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Sexy Star is ready to knock out the competition in her MMA debut tonight with Combate Americas

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Time for another professional wrestling crossover into the world of mixed martial arts. Tonight (Apr. 12) is the night for Sexy Star (aka Dulce Garcia) to make her MMA debut with Combate Americas.

Sexy Star aims to be the hometown hero for her fight in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon against fellow debutee Mariana Ruiz. Both tipped the scales at 117 pounds for the 118 pound catchweight bout.

If you observe closely, yes, that is Alberto del Rio in the background of the weigh-in photos. He serves as an ambassador for the Combate Americas promotion while also training for a return to cage fighting.

During the weigh-ins, Sexy Star appeared to be playing mind games by maintaining fierce eye contact and glaring even after her opponent looked away. It didn’t seem to have the desired effect since Ruiz smirked back at Sexy.

Even though both women are debuting in MMA, Sexy Star should have an edge in striking. She is undefeated in five fights as a boxer. Sexy Star’s husband, Jhonny Gonzalez, was a three-time world champion in boxing. MMA striking and boxing are different, but it can’t hurt to have access to his mind.

Also, let’s not forget Sexy Star’s championship pedigree of being a three-time Reina de Reinas title holder in AAA and pinning the man of one thousand deaths to become the Lucha Underground champion. That has to count for something, right? Wait, you’re saying those aren’t real? Hey, what?

The Combate Americas fight card can be viewed in, “Spanish in the US on both Univision (12 am ET/PT) and UDN (12 am ET) and in English in the US and Canada on DAZN (10 pm ET), from the historic Arena Sulaiman on Friday, April 12.” I can’t figure out a guess for what time Sexy Star vs Mariana Ruiz should begin. It is listed as the headline of the preliminary card and might be streamed on the Combate Americas Facebook page, but I’m not certain about that.

Bonus note for aficionados of linguistics. Knockout is written as nocaut in Spanish. That cockamamie spelling is based on the English word and the Spanish verb noquear. Interesting.

Earlier this week, Sexy Star officially broke her silence to tell her side of the story over the Rosemary incident at Triplemania XXV in 2017. You can watch the fifteen minute video on YouTube (here). I don’t think it will be effective in changing opinions of fans that already have their mind set.

Sexy Star used a lot of words to not really say much. The key points were that she left lucha libre to pursue a dream in boxing, returned to AAA to win the Reina de Reinas title on her first night back, and she feels that led to bad feelings from the locker room. Sexy Star didn’t even know she was going to win gold until earlier that same day.

At Triplemania, Sexy Star felt tension from Ayako Hamada and Lady Shani. Rosemary backs up that idea during an interview with Lance Storm and Cyrus. Rosemary stated that those three were being difficult with each other when planning out the four-way match.

As for the finish to the Reina de Reinas bout, Sexy Star stands by her claim that she didn’t do anything out of the ordinary nor did she actually pull on Rosemary’s arm in the submission that resulted in an injury. Sexy Star goes on to explain that she felt threatened by an Impact (?) manager shouting at her backstage. She began to cry in the locker room over the lies, because she didn’t hurt anyone.

That is where the video cut off as part one of her explanation. As of now, there is no part two yet.

Do you think Sexy Star will be victorious in her MMA debut? Perhaps a mini training montage will sway you one way or another.

Will you be rooting for Sexy Star to win or lose?