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MLW Fusion: Teddy Hart title match, Mance Warner isn’t done fighting skeleton men

MLW Fusion returned with the final go around from Chicago with episode 51. The feature bouts were Ariel Dominguez vs Daga, Ricky Martinez vs Air Wolf, and Teddy Hart defending the middleweight championship against Myron Reed. Also, Salina de la Renta was hatching a plan for Battle Riot II, but there was a hiccup in the form of the disappearance of Hijo de LA Park and reappearance of a certain light beer drinking southern psycho.

On to a recap and review of the show...

Missing skeleton man, part 1

Salina de la Renta was on the phone while walking down the hallway with Hijo de LA Park. She repeated that the caller was offering a strategic advantage for Battle Riot II, the 40 wrestler Royal Rumble style match on April 5. Salina instructed Hijo to go to some place and give the caller whatever he wants. Salina looked into the camera, “Just when you thought Promociones Dorado was over, we’re back, bitch.”

Ariel Dominguez vs Daga

Low Ki was on commentary. Last we saw Daga in MLW, his ear was ripped by Low Ki in the ring.

Daga used a power and size, compared to Ariel Dominguez, advantage to control much of the bout. Daga’s top highlight early was a running moonsault. Dominguez eventually got some momentum with a springboard DDT and a springboard crossbody to the outside.

In the end, Daga used a brutal German suplex and a modified brainbuster for victory.

After the match, Daga and Low Ki had to be separated by officials, but no blows were thrown.

Missing skeleton man, part 2

With hindsight, this clip can count as a part of the missing skeleton man saga. Video from last week after LA Park vs Mance Warner in a death match was shown. Promociones Dorado was celebrating backstage when Warner came in to punch Park. Low Ki, Ricky Martinez, Hijo de LA Park, and LA Park all beat up Warner and tossed him out the arena door into the street.

Myron Reed promo

Teddy Hart offered an open change for the middleweight title. Myron Reed took the opportunity. He claimed that as long as there was a fair, unbiased referee, then he would become the new champ.


Teddy Hart, Davey Boy Smith Jr., and Brian Pillman Jr. cut a promo on the Dynasty. Hart said it isn’t about being a soap opera. It is about real wrestling; training and sacrificing in the Dungeon. “The pressure (of following in the Hart family and Brian Pillman’s footsteps) either makes you or breaks you. It creates diamonds or you end up like coal and I throw you in the fire to keep our train going.”

Ricky Martinez vs Air Wolf

Air Wolf was making his debut in MLW. His music was similar to or the same as the theme song from the Airwolf TV show in the ‘80s.

Ricky Martinez attempted a clothesline before the bell rang, but Air Wolf evaded for a headscissors takeover. Highlights of the bout include a springboard dropkick by Air Wolf, a leaping crossbody by Air Wolf over the ropes to the outside, pelvic-powered head smashes by Martinez, and a slingshot vertical suplex by Martinez.

Earlier in the bout, Air Wolf banged his head on the guard rail. That may have played a role in the finish as Martinez kicked Air Wolf’s legs out on the top turnbuckle. Air Wolf banged his head on the mat. A pop-up knee to the face sealed the deal for Martinez’s win.

Jacob Fatu of the Contra Unit

A promo from 1/3 of the Contra Unit. Jacob Fatu has, “Done things that God has turned his eyes from. ... At MLW, we will salt the earth with ashes of our enemies.” That was effective material to portray Fatu as a badass, as if his actions in the ring the past few weeks didn’t convince you already.

Alexander Hammerstone and the Dynasty

Alexander Hammerstone called the Hart Foundation a fallacy and Teddy Hart a fraud. MJF chimed in about Hart’s fraud necklace being cheap. Back to Hammerstone for a comparison of the Dynasty to diamonds. Hammerstone said the Dynasty is going to dominate the Hart Foundation at Battle Riot to show they are the most dominant force in MLW.

With all the talk of diamonds, is MLW setting up for a diamonds on a pole match?

