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WrestleMania Stock Report: Who’s up and who’s down from WrestleMania 34 to 35 (Part V: The Middle Matches)

Welcome to the WrestleMania stock report, our yearly series where we look back at all the players from last year’s WrestleMania card and see how they fared over the year. You can take a look at where people were at this time last year in last year’s final report here.

WrestleMania is the perfect time to see how the stock of a wrestler has moved over 365 days. It serves as a “season finale” to the year of WWE. This is where they pay off their big storylines and where they want to showcase their best. Where someone lands on the Mania card says a lot about what their stock is currently. Given there are so many people vying for spots on the biggest show of the year, it’s a good look at how WWE views certain talent.

We’re picking up where we left off, covering the matches that took place in the middle of the slog that is WrestleMania.

Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey def. Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

Kurt Angle

After a victory at WrestleMania, Kurt continued his Raw General Manager gig and, in true Raw GM form, he really wasn’t good at it. He was saddled with Baron Corbin as his constable (who acted as the eyes for Commissioner Stephanie McMahon). Corbin soon politicked Kurt out of the job.

Angle was gone for a while but returned to win a battle royal as the Conquistador, a golden luchador outfit Kurt also used for sex stuff. He eliminated Corbin in the battle royal, getting a small measure of revenge. This win allowed him to compete in the Best in the World tournament at Crown Jewel, where he lost in the first round to Dolph Ziggler.

Just days later, he took a humiliating loss to Drew McIntyre, getting destroyed before tapping to his own ankle lock submission. It was a sad showing.

He returned later to aid the Raw roster in beating up Baron Corbin in his No DQ TLC match against Braun Strowman. This was another small measure of revenge against Corbin, which resulted in Baron losing his GM job.

However, he took a one on one loss to Corbin on Raw in January and hasn’t defeated the Lone Wolf one on one yet.

Recently, the Olympic Gold Medalist announced his retirement and had matches against the likes of Apollo Crews, Chad Gable, and Samoa Joe.

His final match will be against Baron Corbin at WrestleMania, where he’ll be looking for that one on one win.

Best Moment: Winning his battle royal in full golden gimp gear

Worst Moment: That loss to Drew McIntyre

Stock: Increased - It is a retirement match (at least in WWE), so that’s a bigger spotlight than even Ronda’s big debut.

Ronda Rousey

Rousey’s year predictably just got better.

She received a title match at Money in the Bank, but Alexa Bliss caused a disqualification when she attacked Rousey with her Money in the Bank briefcase (and then successfully cashed in on Nia). Ronda was so furious that she unleashed hell the next night on Raw and got suspended for a month. She still got a title match at SummerSlam, where she beat up Alexa and won the title.

The Baddest Woman defended the title successfully against Nikki Bella at Evolution. At Survivor Series, she had a match with Charlotte (non-title) that ended in DQ after Flair attacked her. Ronda retained her title by tapping out Nia Jax at TLC. She also defended successfully against Sasha Banks at Royal Rumble and against Ruby Riott at Elimination Chamber.

She also had some Monday Night Raw title matches against Dana Brooke, Bayley, Mickie James, and Natalya (of course Rousey won them all).

Her feud with Becky Lynch eventually turned her heel, and she’ll defend the belt in the main event against Becky and Charlotte. It was a feud that had her telling all of us on the internet that wrestling was fake, but then getting fake arrested on TV.

Best Moment: Winning the title

Worst Moment: The “Washing feet with hair” promo

Stock: Increased

Triple H

Triple H was on the losing end of this match, lost to John Cena in Saudi Arabia, and then we didn’t see him for a while.

He came back to the ring for his match with the Undertaker at Super Show-Down and then the DX vs. Brothers of Destruction match, also in Saudi Arabia.

We saw the Game again when he was part of the new McMahon takeover. He fired up Seth Rollins and told Bryan he’ll have to defend his title in the Elimination Chamber. However, even as an authority figure, he wasn’t on TV too much.

