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Beyond Wrestling Uncharted Territory episode 3 review: Yes, let’s!

It’s Wednesday night, so that means we take a look at Beyond Wrestling’s shiny new webseries on IWTV, Uncharted Territory! As always, our format is a hard-hitting triple threat, results followed by the best of the show and the worst of the show, with a nautical theme because that’s how they’re branding it and I decided to roll with it. On with the show!

Land Ho!

  1. Wheeler YUTA over Chuck Taylor by pinfall, kicking out of a piledriver and turning it into a crucifix hold.
  2. Mick Moretti over Alex Taveres by pinfall with a side pumphandle driver. (Discovery Gauntlet) Post-match Moretti is interviewed about whether he’s ever going back to Australia and declares that he’s going to be here forever.
  3. Chris Dickinson over Maxwell Jacob Friedman by disqualification when Richard Holliday hit the ring and beat the Dirty Daddy down.
  4. Kris Statlander over Davienne by pinfall with a reverse roundhouse kick. Post-match, Statlander is interviewed and calls Kimber Lee out only for Davienne to attack and Solo Darling make the save!
  5. “Retrosexual” Anthony Greene takes some promo time to shill his merch, including an official Retrosexual Sex Towel, before announcing that he’s got Stevie Richards on May 5 at Lethal Lottery, but he’s got a surprise for Stevie in a few weeks right here on Uncharted Territory.
  6. Rory Gulak over Ophidian by submission with a kneeling Gu-Lock. Post-match, Chuck O’Neil makes his return, attacking Gulak! He gets on the mic after Ophidian pulls Rory away and talks about what we should be grateful to him for before railing against “melted body losers flipping around like it’s a ballet contest.”
  7. Before our main event, Orange Cassidy gets his title belt out and asks Kylie Rae simply if she wants to, she accepts, and we’ve got a title match!
  8. Orange Cassidy (c) over Kylie Rae by pinfall with the Mouse Trap to retain the IWTV Independent Wrestling Championship.

X Marks the Spot

  • Friends in (kinda) similar tights: It’s always really cool when we get to see Chuck Taylor’s mat grappling acumen come to bear-- like most of the wrestlers who have spent a lot of time in Chikara he’s really good at it, but his comedy work often overshadows it. Anyway this is a genteel mentor/student match in the early goings but escalates up to some brutal submissions and a really great finishing stretch and I enjoyed it heartily.
  • Many faces of Moretti: The Discovery Gauntlet continues to be a hoot, even if this match feels a hair weaker than the first two weeks. We get a different Mick Moretti in the gauntlet every week and this is no different, a lot of mind games and distractions to keep Taveres off balance before he closes for the win, and I’m totally okay with his suggestion that he’s going to be here forever.
  • The Dynasty expands: I’m happy to see Richard Holliday in a Beyond ring, bringing his alliance with MJF from MLW to Beyond. I haven’t seen a lot of him, but what I’ve seen shows him to be a guy I want to keep an eye on. Here’s hoping Alexander Hammerstone is next!
  • Fighting with the alien: Davienne and Statlander beat the holy hell out of each other and it was great. Not a match that it’s easy to say a lot about, but a very satisfying encounter that saw Kris fight from underneath and snap off an underdog victory. (Side note, Davienne making her entrance in that leather jacket? Dang, girl.)
  • Yes, I’d quite like to: Where do I even start with Cassidy/Rae? There’s Kylie repeatedly using her good nature to try and get Orange where she wants him, there’s a battle of the thumbs-ups that turns into a thumb wrestling match, and generally a lot of comedy early before doing the thing all the best Orange Cassidy matches do and turning into a legitimately captivating contest late. Fantastic stuff. Must-watch level.

Walk the Plank

  • Failure to connect: Maybe it was the delay I experienced in getting to this and a proper live experience would have had me more into it, but Dickinson and MJF, as much as I like both men, had real trouble holding my attention and I feel like, especially with the DQ finish, they didn’t need to go nearly as hard or as long as they did here.
  • Actually, sir, it kind of is like ballet: I like Chuck O’Neil well enough, I’m glad to have him back, and I have no problem with a “this place isn’t what it used to be” angle, but folks, the whole “it ain’t ballet” thing is super played out. Especially after Ophidian and Rory Gulak had a relatively grounded, hard-hitting match that definitely wasn’t the kind of over-choreographed thing he was complaining about.
  • Still no Undertaker: C’mon, Deadman, where you at?! Josh Briggs keeps calling, man, show yourself!

On the Horizon

Announced for next week, a Buffalo invasion featuring Butcher and the Blade vs. the Beaver Boys, Jay Freddie vs. Brandon Thurston, and PUF vs. Coach Mammone! Plus Mick Moretti returns as the Discovery Gauntlet rolls on!

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