Rainmaker time! Pose, snap zoom, Madison Square Garden on their feet, wristlock, ripcord... JAY COLLAPSES TO SEATED TO BLOCK! Okada with disdainful kicks, drawing him back up, forearm connects but White catches him with the reverse STO and follows it with a German suplex! Snap suplex into the turnbuckles, true uranage... SO CLOSE!

Looking for the Kiwi Krusher, denied, Okada fighting back but he gets the Saito suplex to the floor! Back inside, Kiwi Krusher connects this time... OKADA KICKS OUT AT TWO AND SEVEN-EIGHTHS! Kazuchika barely snaps the Tombstone piledriver off and both men are down and out! To their feet, slugging it out forearm for forearm, Okada with uppercuts as he pulls ahead!

Whip across, dropkick denied and Switchblade starts going to town with chops. Off the ropes, Kazuchika cuts him off with a dropkick, wrist control but Gedo’s on the apron and he has to knock him down! Whip, dropkick, wristlock, Rainmaker countered with a half nelson suplex! Thinking Blade Runner, Okada slips out, Tombstone floated over, uppercut for chop, whip reversed, reversed, dropkick to the back of the head!

Okada whip reversed, duck, discus lariat! Drawing him up, wristlock, ripcord... WHITE KICKS OUT OF THE RAINMAKER! Scooping him up, Jay reverses and hits Blade Runner but he can’t capitalize! On their knees, slugging it out, slow and steady, both men running on nil, rising to their feet, unsteady as they are, still trying to throw forearms but Jay’s got nothing left!

The Rainmaker swats him aside, connecting hard as Gedo tries to come back in and the Switchblade hits him low! Jockeying for position, Okada trying to dig deep, he won’t let go of the wrist! Clubbing Jay down, dragging him around... RAINMAKER! Pulling him back up, reversals... SPINNING TOMBSTONE! Wristlock... RAINMAKER! IT’S OVER!

Kazuchika Okada wins by pinfall with the Rainmaker to win the IWGP Heavyweight Championship.

That’s the show, folks!

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