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Sexy Star showboated in round 3 on her way to a unanimous decision victory in her MMA debut

Sexy Star (aka Dulce Garcia) made her MMA debut last night (Apr. 12) in Combate Americas. Fighting in front of her hometown crowd in Monterrey, Sexy won all three rounds to take a unanimous decision victory.

Sexy Star, not to be confused with Sexi Mexi who fought in the fight prior, entered La Jaula after the main event in the second to last fight of the evening. Sexy Star was good for press and perhaps television viewership, but much of the live crowd exited after the headliner.

Combate Americas

Let’s check out the tale of the tape between Sexy Star and her opponent, Mariana Ruiz, for the 118 pound catchweight bout.

Combate Americas

Ruiz entered wearing a white top and shorts. Sexy chose red for her fighting gear. Ranchera music played as she mimicked swinging a lasso above her head while doing a two-step trot around the cage.

Combate Americas

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fighter’s resume list their academic degree. Sexy has one in communications. Too bad that hasn’t helped her communicate an apology to Rosemary. Ah, just a joke. Sorry. Ruiz earned her degree in accounting.

Round 1: Ruiz wasted little time before shooting for a takedown. Sexy defended against the cage. Ruiz was eventually able to sweep, but Sexy ended up on top. That was a common exchange during the fight.

Back on their feet, the two clinched in a headlock match. The referee (Fat Ref as dubbed on commentary by Campbell McLaren) broke them up. Ruiz attacked with a jumping knee, but she ended up on the mat from either a punch or a slip. Sexy was on top with punches to the body.

Ooh, Ruiz almost trapped Sexy in an armbar for the ultimate karmic payback. I wasn’t rooting against Sexy, but a finish like that would have been something to be appreciated just for the sheer insanity of real life heel comeuppance. It was not to be as Sexy escaped.

The round finished with Sexy on top after Ruiz pulled guard on a guillotine choke attempt. Sexy was delivering some punches when the bell clanged.

I’m no judging expert, so that round was tough to call for me. Ruiz had more control, but Sexy landed more punches and wasn’t ever in serious danger from Ruiz’s submission attempts. I guess I would give it to Sexy.

Round 2: Again, Ruiz shot early, but Sexy ended up on top. Most of this round was Ruiz trying for takedowns then ending up on the bottom of Sexy to take some punches and elbows. They were stood up after dueling toeholds.

Sexy hit her most devastating blows of the fight with a straight two punch combo. Back to the ground they went with Sexy on top. The ball rang with Sexy in control on top.

That round went more clearly in favor of Sexy. Ruiz tried hard, but no damage was done to Sexy.

Round 3: Ruiz was gassing by this time. She sloppily charged forward trying for takedowns and missed. Sexy began dancing on her feet a little bit. Ruiz shot low and they were back on the ground with Sexy on top.

After a standup, Sexy started showboating a little. She was doing exaggerated foot shuffles and windmilling her arms like Drederick Tatum.

The ladies went back to the mat with Sexy on top for ground and pound in side control. Sexy finished the fight with a takedown of her own.

That was an easy round to hand to Sexy. She was in complete control. My scorecard was 30-27 to the winner, Sexy Star. The judges agreed for a unanimous decision.

Sexy Star had a solid victory for a debuting inexperienced MMA fighter. There was nothing that jumped out to me showing she has special talent. She defended well and had good endurance, but her finishing skills were lacking. Sexy did what she needed to do to win a decision. If Sexy puts in the hard work, she could develop into a fighter worthy of a title shot in Combate Americas a few years down the line.

Here is an image where Ruiz’s newly acquired face puffiness can be observed.

Combate Americas

As you can see, nothing too serious. In fact, I felt Sexy’s showboating made her look a little foolish. She was nowhere near dominant enough in the striking game to be acting like that. But, that’s just my opinion. Others might have enjoyed her showmanship.

Congratulations to Sexy Star for winning her first MMA fight.

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