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AAA Roundup: Surprise return, new faction, GREEN MIST!!!

Welcome to the weekly roundup of AAA news and wrestling action. There was a surprise return, a new faction, and an actual compliment by Vampiro toward Konnan. On TV, Conquista Total featured maneaters hungry for hamburger, a four-way championship match, and GREEN MIST!!!

After so much news last week with the announcement of the mask vs hair main event for Triplemania XXVII, the full card for Rey de Reyes with an appearance by Cody Rhodes, and lucha libre heat on Cain Velasquez, this week is more a bunch of quick hitters.

The Rey de Reyes card revealed that Daga was back in the mix for AAA, but it wasn’t publicly known that he would make a surprise return on Sunday’s show in Monterrey. Afterward, Daga did clarify that he is still independent.

AAA is doing good business as the Monterrey show was a sellout. There is one primary reason why though.

At that same show, it seems that Jack Evans, Australian Suicide, and Sammy Guevara formed a faction, or at least a trios team.

I guess that MAD storyline is officially done. It was nice while it lasted.

Apparently, Sammy Guevara has been earning #megaheat after coming home empty-handed from a visit with the local Iranian tobacco supplier.


Vampiro complimented Konnan. What the heck is going on?

Vampiro’s phone must have been hacked.

If there is one thing to learn from Cage, it is to never check your gear on a flight. And be sure to get your shit in.

That must have been a wild scene for a driver passing by and seeing a behemoth of a man changing in the backseat of a car. A once in a lifetime memory.

It appears that Mexico is giving all women shows a try.

I’m curious to see how the crowd turnout will be for that show. I’ll provide an update if I can find information.

We’ll leave you with a message from Dr. Wagner Jr. to Blue Demon Jr. I can’t figure out where this was filmed or why Wagner was all beat up. At first, I thought Wagner burned his face real bad, then I realized it was dried blood.

Wagner was in the infirmary, but his feud with Blue Demon won’t end there. Wagner wants his rival to continue training and preparing for their fight at Triplemania XXVII. Wagner lost his mask, but he hasn’t lost his heart, spirit, soul, or mind. Honor vs honor. Legend vs legend. At Triplemania, Blue Demon will respect Wagner.

Conquista Total: Ciudad Madero

The latest episode of Conquista Total emanated from Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas. That city is next door to Tampico. The maneaters were nibbling for a bite, Bengala wore a cool hat, the Latin America title was defended in a four-way, and GREEN MIST!!!

You can watch the full show on YouTube.

Maneaters are hungry for hamburger

Last week, Keyra told Lady Maravilla that she would show her the way to use men. This week, we saw Niño Hamburguesa in the lobby taking photos with fans. Keyra was peeping the scene. She told Maravilla that Hamburguesa is a good prospect to practice. Maravilla was reluctant at the choice, but Keyra said he owns a car, so why not. Maravilla acquiesced and the hunt was on.

Bengala, Mamba, Niño Hamburguesa vs Poder del Norte

Bengala entered wearing a cool bearded cat dude helmet mask.

Lucha Libre AAA

Highlights of the match (at 8:30) include a cannonball tope by Niño Hamburguesa, a suicide dive by Carta Brava to Bengala who was on Tito Santana’s shoulders, and two corner bowling balls by Hamburguesa. Bengala ended up being taken out on a stretcher. It might have been that suicide dive by Brava, which knocked Bengala down pretty hard on his shoulder. Or, maybe it was to play into the finish of the match.

In the end, Hamburguesa climbed the corner for a splash, then out came Lady Maravilla. She flirted with the meaty man by winking and sashaying. Hamburguesa was distracted, while Poder del Norte pummeled Mamba for the win. The pin came off a frog splash.