This year at WrestleMania, he’ll be facing Batista after the Animal attacked Ric Flair on his birthday. It’s what Batista wants. And Triple H gave it to him.

Best Moment: Getting to team with Shawn Michaels again

Worst Moment: Watching Ric Flair get beaten up by Batista just to get his attention

Stock: Unchanged - I almost went with a slight increase because it’s a one on one match, but this year’s match isn’t as marquee as last year’s.

Stephanie McMahon

This was the only time Stephanie wrestled all year.

The night after Mania, Ronda attacked her again and injured her arm. We didn’t see her for a bit because of that (though she used Corbin as her eyes and ears).

She played the Authority figure like usual, sometimes heelish, sometimes not. You know, standard Steph stuff.

Best Moment: Getting to announce the Evolution PPV

Worst Moment: Having her arm broken by Ronda.

Stock: The same - It’s Stephanie McMahon. There’s no change.

The Bludgeon Brothers def. The New Day & The Usos (c) to win the SmackDown tag team championships


The Bludgeon Brothers won the belts in quick fashion at WrestleMania last year. They fended off the Usos and Team Hell No before eventually losing them to the New Day.

Rowan was injured (the reason they dropped the titles) but Harper was kept off TV too. We eventually learned he also had injuries to deal with.

Unlike Rowan, Harper hasn’t officially returned. But we know he his healthy because he is working the World’s Collide tournament at WrestleMania Axxess.

Best Moment: Winning the titles with Rowan

Worst Moment: Rowan’s injury ending the BB’s run

Stock: Down - Even though he is healthy, they did not find anything for him at ‘Mania. It’s possible he comes back soon after, but as of now, he’s dropped a bit.


Rowan and Harper won the titles at WrestleMania, but ended up dropping them to New Day after SummerSlam, which was actually due to a Rowan injury.

Rowan returned as The New Daniel Bryan’s heavy, now another champion of the Earth.

He’s not advertised for the Andre, but he’ll surely be in Bryan’s corner for the WWE title match.

Best Moment: Becoming a champion of the Earth

Worst Moment: His injury ending the Bludgeon Brothers run

Stock: Slight increase - He’s part of the title picture, even as a henchman

The New Day

The New Day primarily functioned as a tag team this year (and even during Kofi’s journey this was a team story).

They won the tag team championships from the Bludgeon Brothers in a street fight the Tuesday after SummerSlam. They held the titles until Big Show aligned with the Bar to help them beat the New Day. That damn Big Show never liked the New Day.

They’re always featured to some degree, but they really entered the spotlight when Kofi Kingston replaced an injured Mustafa Ali in the Elimination Chamber WWE title match. He fought in the gauntlet match on the SmackDown prior and had an incredible showing, igniting KofiMania. Unfortunately, Kofi came up just short in the Chamber.

He was awarded his first ever one on one title opportunity at Fastlane after pinning Bryan in a tag match, but Vince McMahon took that way. The Chairman started playing games with Kofi. He put him in a handicap match against the Bar at Fastlane under the pretense it was actually the title match. He made him run another gauntlet, which Kofi DID, but then added Daniel Bryan at the end, which was just too much.

In the end, Vince made Xavier Woods and Big E run a tag team gauntlet to earn Kofi his opportunity, which they successfully did. They’ll obviously be in his corner at WrestleMania.

Kofi’s journey may be the best thing going into WrestleMania.

Best Moment: Kofi - the first gauntlet match, Woods & E - winning their gauntlet for Kofi

Worst Moment: Being on the bad end of a Big Show heel turn

Stock: Increased - Kofi a lot more than Woods and E, but they’re very elevated in this story

The Usos

The Usos lost their titles here and could not win them back from the Bludgeon Brothers.

They were the captains of the only SmackDown Survivor Series team that actually won at Survivor Series this year. However, it happened on the Kickoff, which officially does not count. Sorry, guys.

