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MLW Roundup: Hart Foundation vs Dynasty tables match, Contra Unit has a leader?, marriage proposal

Let’s catch up on this week’s news in MLW and preview Saturday night’s episode of Fusion. A lot of the scoops are from MLW’s newsletter with rumors and events in a story sense.

A top flight wrestler has been having meetings with MLW CEO Court Bauer. “The MLW Newsletter is under strict orders not to reveal who it is... but we can confirm this individual is an elite level wrestler that could make a major impact in MLW.” Which marquee talent should MLW sign?

One name I think we can rule out is Dan Severn. He was mentioned separately by name in the newsletter as coaching Tom Lawlor at the champ’s recent camp. Could Severn be one of Lawlor’s friends against the Contra Unit? That, I would like to see.

About the Contra Unit, there is locker room speculation that someone is pulling their strings. It sounds like we may have a leader of the faction in the future. Who would you pick to be in charge of the Contra Unit?

I’m trying to think of who would be a cool choice to lead the Contra Unit. Raven comes to mind, but an international cabal seems a little too organized for his brand of chaos. It might be better if it is someone without a big wrestling reputation. That got me dreaming and one name in particular would blow the roof off the building, at least the roof off my living room.

Dario Cueto. MLW probably wouldn’t be able to use the Lucha Underground character, but they might be able to hire actor Luis Fernandez-Gil to portray a new persona with Cueto tendencies. I’m giddy just thinking about Dario Cueto sharing the screen with Salina de la Renta.

Rich Swann and Myron Reed filed complaints with the league office in regard to biased officiating. They pointed out referee Doug Markham. In a weird twist, Markham claims he has been getting threatening phone calls from an unknown number. He is speculating that Swann and Reed are the culprits. We need audio evidence. I have a hunch that the calls would be hilarious to hear.

Salina de la Renta walked the red carpet for Los Domirriqueños 2. She also has pop vinyl figures for sale.

In the midst of all that schmoozing, de la Renta is in negotiations to re-sign Low Ki to Promociones Dorado. Low Ki’s one-year contract will expire late Spring. Also on the manager tip, Daga is being pursued. Konnan and Colonel Robert Parker were some names mentioned. Wouldn’t it be wild if de la Renta replaced Low Ki with Daga?

Court Bauer Q&A

MLW CEO Court Bauer answers questions from time to time on Twitter. Here are a couple of items that stuck out to me.

The Contra Unit is inspired by the Funk Masters of Wrestling.

A show in Dallas is on the schedule for 2020.

Also for 2020, that might be when we get a trios tournament. Bauer is considering it as a live network special. If MLW does go through with a trios tournament, then Mance Warner has an awesome suggestion.

Speaking of Warner, Bauer made an observation that both Warner and Callihan wear suspenders.

Not only do Warner and Callihan enjoy beer, spit, and violence, they also share a fondness for suspenders. I have a feeling that the more we see those two together, the more we’ll notice similarities in their preferences. It is like they were made to be buddies. If Warner and Callihan ever become an official tag team, I think Bauer has the perfect name, Psychopaths in Suspenders.

The Hart Foundation vs The Dynasty in a tables match

The next episode of MLW Fusion is going to be bonkers. The Hart Foundation and the Dynasty continue their feud with a tables match. Teddy Hart, Davey Boy Smith Jr., and Brian Pillman Jr. requested the stipulation in exchange for returning MJF’s car, which allegedly has an item that could land MJF in jail. Basically, the Hart Foundation blackmailed MJF to get what they want. I’m glad they did, because a tables match with these six men is something that the fans want.

Other advertised matches are Rey Horus versus Ace Austin and Jordan Oliver making his singles debut against Kotto Brazil. Both bouts should be fast-paced and high-flying. The preview also teases a new challenger for Tom Lawlor’s Heavyweight Championship.

I’ll leave you with a marriage proposal at the MLW shows in New York City to get you in the mood for Fusion.

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS Saturday nights at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT. New episodes are posted on YouTube Mondays at 7 pm ET. Fusion is also broadcast in the UK, Ireland, and Israel.

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