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We have lots of questions about nZo’s new promo, but only one reaction

WARNING: The videos embedded and linked from this post contain A LOT of NSFW language.

Whatever is going on with nZo (aka Real1, fka Enzo Amore) & CaZXL (Big Cass in WWE) and Ring of Honor, the duo who are now calling themselves Free AgentZ can’t seem to stop talking about how much better they are than the p*****s who in the locker room, in the ring, and in the stands at ROH.

CaZ cut a promo on the Briscoes and the fans over the weekend, and his little buddy followed up with a long YouTube video aimed at the company and their current tag champs, New Japan’s Guerrillas of Destiny.

As a refresher, Free AgentZ hopped the barricade at NJPW & ROH’s G1 Supercard event at Madison Square Garden the night before WrestleMania 35. Reports can’t seem to agree who knew what when, or what exactly the former Raw stars contract status with Ring of Honor is, but it’s crystal clear this is a work which is supposed to look a shoot. If you can’t tell by how many f-bombs get dropped in their promos, or nZo & CaZ main point being that they “draw money” while Jay & Mark Briscoe, Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa, and their respective companies don’t, just wait until Real1 makes a thinly veiled reference to his being accused of sexual assault, or his legitimate shoot crashing of Survivor Series in Los Angeles last year.

CaZXL also says “workrate”, so you know its real (one)!

Anyway, we do have questions about nZo’s 8 minute rant, like...

  • What is Mickey Gall doing there? Did the man who beat CM Punk in his first UFC fight join Free AgentZ? And, if so, what does that say about how his MMA career is going?
  • Did he really buy a WWE Cruiserweight title to display in his game room? And he’s calling other people marks?
  • How does getting thrown out of Staples Center, and then having a handful of people show up at your rap gig constitute a master plan?
  • Follow-up question for the self-proclaimed genius... how’s the emcee business?

And, yeah, the point of all this is to get a reaction from fans, so... I, and anyone else who comes away from this hating nZo & CaZ, is technically getting worked. But the reaction is supposed to drive us to want to pay to to see Dem Boys or GoD kick their asses, not cringing and rolling our eyes.

Scrolling through the comments beneath this promo on YouTube indicates that some people love this, so maybe ROH is onto something.

Or most fans just feel like Tama, that Free AgentZ are a “cancer” on the business mostly just deserving of condescending scorn:

Time will tell.

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