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Doesn’t look like CM Punk and Colt Cabana are ever getting back together

More bad news for fans of friendship.

Lately, there have been some cracks in the wall CM Punk’s maintained between himself and pro wrestling since leaving WWE back in 2014.

One big piece of evidence that the five-time WWE World champ has something other than disdain in his heart for the business came last weekend, when it seems pretty clear Punk ran-in during an indie show. The unofficial appearance coming as a way to honor a venue he came up in (West Allis, Wisconsin's Knight of Columbus Hall) and in support of the man who trained him (Ace Steel) may have gotten folks wondering if this thaw could extend to other relationships from his past. Like, say, Punk and Steel’s Second City Saints’ stablemate, Colt Cabana?

Punk and Cabana’s friendship was well established long before the Best in the World appeared on Colt’s The Art of Wrestling podcast in November of 2014 to tell the story of his exit from WWE and the business. Even before that interview, it was already part of wrestling history thanks to Punk breaking the fourth wall to say “hi” to Cabana during his legendary 2011 “pipe bomb” promo on Raw.

But it seems the tell-all podcast was the end of the line for their friendship. Both were sued by WWE doctor Chris Amann for statements Punk made about the medical care he received from Amann & his employer. They won that case, but apparently trust issues developed during the course of it, and spilled over into a still ongoing suit filed by Cabana against Punk over legal fees.

If the ongoing litigation wasn’t evidence enough that the two Chicagoans have irreconcilable differences, a Twitter convo between Punk and comedian & podcaster Ron Funches provides more.

Last week, when Punk shared a story about Eddie Guerrero on Rey Mysterio’s Instagram, it generated a lot of interest in hearing more wrestling tales and takes from the Straight Edge Superstar. Punk shot those down, saying he didn’t want to be sued by “lying snakes and unethical fugazis” for “telling the truth”. That didn’t deter former DDT Pro Ironman Heavymetalweight champ Funches, who (in a since deleted message) asked Punk to come on his pod.

It’s hard to not read Punk’s shots from their subsequent exchange as being about Cabana:

And that’s why I don’t think CM Punk and Colt Cabana are ever getting back together.

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