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Heavy Machinery bring the gift of meat to SmackDown

New SmackDown roster members Heavy Machinery, who have somehow not been renamed “The Construction Experience” yet, did not get on television last night (April 23). But that doesn’t mean Otis & Tucker didn’t go out of their way to make an impression.

In the above online exclusive video, the steaks & weights duo brought gifts for their new co-workers - as a bit of an icebreaker, I suppose. And they stayed on brand by handing out packaged meat products.

The big takeaway is the Attitude Era-esque punchline from Dozer “nothing makes a person more happier than a whole lot of meat inside of them,” (and while we’re on the subject of late 90s era xtreme “humor”, I prefer Otis as more of an asexual gymrat lug than as the sexual harrassment case waiting to happen he is around Mandy Rose and Alexa Bliss... but I digress). But there’s a lot of goofy charm to their act overall. Shout out to Vic Joseph’s love of a good dry rubbed pork product, and Shane McMahon’s curiosity about big chickens.

Aww yeah.

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