They won the titles again a couple months ago, beating Shane McMahon and the Miz. They retained the titles successfully in the rematch.

They will defend the straps in a fatal 4-way on Sunday.

Best Moment: Winning the tag team titles once again

Worst Moment: Getting beatings from the brutal Bludgeon Brothers

Stock: Unchanged - They’re in another multi-team title match. While this one isn’t as well-built as their one last year, they’re pretty much in the same spot.

The Undertaker def. John Cena


Undertaker was really only around for the Saudi Arabia shows this year.

He worked the Greatest Royal Rumble, defeating Rusev in a casket match.

Then he worked the Super Show-Down against Triple H, which was really to set up the other Saudi Arabia show where the Brothers of Destruction faced DX at Crown Jewel. Undertaker lost both those matches.

He’s not on the WrestleMania card this year. But you can see him at Starrcast!

Best Moment: Squashing John Cena at ‘Mania last year.

Worst Moment: Losing to Triple H in a match that was way too long

Stock: Dropped - But that’s probably on his own accord. If he wanted to work ‘Mania, he’d be working ‘Mania

John Cena

Big Match John is more Part Time John now.

He worked the first Saudi Arabia show and defeated Triple H. He worked Super Show-Down, where he teamed with Lashley to beat Kevin Owens and Elias, pinning Elias after he unveiled his sixth move of doom “The Lightning Fist.” (Elias had to sell that shit.)

He returned to SmackDown in December, teaming with Becky Lynch against Andrade and Zelina Vega. He also took part in a triple threat match on Raw to decide who would face Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble after Braun was stripped of his opportunity. Finn Bálor won that match.

He has no plans for WrestleMania.

Best Moment: Getting to team with Becky Lynch

Worst Moment: That hair

Stock: Dropped - It’s his twilight years in WWE so he’s not a main feature like he had been for so long. He’s not even there for the road to WrestleMania.


Elias didn’t have a match last year, but he did have a segment with John Cena. (He doesn’t have a match this year but has another musical segment. Who knows maybe it’ll involve John Cena.)

Elias actually turned babyface this year. The face turn was centered around a feud with Baron Corbin.

At the Royal Rumble, Elias turned back to heel when he had a moment with Jeff Jarrett, who he cracked a guitar over. (That’s not a heel turn for me, but it is what it is.) He had a match against Double J on a Raw, but even with Road Dogg in Jarrett’s corner, Elias got the win. They got their revenge post match though. It was something.

He’ll have a musical performance at WrestleMania this year again.

Best Moment: Getting the best heat in Seattle

Worst Moment: Having to sell a JJ guitar shot when the guitar didn’t break

Stock: Unchanged - He’s often featured but the role hasn’t changed much

Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon def. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

Daniel Bryan

Bryan returned to WWE with his first match back after his return from retirement last year at WrestleMania.

Then he moved into a feud with Big Cass, which had some folks disappointed. Bryan won all those matches (and then Cass was released). Bryan followed that up with a feud with the Miz, which fans were looking forward to but unfortunately never really lived up to the hype. Bryan lost at SummerSlam, and then he and Brie Bella lost to the Mizanins in a mixed tag match. Bryan finally got his win against Miz at Super Show-Down in what was a very quick win.

Bryan moved onto a feud with AJ Styles. He lost their first match, which was a championship match the episode prior to Crown Jewel. (It was supposed to be at Crown Jewel but Bryan refused to work that show.) However, the Tuesday prior to Survivor Series, Bryan beat Styles for the title, turning heel in the process.

Because he was now champion, he faced Brock Lesnar in a champion vs. champion exhibition at Survivor Series. Bryan was brutalized the first half of the match, but endured and ended up giving Brock a run for his money, though in a losing effort.

The following SmackDown, Daniel revealed his heel character: “The New” Daniel Bryan, who corrupted the idea of the Yes Movement, claiming the fans were fickle. He was also a champion for the planet. It is fantastic. He soon added a returning Rowan to his side as his heavy.

