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Beyond Wrestling Uncharted Territory episode 4 review: Piledriver!

It’s Wednesday night, so that means we take a look at Beyond Wrestling’s shiny new webseries on IWTV, Uncharted Territory! As always, our format is a hard-hitting triple threat, results followed by the best of the show and the worst of the show, with a nautical theme because that’s how they’re branding it and I decided to roll with it. On with the show!

Land Ho!

  1. Maxwell Jacob Friedman cuts a promo talking about how he’s better than everyone (shocker) and is joined by Richard Holliday, who MJF puts over at length before saying he’s not the only friend he brought, and Alex Hammerstone joins them. He gets cut off in the middle of his mutual masturbation session with his fellow Dynasty lads by Chris Dickinson making his entrance.
  2. The Dirty Daddy cuts a promo about how he could kick their asses by himself, but he doesn’t have to today, because EYFBO are in the house! Team Pazuzu run the Dynasty off.
  3. Jay Freddie over Brandon Thurston by submission with a one-armed Sharpshooter.
  4. Denver Colorado (the man, not the place) makes Dynasty/Pazuzu official for tonight after teasing it for several bigger shows later in the year!
  5. Mick Moretti pre-emptively cuts his winning promo and clocks his opponent in the face with a microphone!
  6. LD “Mantis” Montesanti over Mick Moretti by pinfall with one of the grodiest package piledrivers I’ve ever seen. (Discovery Gauntlet)
  7. Puf over Coach Mammone by pinfall with a big splash. Post-match, Chuck O’Neil attacks as part of his campaign against fun and cuts a promo pledging to make Beyond legit again.
  8. Chuck Taylor gets a promo advertising Best Friends in Beyond one last time next week!
  9. Beaver Boys (Alex Reynolds & John Silver) over Butcher and the Blade (Andy Williams & Pepper Parks) by pinfall with the double Emerald Flowsion.
  10. Solo Darling over Davienne by submission with the SharpStinger. Post-match, Solo cuts a promo about how excited she is for the potential of winning Lethal Lottery on 5/5.
  11. Team Pazuzu (Angel Ortiz, Chris Dickinson, & Mike “Santana” Draztik) over Dynasty (Alex Hammerstone, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, & Richard Holliday) by pinfall with a Pazuzu Bomb from Dickinson on Friedman.
  12. Post-match, LAX get on the mic and issue a challenge to Best Friends for next week!

X Marks the Spot

  • Hot (grapple)wings: Thurston and Freddie had a hell of an opening match, from some pure, slick, and smooth opening grappling, through strikes as it intensified, Brandon targeting the arm and forcing Freddie to fight from underneath in a brilliant crescendo of violence that just refused to stop. This kinda thing is like catnip to me, folks, and I think you’ll like it as well. Check it out!
  • Forever is a long, long time: Again Moretti delivered something fun and interesting here-- after a series of slow and steady matches with relatively drawn out feeling-out processes, he jumpstarted things here. Mantis brought some cool stuff as well, and I’m stoked to see him back next week. All told, with its first change, the Discovery Gauntlet has continued to deliver on its promise more than not, and I’m quite interested to see how it develops now that it’s not essentially the Mick Moretti Trial Series.
  • It’s all in the hips: Okay, so Coach and Puf had a perfectly good comedy match, not really my thing but they had some funny spots and I can respect that. But most importantly now Chuck O’Neil has a target that makes complete sense! And specifically switching the focus from “this new stuff is too choreographed” to “nobody wants to be legit anymore” really goes a long way to build my interest level here.
  • Can we get this every week?: Holy hell two for two on these hot brawls involving Davienne and I never want the streak to end. I dunno why I never really took notice of her before Uncharted Territory, but she and Solo really brought it in a violent, visceral, physical fight of a match that saw them use the ring, the wall, and the hardwood floor against each other. Fantastic!
  • ONE MINUTE: Chris Dickinson held a delayed vertical on MJF for a solid minute before dropping him into the Jackhammer, my word. Overall the main event was a pretty darn good match, too-- a little by the numbers, but not in a bad way, and it builds to a nice climax and a strong finish.

Walk the Plank

  • My journey to try and enjoy the Beaver Boys continues: Honestly this match came fairly close to making it into the other column, mainly on the strength of the parts immediately after the Beavers tried to walk and Butcher and the Blade took the fight to them on the floor. Indeed, Williams (who I’ll never miss an opportunity to point out played guitar on one of my favorite records ever, Low Teens) and Silver did a damn good job here overall, but it was just too long, especially with the ref chicanery in the last act.
  • Where is “Where is the Undertaker?”: Don’t let them get to you, Josh! The truth is out there! Ask the questions no one else will!

On the Horizon

Announced for next week, Best Friends vs. LAX, Beaver Boys vs. Slither, Ashley Vox vs. Penelope Ford vs. Solo Darling vs. Veda Scott, Anthony Greene calling Stevie Richards out, and Kris Statlander in action! Plus LD “Mantis” Montesanti returns as the Discovery Gauntlet rolls on!

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