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AAA Roundup: New member in Los Mercenarios, Laredo Kid double champ, Jeff Jarrett back in action

Welcome to the AAA Roundup. Let’s get caught up some news and wrestling action. Los Mercenarios added a new member. In Conquista Total, Laredo Kid challenged Sammy Guevara for the cruiserweight strap and Jeff Jarrett was back to entertain as only he can.

La Hierda is a mercenaria

When Hijo del Fantasma left AAA and Los Mercenarios, it was a huge surprise. What were Los Mercenarios to do to fill the void? Find a new member, of course.

Earlier this month at a TV taping, La Hiedra surprised everyone by becoming a mercenary. Her evening began by turning on tag partner Lady Shani, then she interfered with Joe Lider as he fought Los Mercenarios. In a backstage interview, La Mascara and Texano made it clear that La Hiedra is now part of their team.

La Hiedra is a second generation wrestler. Her father is Sangre Chicana, her sister is Lluvia in CMLL, and she has another sister, brothers, uncles, and cousins who are wrestlers as well. I like the new addition. It adds someone on the outside to help Los Mercenarios cheat, and La Hiedra should benefit by learning from La Mascara, Texano, and Rey Escorpion.

Plus, La Hiedra is low-key fan favorite. She always seems to win social media polls proposed by AAA, probably because of male poles. Perhaps more La Hiedra on TV will cause viewers to tune in or at least stay tuned in.

I wonder if being chokeslammed by Killer Kross had anything to do with La Hiedra’s new path.

Kross tends to have that effect on people. I don’t think that is part of the story though. The photo is cool and I wanted to share.

As for Hijo del Fantasma, he seems to be doing fine getting a busy schedule in the coming weeks. He even has a trip to London planned.

Conquista Total: Morelia, Part 2

Conquista Total was back in Morelia, Michoacan. Part 2 (full episode) featured Sammy Guevara defending his Cruiserweight Championship against Laredo Kid, and Jeff Jarrett was back with his guitar in trios action.

La Parka, in a soft neck brace, began the show with a message for the OGT’s and Los Mercenarios about previous attacks in the past. Parka has the trios champs, Hijo de Vikingo, Laredo Kid, and Myzteziz Jr., by his side. He is going to teach the bad guys who he is and who is their papi. Now, the war begins.

Starfire, Golden Magic, & Niño Hamburguesa vs Lady Maravilla, Keyra, & Villano III Jr.

Keyra has a new entrance outfit. It looks like she plucked some chicken feathers.

Lucha Libre AAA

Highlights of the match (starting at 12:00) include a 619 by Starfire, a big shoulder block from Niño Hamburguesa to little Keyra, a moonsault by Keyra, two bowling balls by Hamburguesa, and a flying crossbody by Lady Maravilla to the outside.

In the end, Villano III Jr. missed a moonsault, so Hamburguesa did a leg drop from the second rope. The hamburger boy was going to super splash Villano, but Maravilla ran in to district her potential lover boy. That distraction allowed Keyra to hit Starfire with a bridging German suplex for victory.

After the match, Maravilla sweet-talked the meaty man, but he still felt bad for letting his team down.

AAA World Cruiserweight Championship: Sammy Guevara vs Laredo Kid

Laredo Kid entered first as the challenger. He had La Parka in his corner. Sammy Guevara entered with two championships. It looked like he was wearing the Bull of the Woods belt. Villano III Jr. had Sammy’s back.

The match (starting at 27:30) was as much flipping fun as you would expect from those two. Highlights include a suicide dive by Laredo, a springboard frog moonsault by Laredo to the outside, standing moonsaults and standing Spanish Flies, a 450 splash by Laredo off the apron to the floor, a running corkscrew crossbody by Guevara to the outside, and some other slams of which I don’t know the name.

It wouldn’t be a AAA marquee match without shenanigans. Villano would interfere with a chair and also put Laredo in a sleeper. Parka beat Villano into retreat. That extracurricular activity wouldn’t really play a role in the finish.

Guevara connected on a super Spanish Fly. Laredo kicked out of the pin attempt. Guevara climbed the turnbuckles, but Laredo jump kicked him. The challenger then used his Laredo Fly finisher to win the Cruiserweight Championship and become double champ, along with his Trios belt.

After the match, Los Mercenarios and Villano ruined Laredo’s celebration in short order by putting the boots to him. Parka made the save with a chair and Hijo del Vikingo and Myzteziz Jr. in tow.

Rey Escorpion, Texano, & Jeff Jarrett vs Pagano, Dr. Wagner Jr., & Psycho Clown

Jeff Jarrett was back wearing a mask again. He was quite surly in threatening to whack fans with his guitar and knocking a pad and pen out of a fan’s hands who requested an autograph. Unlike last time, Jarrett took his mask off before wrestling.

Lucha Libre AAA

Oh, man. Rey Escorpion hit Psycho Clown with a chair again before the match. That has to be six or seven consecutive encounters starting that way. I guess clowns don’t learn very easily. It must be hard with a constant loop of clown music going through his head.

The match (starting at 53:00) was all over the place. Jarrett brawled with Dr. Wagner Jr. on one side, while a split screen shot showed Escorpion and Psycho fighting through the crowd on the other side. In the ring, Texano was whipping Pagano with his rope. We were even treated to a triple split screen. Highlights include a tope con hilo by Psycho, a cannonball suicide dive by Pagano, and a cannonball off the top of the ring post by Psycho.

For the finishing sequence, Jarrett whacked Wagner with his guitar, but Pagano made the save on the pin with a flying leg drop to Jarrett. Pagano hit a backward jumping stunner on Texano. Texano tried to hit Pagano with a chair, but Pagano headbutted the chair into Texano’s face. That eventually led to a Razor’s Edge by Texano to Pagano through a table.

Lucha Libre AAA

1, 2, 3. Rudos win.

Part 2 from Morelia of Conquista Total was pretty good. The maneater story with Lady Maravilla and Niño Hamburguesa was touched on. Jeff Jarrett is always a hoot in AAA. That finish with Pagano going through the table was brutal and an exciting way to conclude the fight.

The match of the week was Sammy Guevara versus Laredo Kid. It had championship stakes and moves aplenty. Laredo’s win makes him a double champ, which is different from a champ champ in my book. Champ champ is two singles titles. One of Laredo’s belts is from trios success. Either way, it will be one heck of a bout whenever Laredo gets his Megacampeonato shot against Fenix. AAA is really building Laredo up, so much so that I would be surprised if he loses. Fenix is a superstar in his own right though. That is what will make their eventual clash so exciting.

Do you think Laredo Kid can win the Megacampeonato in AAA? How high could his career go?

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