During the promo, MJF was acting like a d’bag. I mean when is he not, but this was different than usual. When Hammerstone put his arms on MJF’s shoulder, MJF looked as if to say get your grimy hands off my expensive jacket. MJF also looked frustrated when forced to bite his tongue after Hammerstone cut him off verbally to continue his own thoughts. Hammerstone didn’t observe any of this, so it will be interesting to keep an eye on future hints of dissension from the Dynasty faction.

Tom Lawlor promo

Tom Lawlor had a sitdown promo with scenes from his first fight against Jimmy Havoc. Havoc’s win was a bump in the road for Lawlor over the past year. Havoc will be the one going back to the hospital after feeling the wrath of “Filthy” Tom.

Daga promo

Daga was outside wearing a scarf. He spoke in both English and Spanish. He’s back in MLW for one reason, a rematch with Low Ki. “This is just the beginning.”

Missing skeleton man, part 3

”Whaaaat!?! No!” Salina de la Renta was on the phone again and apparently Hijo de LA Park never made it to visit the mystery man. She informed LA Park that his son was missing. LA Park told Salina to relax. He is going to resolve the issue.

Middleweight Championship: Teddy Hart vs Myron Reed

Myron Reed once again entered with Free Swann taped over his mouth. Teddy Hart was joined by Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Brian Pillman Jr. They didn’t have any effect on the bout.

Hart offered a handshake of sportsmanship, but Reed eschewed it. Hart dominated early but was his own worst enemy. Highlights include a powerbomb lungblower and a rope-bouncing twisting elbow drop from Hart. Those moves took a toll on Hart’s injured ribs.

Reed was smart enough to recognize Hart’s discomfort and focused his attack on Hart’s midsection. Reed pretty much dominated the rest of the match. Highlights include an outside-in facebreaker, a frog splash, and a super hurricanrana.

After a double wristlock hammerlock DDT by Hart, Reed kicked out. Hart went for a springboard moonsault, however, Reed got his knees up. Hart kicked out, and Reed went full loco arguing with the ref. Hart swooped in for the backslide victory to escape as champ.

Missing skeleton man, part 4

Salina de la Renta was with a cameraman to introduce her strategic advantage, so the whole world could see that Promociones Dorado was back on track. “Hijo de LA Park” came through the door and started punching Papa Park. “Hijo” removed the mask to reveal he was actually Mance Warner.

That’s how the show went off the air.

Episode 51 of MLW Fusion hit all the right notes. Good action in the ring, hype for the next set of tapings, and a show long story to continue the feud between LA Park and Mance Warner.

Air Wolf debuted and he was okay. I’m going to wait until we see his match against Fenix at Rise of the Renegades before passing judgement. Ricky Martinez was a slower, grounded opponent. A match with high-flyer Fenix should show us more of Air Wolf’s style.

Teddy Hart better be smart about his injured ribs or he won’t be champ that much longer. We can never count out Hart’s heart, but Reed should have defeated him. Reed lost focus and paid the price. It will be interesting to see how long Hart’s injury will last. If he isn’t healed in the TV timeline before the tables match against the Dynasty at Rise of the Renegades, then that fight will no doubt batter his ribs even more. Hart could be wrestling with taped ribs for an additional two or three months in the TV timeline. Those ribs may become Hart’s downfall against an experienced opponent in future middleweight title defenses.

You’ve got to love show-long story arcs. I know I do. The beef with LA Park and Mance Warner rages on. It showed a different side of Warner. I thought the happy-go-lucky, light beer drinking fellow would have accepted his loss to Park and be ready to fight another day. Instead, Warner went on the offensive to the point of being obsessive. I don’t personally like it, but Ole Mancer is who he is and that’s what makes him special.

Oh, and let’s not forget about Promociones Dorado’s strategic advantage tease for Battle Riot II. I assume that it is legit and not just Mance Warner masterminding an elaborate scheme. If a 40 man fight didn’t get you excited already, then add in the intrigue of who will be teaming with Promociones Dorado to get your enthusiasm bubbling.

Which was your favorite match from episode 51 of MLW Fusion? How about favorite promo? Who do you think was on the phone with Salina de la Renta? How many cans of light beer will Hijo de LA Park wake up next to?

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS Saturday nights at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT. New episodes are posted on YouTube Sundays at noon ET.

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