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CMLL Roundup: Cavernario & Titan win Torneo Increible de Parejas, Police Man shaved bald, more!

Welcome to the CMLL Roundup. Time to get caught up on the major moments from the past week. Cavernario and Titan took home the Torneo Increible de Parejas trophies, King Jaguar and Police Man battled for undercard supremacy in hair vs hair, and let’s all learn a new Spanish word, pipope.

Finale to the Torneo Increible de Parejas 2019

Cavernario & Titan and Ultimo Guerrero & Volador Jr. earned their way as mixed tecnico/rudo tag teams to the final of the Torneo Increible de Parejas 2019. The tournament was a three week adventure culminating at Viernes Espectacular on April 26.

Refresh your memory with the bracket of stage one.

And the bracket of stage two.

The time is here. Let’s get into the final bout (starting at 1:50:00 of the show). Best-of-three falls and both luchadores on a team have to be defeated to win a fall.

Volador vs Cavernario to start. Volador ripped off his pants to the sounds of high-pitched enthusiasm in the crowd. Arm drag exchanges to warm up then tagging out. Ultimo Guerrero used his heft to work Titan over, but Titan did a good job escaping. There was a neat exchange of surfboard submissions. Ultimo Guerrero hit the first impact move of the match with a powerbomb on the floor.

In the ring, Volador crushed Cavernario with a Mexican Destroyer and Ultimo Guerrero used an octopus submission on Titan to win Fall 1.

Time to switch dance partners for Fall 2. Volador fought with Titan, while Ultimo Guerrero squared off with Cavernario. The pace was quick with lots of flips and rolls. Highlights include a flying crossbody by Cavernario and tandem topes con hilo by Cavernario and Titan. Titan used an octopus submission to roll up Volador, while Cavernario used a hammerlock suplex to pin Ultimo Guerrero. The score was now even at one fall apiece.

Fall 3 took about fifteen minutes. Highlights include monkey flips by Volador, a tope con hilo by Volador, a flying butt bomb by Ultimo Guerrero to the outside, a super front suplex by Ultimo Guerrero, a super powerbomb by Ultimo Guerrero, a springboard splash by Cavernario, and a slap fight between Volador and Titan.

The first genuine close finish was a pair of maneuvers as all four were up in same corner. Volador hit a super hurricanrana on Cavernario and Ultimo Guerrero hit a super reverse suplex on Titan. Kick-outs at two. Cavernario and Titan had their turn for a double pin, but it wasn’t convincing. Ultimo Guerrero cleaned house on a Tower of Doom with his partner Volador on top.

Uh oh. Ultimo Guerrero accidentally dropkicked Volador twice in a row. Volador attacked his partner with a tope con hilo, but Ultimo Guerrero caught him for a powerbomb onto the floor.

Back in the ring, Titan submitted Ultimo Guerrero with an armbreaker. Volador eliminated Titan with a Spanish Fly. Down to Volador and Cavernario with all the glory on the line. Cavernario quickly worked to make Volador tap to a submission.


Volador was set to be carried out on a stretcher, but Ultimo Guerrero put the boots to him. The ring was eventually cleared and the winners celebrated with their glass trophies.


That finale was a heck of a bout to close out the Torneo Increible de Parejas 2019. It was nice to see the young blood underdogs defeat the established stars. Even though Ultimo Guerrero and Volador had communication issues, I’m glad that it didn’t play into the finish. The winners had an impressive, clean victory to look strong.

Titan became a first time winner of the Torneo Increible de Parejas. Cavernario is now a two-time winner. His previous victory was in 2017 with Volador as his partner.

Police Man got shafted then shaved

In a heated undercard feud, King Jaguar and Police Man upped the stakes to hair vs hair on Monday, April 22 in Puebla (starting at 1:14:30 of the show). Tecnico King Jaguar was seconded by Rey Samuray. Rudo Police Man entered to, “Bad Boys,” and was seconded by Perverso.

The competitors began fighting on the entrance ramp. Police Man hit the big moves; a hip toss over the ropes onto the entrance ramp, a super arm drag, and a flying senton to win Fall 1.

The next fall saw Perverso help Police Man cheat to pummel King Jaguar. Jaguar picked up some momentum with two whirling backbreakers, then Perverso pulled Jaguar out of the ring. Police Man charged with a suicide dive, but he crashed into Perverso instead of his target. That led to a pretzel leg submission by Jaguar to win Fall 2.

Police Man continued to control the action in Fall 3. Jaguar had a nice head-in-armpit suplex. The two veterans were gassed at the end, or they were giving that impression to sell the importance. Police Man didn’t even try to hide his cheating when using the ropes on pins. The finish occurred when Perverso distracted the ref. Jaguar took advantage by kicking Police Man in the balls, then Jaguar dropped to the mat himself to fake testicular pain. When the ref turned back around, he saw both men writhing. The ref looked to the crowd for help. Based on their response, Jaguar was given the victory and proceeded to shave Police Man bald.