He successfully retained his title against AJ Styles a couple times and survived the Elimination Chamber with the title.

He’ll face Kofi Kingston one on one for the title at WrestleMania.

Best Moment: His initial heel turn promo (and most of his heel promos afterwards)

Worst Moment: Losing to the Miz at SummerSlam and then having to hear him run his mouth about it

Stock: Increased - He’s the WWE champion now (and killing it)

Shane McMahon

Outside working the Greatest Royal Rumble (because everyone worked that event) Shane wasn’t on TV much.

He came back when the McMahons all took control of Raw and SmackDown in response to slumping ratings. They promised change, but did nothing different than they normally would.

He’s been telling a story with the Miz for the better part of six months, and that’s who he’ll be working at ‘Mania.

Best Moment: Winning the Best in the World trophy

Worst Moment: Hiring some of the worst security to protect him from the Miz

Stock: Unchanged - Shane is one of those guys whose stock is pretty even. While he’s the villain in a one on one angle this year, he was part of Daniel Bryan’s comeback last year. Pretty even stuff.

Kevin Owens

Owens and Zayn lost their WrestleMania match last year, ending their SmackDown careers (for a short period of time, since KO is already back on SmackDown). They initially failed to earn their way on to Raw, but luckily for them, Stephanie McMahon overrode Kurt Angle and hired them both.

Not that it was a marquee year for Kevin on Raw.

Much of the time, he found himself on the beating end of Braun Strowman. Strowman destroyed Owens’ rental car. He knocked over a port-a-potty that Owens was in. Then there was the very tall ladder Braun tossed him from at Money in the Bank. KO actually picked up a cage match win against the Monster, but that’s only because he was thrown from the top of the cell. (This man took some BUMPS for Strowman.)

One night on Raw, he lost an Intercontinental title match against Seth Rollins, sat in the ring, and quit. But that didn’t take at all because the next week, he was back without explanation attacking Bobby Lashley (who would soon take his turn in beating Owens up too).

Owens eventually had to take time off for double knee surgery.

He was brought back on SmackDown as Vince’s replacement for Kofi Kingston at the Fastlane title match against Daniel Bryan. That match was made a triple threat with Mustafa Ali. Bryan retained.

There are no plans for KO at ‘Mania.

Best Moment: The time he got on stage with Shania Twain (and his win against Strowman should mean she’ll play ‘When’ for him next time!)

Worst Moment: The port-a-potty beating. (And the time Elton John no showed him.)

Stock: Down - Injury may have derailed his stock a bit, but it wasn’t looking great on Raw anyway

Sami Zayn

Sami and KO both ended up on Raw the same way. Zayn was soon feuding with the babyface Bobby Lashley. Remember the “Bobby’s sisters” segment? Woof.

He lost against Lashley at Extreme Rules and soon had to leave for shoulder surgery. He’s yet to return.

Best Moment: Not a lot of time to have one, to be honest

Worst Moment: Bobby’s sisters

Stock: Injured

Obviously, the big jump here is for Kofi Kingston and the New Day. It’s not a Becky Lynch type jump. The New Day are a team that WWE always finds something for. They’re too important for that. But it’s still quite the leap. Going from a five minute tag match to the WWE championship match is huge. And it’s a title match that fans are excited for, probably more excited than the Universal title match.

Kofi talked about staying ready, and he was ready when that spot opened up. He ran with it, the crowd was into it, and it elevated him and the New Day. If the crowd wasn’t on board immediately, we wouldn’t be watching Kofi vie for a major title. Big E and Xavier Woods have always been in his corner, and their goal was always getting him a WWE title match. Now with the fans joining them, Kofi was propelled not into a title match, but a WrestleMania title match.

Even if it’s not for long and they’re back in the tag scene next year (which would not be too surprising), he’s earned this moment.

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