Cageside Community Ratings: WrestleMania 35

WrestleMania 35 was a memorable night, and the follow-up has brought plenty of conversation. As with every PPV each match has been rated by members of the Cageside Community in order to a cSs rating. All the votes have been tallied and compared with the scores awarded by Dave Meltzer and ESPN.

Highest Rated match of the night

WWE title match - Daniel Bryan v Kofi Kingston - Cageside rating: 4.66

Votes: 1802

Meltzer Rating: 4.5

ESPN Rating: 4.75

2018/19 rank: 1st out of 62

  • Not only did Kofi Kingston claim the most prestigious prize in Sports entertainment, he also won Cagesiders’ acclaim with this clash winning match of the night honours.
  • This match had more votes (1802), and more five star ratings (802), than any other bout this year.
  • A word for the fallen champion. The new Daniel Bryan has been involved in four of the ten highest rated matches this season, and has the highest Meltzer average (4.21).

2nd Place

WWE Cruiserweight title match - Buddy Murphy v Tony Nese - Cageside rating: 3.92

Votes: 341

Meltzer Rating: 3.5

ESPN Rating: N/A

2018/19 rank: 17th

  • Tony Nese’s Cruiserweight coronation takes second place, despite this being the lowest rated Cruiserweight title match of the season.
  • This match maintains the purple brand’s solid scoring at WrestleMania, fitting in behind Neville/Austin Aries (3.99), but above Cedric Alexander/Mustafa Ali (3.80).

3rd Place

The Miz v Shane McMahon - Cageside rating: 3.88

Votes: 533

Meltzer Rating: 1.75

ESPN Rating: 3.5

2018/19 rank: 19th

  • The former SDL tag champs battle was well received by Cagesiders and ESPN, but slated by Meltzer. The 2.13 difference is the largest gap this season.
  • This rating is a touch below Shane’s highest rated WrestleMania match. His clash with AJ Styles at WrestleMania scored 3.94.

SDL Tag title match - The Usos v Aleister Black/Ricochet v The Bar v Shinsuke Nakamura/Rusev - Cageside Rating: - 3.86

Votes: 221

Meltzer Rating: 3.75

ESPN Rating: 3.75

2018/19 rank: 21st

  • Pretty much identical score from all three judges for the highest rating SDL tag title match of the season.
  • Ricochet and Aleister Black’s score is 0.01 higher than when they challenged for the Raw tag straps at Fastlane.
  • This match received only 1 zero star vote, the equal lowest total this season.

AJ Styles v Randy Orton - Cageside rating: 3.75

Votes: 495

Meltzer Rating: 3.25

ESPN Rating: 3.75

2018/19 rank: 26th

  • ESPN gave the second match on the card the same score as Cagesiders.
  • Styles continues his run of solid WrestleMania performances. He averages a Cageside score of 3.75 at the Granddaddy of them all, which is better than any other competitor.

Raw and SDL women’s title match - Ronda Rousey v Charlotte Flair v Becky Lynch - 3.60

Votes: 1720

Meltzer Rating: 3

ESPN Rating: 3.75

2018/19 rank: 27th

  • The first ever Women’s Wrestlemania main event scored respectably, earning at least a three from all judges.
  • Outscored the previous two main events - Roman Reigns v Undertaker (2.86) at WrestleMania 33 and (2.28) Reigns v Lesnar.

Triple H v Batista - Cageside rating: 3.32

Votes: 1038

Meltzer Rating: 2

ESPN Rating: 2.75

2018/19 rank: 32nd

  • The longest match on the card is the first one Cagesiders rated substantially higher than the professional judges.
  • This was the third match of the evening to gain over 1,000 votes.

Raw tag team title match - The Revival v Curt Hawkins/Zack Ryder: 3.32

Votes: 377

Meltzer Rating: 3

ESPN Rating: N/A

2018/19 rank: 34th

  • Curt Hawkins’ streak busting victory led to the Raw tag title match being the second highest rated match of the kick off show.
  • It received eleven more 5 star votes than the higher rated Cruiserweight title match. (50 v 39).

Women’s tag team title match - Boss n Hug connection v Natalya/Beth Phoenix v Nia Jax/Tamina v The IIconics - Cageside rating: 3.08

Votes: 332

Meltzer Rating: 1.25

ESPN Rating: 2

2018/19 rank: 40th

  • The first ever WrestleMania women’s tag title match proved contentious for the voting panel. Only one voter agreed with Meltzer’s score, and 5% of Cagesiders gave the same rating as ESPN.

WWE Universal title match - Brock Lesnar v Seth Rollins - Cageside rating: 3.07

Votes: 774

Meltzer Rating: 3.5

ESPN Rating: 2

2018/19 rank: 41st

  • The opening match of the main show proved divisive as well. None of the scoring options polled more than 15%.
  • This was also the only match of the evening Meltzer scored higher than Cagesiders.

Intercontinental title match - Bobby Lashley v Finn Balor - Cageside rating: 3.07

Votes: 412

Meltzer Rating: 1.25

ESPN Rating: 2

2018/19 rank: 42nd

  • As with the women’s tag title match, both Meltzer and ESPN were less impressed with this brief battle than Cageside voters.

Roman Reigns v Drew McIntyre - Cageside rating: 3.06

Votes: 694

Meltzer Rating: 2

ESPN Rating: 2.25

2018/19 rank: 43rd

  • The Big Dog hasn’t fared well with Cagesiders at WrestleMania. Indeed this is the highest score he has recorded with CSS voters in the three years we’ve been rating matches at the showcase of the immortals.

Women’s WrestleMania battle royal - Cageside rating: - 2.51

Votes: 338

Meltzer Rating: 2.25

ESPN Rating: N/A

2018/19 rank: 55th

  • Meltzer was more enamoured with the battle royal this year, increasing his score from 1.5. The Cagesider score has remained almost identical, as Naomi’s win last year scored 2.53

Andre the Giant battle royal - Cageside rating: - 2.14

Votes: 364

Meltzer Rating: 1.5

ESPN Rating: N/A

2018/19 rank: 55th

  • Like its female counterpart, the ‘Dre failed to wow the fans once again. For the third successive WrestleMania it received a score lower than 3 stars from Cagesiders.

Samoa Joe v Rey Mysterio - Cageside rating: - 1.86

Votes: 435

Meltzer Rating: N/R

ESPN Rating: 0.75

2018/19 rank: 59th

  • This is both the lowest Cageside rating for a US title match, and for both Rey and Joe.

Kurt Angle v Baron Corbin - Cageside rating: - 1.76

Votes: 203

Meltzer Rating:1

ESPN Rating: 1.75

2018/19 rank: 61st

  • Kurt Angle’s in ring career ended with a whimper. This is the second lowest ranked match of the season.
  • Corbin has been involved in two of the six matches which scored less than two with Cagesiders.

The match average score for WrestleMania 35 is 3.17, which is down from the 3.31 last year event got. Meltzer average score is even lower coming in at 2.34, which is the lowest of the season.

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