I have to say that that was a disappointing finish. King Jaguar should be ashamed of himself by cheating as a tecnico in such an important bout. Where is Jaguar’s honor and pride? Cheating in a regular match, eh, whatever. Cheating as a tecnico in hair vs hair is a different story. That chump will forever be a rudo in my book. I hope King Jaguar is invited to the Lucha Underground temple and is immediately sacrificed.

Pick of the week: Rey Cometa vs Templario in a lightning match

Rey Cometa and Templario had a doozy of a lightning match earlier this month. Their second go around was just as enjoyable (starting at 1:11:50 of Tuesday’s show).

Mat work for the first ninety seconds was capped off by Templario doing a breakdance move. Highlights from the ten minute time limit include Templario catching Cometa’s hurricanrana attempt off the apron and swinging Cometa into the fan barrier, a flying corkscrew crossbody by Cometa, Templario doing a handspring into the ropes to bounce off for a standing moonsault, and a backflip attack backward off the top turnbuckle down to the floor.


For the finish, Cometa countered a super gutwrench powerbomb into a super hurricanrana. He followed with a 450 splash to win at 7:37. We need a third lightning match between those as a tie-breaker.

Word of the week: Pipope

In the trios main event from Puebla (Mon., Apr. 22, 2019), Mephisto ripped off Caristico’s mask, so Volador Jr. could pick up the pin. Caristico grabbed the mic to yell at the referee for missing the rudo tactic. Caristico wanted one more fall for the people. That led to loud chants for one more.

Volador responded by calling the crowd pipopes. That did not go over well and loud puto chants were yelled by the crowd. I’ve never heard the word pipope before. Apparently it is regional slang in Puebla meaning pinche, poblano, and pendejo. Pipope is your Spanish word of the week, but I don’t recommend using it.

After more puto chants, Volador said, “Can you believe the behavior of these people?” The rudos left, but there will be a rematch for Monday, April 29.

Other CMLL action

Let’s go over some other storylines and lightning matches from the week.

Monday from Puebla (Apr. 22, 2019)

Marcela and Metalica continued their champ vs champ feud with a lightning match (starting at 41:20 of the show). Marcela had a sweet double underhook backbreaker, but Metalica was victorious after a superplex and a double underhook piledriver. Puebla shows don’t have the fancy clock graphic for lightning matches, but Metalica won in under five minutes.

Afterward, Metalica grabbed a mic, while doctors put a soft neck brace on Marcela. Metalica demanded a title shot. Challenge accepted for Monday, April 29 with Marcela’s world championship on the line. It will be interesting to see if that neck pain plays a role in the title bout, although, Marcela wrestled on Friday with no issues.

Tuesday from Mexico City (Apr. 23, 2019)

In the trios main event, Ultimo Guerrero pulled off Caristico’s mask for the winning pin. The referee didn’t notice from his angle. Caristico got on the mic to declare that he likes to win clean or lose clean in the center of the ring, so he wants one more fall against Ultimo Guerrero. He said that if Ultimo Guerrero is truly a luchador on another level (Guerrero’s sort of catchphrase), then Guerrero will accept.

Ultimo Guerrero put the power in the commissioner’s hands. If he says yes, then it is on. I had trouble hearing the old man commish. I think he said he can’t change the card, but if the crowd and the two luchadores want it, then it is an issue to settle between themselves. Guerrero pumped up the crowd to a fever pitch by asking if they want one more fall. “Well, I don’t want to.” Boooooooooo. Guerrero issued a singles challenge for next week instead. He put the mic down, then ran the ropes. Caristico dropped as Guerrero stepped over then slid out of the ring to laugh at the tease.

Ultimo Guerrero vs Caristico is set as the main event for Tuesday, April 30.

Friday from Mexico City (Apr. 26, 2019)

Valiente and Hechicero collided in a very entertaining lightning match (starting at 1:02:20 of the show). Strongman athleticism on the mat working submissions took up the first two minutes. Highlights include a springboard arm drag off the apron by Valiente, a suicide dive by Valiente, and a unique springboard moonsault by Hechicero to the outside.


Hechicero also had a sweet outside-in slingshot corkscrew. With one minute to go, Valiente scored on a super arm drag then a knee/back submission win at 9:22.

In other news, El Felino, La Comandante, and Arturo Beristain were presented with the Bobby Bonales Cup. The honor recognizes having a great trajectory in lucha libre.

Bobby Bonales made his debut in 1934. He is known as the innovator of the suicide dive. Bonales passed away from cancer at the age of 77 in 1994.

Past winners were Blue Panther in 2009, Negro Casas in 2010, Atlantis in 2011, Ultimo Guerrero in 2014, Volador Jr. and Marcela in 2017, and Mascara 2000, Tony Salazar, and Amapola in 2018.

What do you think of Cavernario and Titan winning the Torneo Increible de Parejas? Does Police Man have a case for street justice on King Jaguar? Which was your favorite match of the week in CMLL?

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