Hijo del Vikingo, Myzteziz Jr., & Murder Clown vs Los OGTs

This match (at 19:20) was typical trios fun. It picked up on the stories of Los OGTs tombstone piledriving Hijo del Vikingo at Guerra de Titanes and Averno hitting Murder Clown with a broomstick in Mexico City. Highlights include a corkscrew plancha over the ropes by Myzteziz Jr., a springboard twisting attack by Vikingo, a two man fallaway slam by Murder, and an outside in springboard flip into a headscissors takedown by Vikingo.

For the finish, the OGTs missed a triple flying headbutt to Murder Clown. Murder hit a 619 on Super Fly, Vikingo did a hurricanrana pin on Averno, and Myzteziz did something off camera to Chessman for a triple pin w... Kick out! Wow. I thought for sure the match was going to be over.

That led to the everyone jumping on everyone spot culminating with a tope con hilo by Murder Clown. Vikingo and Averno were going at it one-on-one in the ring. Vikingo nailed a Spanish Fly then a 450 flying splash to successfully pin Averno.

Latin America Championship: Drago vs Golden Magic vs Argenis vs La Parka Negra

Oh, hey there, Argenis. It has been quite a while since I’ve seen him wrestle. Did Argenis return from injury? He was looking slightly pudgier than I remember, but not so bad that a couple weeks of diet and cardio couldn’t take care of. If Argenis was injured, he might be injured again. Medics attended to him after a powerbomb toss by La Parka Negra onto the floor.

The four-way title tilt (at 38:00) was hectic and exciting. Highlights include a flying corkscrew crossbody by Golden Magic, a double DDT by Drago, a superplex by Argenis, a frog splash by Parka Negra, a spinning sitdown powerbomb by Parka Negra, and GREEN MIST!!!

Lucha Libre AAA

For the finish, Golden Magic missed a 450 splash, so Drago Dragon Laired his ass to win the bout and retain his Latin America Championship title.

Monster Clown, Rey Escorpion, & Hijo el Fantasma vs Aerostar, Dr. Wagner Jr., & Psycho Clown

Rey Escorpion attacked Psycho Clown from behind again after doing a similar thing last week. I guess Psycho will never learn to keep his head on a swivel when Rey Escorpion is around.

The first eight minutes of the match (starting at 53:00) saw the rudos in complete control with brawling tactics. At one point, Rey Escorpion and Hijo del Fantasma held Aerostar upside down so Monster Clown could karate chop the spaceman’s balls. That clown is indeed a monster.

The tecnicos gained momentum after a triple suicide dive. The bout was fairly even after that. Highlights include body twirling by Aerostar and a twisting crossbody by Psycho.

For the finish, Dr. Wagner Jr. took out Fantasma with a running senton off the apron, while Psycho smashed Rey Escorpion with a suicide dive. Rivals Aerostar and Monster Clown battled in the ring. Monster missed a moonsault, and Aerostar capitalized with a springboard Code Breaker to win.

After the match, the tecnicos celebrated by hoisting Aerostar up on their shoulders. It felt like an official acceptance of Aerostar into the main event scene, but maybe I’m reading it wrong.

This week’s episode of Conquista Total was pretty good. I like the continued vignettes with Keyra and Lady Maravilla. In all of last year, there was maybe ten scenes like that. We already have two in the first three weeks of the new season. The wrestling action was as enjoyable as it always is with AAA. Plus, we had the pleasure of a title match. That is not a frequent occurrence on their TV shows. The Latin America title match was mighty fine with moves all over the place. Best of all, GREEN MIST!!! I like the direction Conquista Total has taken so far this year.

One wrestler I want to give props to is La Parka Negra. The first couple of times I saw him, I thought he was a dud. However, he has impressed me with his last two matches. His moveset has expanded and so has his excitement level. If La Parka Negra ever picks up his rivalry with Hijo de LA Park, that match could be dynamite.

How do you want to see the maneater story play out? What do you think is Aerostar’s ceiling in the main event scene? What is a scenario where you would like to use GREEN MIST!!! in real life?

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