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How often has Baron Corbin main evented Raw?

There are unquestionably a ton of factors which go into the ratings slump WWE is experiencing.

One of those is the product the company is putting on the screens. Who knows what percentage of the problem that is, or what percentage of the percentage is the talent who perform the material Vince McMahon and his creative team gives them.

But an easy (and in most cases tongue-in-cheek) scapegoat has been Baron Corbin, who seems to pop up in the main event of the company’s flagship television program an awful lot for a guy who’s been on or screens since 2014 and with only one title reign to show for it. And how often the once-Lone Wolf works the last match of the night is something we can quantify.

So here, for your internet comedy and armchair analysis needs, are some numbers on how often Baron Corbin’s main evented Raw since being moved there in last year’s Superstar Shake-up...

April 2018 - 0% (out of two shows)
May 2018 - 0% (out of four)
June 2018 - 25% (one out of four)
July 2018 - 10% (one out of five, where he helped oversee a contract signing*)
August 2018 - 0% (out of four)
Sept. 2018 - 50% (two out of four)
Oct, 2018 - 0% (out of five)
Nov. 2018 - 38% (one match and one closing scene with Stephanie McMahon out of five*)
Dec. 2018 - 40% (two out of five)
Jan. 2019 - 25% (one out of four)
Feb. 2019 - 25% (one out of four)
Mar. 2019 - 0% (out of four)
April 2019** - 50% (two out of four)

* Segments with Corbin which closed the show were counted as half a main event
** There’s one more Raw left this month

Overall, that means Baron has been in 20% of the main events (11 of 54) on Monday nights since joining Team Red on April 16, 2018.

What does that mean?

You tell us.

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