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MLW Roundup: New National Openweight Championship, Death Machine vs Light Beer tonight on Fusion

Let’s catch up on this week’s news in MLW. A new championship will be in the mix on June 1, the Hart Foundation is planning a special 4/20 H2tv, and Sami Callihan will go to war with Mance Warner on MLW Fusion.

National Openweight Championship

The biggest news of the week in MLW is the announcement of a new title belt, the National Openweight Championship. It will be open to all weight divisions. Four competitors will duke it out in May to compete in the final on June 1 in Milwaukee. Since that will be MLW’s next taping, it must mean that the bouts already went down in New York City. How very sneaky of them not to mention anything for a nice surprise.

One particular word that caught my attention was the use of grappler instead of wrestler. That makes me wonder if the Openweight division will feature matches more in the vein of the recent Bloodsport show during WrestleMania week. That would be cool and separate the new belt from the Heavyweight title. As is often the case in professional wrestling, heavyweight championships are in name only. Smaller guys try to climb that mountain even though there are no strict weigh-ins.

Along those grappling lines, MLW has some depth already. Davey Boy Smith Jr. would be my pick to win it. He is a catch wrestling shooter. Teddy Hart no doubt has a few tricks from dungeon training. Tom Lawlor has legit MMA experience. I assume Low Ki has some skills and it is not just part of his character. Ariel Dominguez is supposed to be a decorated amateur wrestler. Is Fred Yehi still on the roster?

Let’s not forget about LA Park. He has a UFC debut on his mind. Grappling for the Openweight Championship might be right up his alley.

Speaking of new championships, we may have an answer of who could team with Fenix and Pentagon for the rumored trios title in the future. Gringo Loco!

Fenix was unable to appear at an independent show this past weekend due to travel issues, so Gringo Loco substituted. It looks like he got the stamp of approval from Pentagon. Gringo Loco never crossed my mind, but he would be a good fit. I’m sure Fenix would love to use him as a base for some super duper maneuvers.

Which four grapplers would you like to see compete for the National Openweight Championship? Who is the favorite to win? Would you like to see Gringo Loco team with Fenix and Pentagon if there is a trios title on the horizon?

Other news

MLW is pushing hard that Salina de la Renta will be the executive producer for the May 4 episode of MLW Fusion during the Cinco de Mayo weekend. The press release states that, “The empresaria of Promociones Dorado will make history as the first Latina to executive produce a professional wrestling network broadcast.”

There was also a press release about opening a new headquarters in New York. The interesting part is that MLW wants to emphasize that their WORLD championships live up to that geographic designation. MLW CEO Court Bauer stated, “A world title is only a world title if champions take on the top ranked guys from around the world. Lawlor and the Hart Foundation want these big fights and so do these promoters and MLW. Let’s see what happens.” Sources implied that MLW may be exchanging talent so their championships are defended in other promotions around the world. I love that idea, as long as we get to see the matches.

Matt Farmer joined MLW as senior coordinator of wrestling operations. The press release states, “The move brings the Pacific Northwest promoter, who along with Jim Perry operates DEFY, to the league where he will have several responsibilities.” Hiring more key people is a good sign for the company’s financial health.

LA Park’s new t-shirt is now available on the MLW online shop.

The MLW newsletter (sign up here if you desire) had some storyline blurbs:

  • Rich Swann and Myron Reed filed complaints about the officiating. I’d like to see that story move forward next time they are on television, even if it is a little step. I’m very interested, but my attention is wearing thin. MLW is full of so many other cool things that Swann and Reed may get lost in the shuffle for me.
  • The Dynasty declined to press charges on the Hart Foundation for vehicle theft and the flagrant misuse of butt cheeks. “Rumor has it, one member of Dynasty doesn’t want the police involved.” Hmm, I’m looking at Richard Holliday. He seems fishy with those white thingies (wireless earbuds?) in his ears. The only other thing I can think of is if MJF has some revealing prints of himself doing an erotic photo shoot. Such as:
  • The Hart Foundation will have a special 4/20 episode of H2tv on Fusion. Yes!

Maniacal Mercenary vs Southern Psycho on MLW Fusion tonight

Four matches are planned for the Saturday, April 20 episode of MLW Fusion. The headliner is Sami Callihan against Mance Warner. That should be glorious insanity. The bout was requested last week by Callihan out of respect for Mance’s madness. We could see the beginning of a feud or a very weird friendship.

Ace Romero will be out for revenge after Josef Samael jabbed a railroad spike in his head.

The two have a one-on-one contest scheduled in the ring. Also on the show will be the Lucha Bros vs Air Wolf & Rey Horus and a singles bout between Puma King and Gringo Loco.

Get in the mood with a cool highlight package advertising MLW’s future shows.

Other fan requested destinations on MLW’s radar include Canada, Los Angeles, Massachusetts, Mexico, and Scotland. About Canada, MLW CEO Court Bauer seems to always joke that he has to figure how to get his roster into Canada due to criminal records. He’s said it enough times that I don’t think it is in jest anymore. I’m afraid to look into what those rebellious fellows may have done, but it makes me root for the MLW misfits even more.

Who are you picking between Sami Callihan and Mance Warner? How long will Ace Romero have before the Contra Unit interferes? Which luchador will steal the show?

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS Saturday nights at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT. New episodes are posted on YouTube Mondays at 7 pm ET. Fusion is also broadcast in the UK, Ireland, and Israel.

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