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CMLL Roundup: Charlotte Flair joining Ingobernables?, Mesias & Cibernetico reunion, greasing German tank

Welcome to the CMLL Roundup. Get caught up on all the news and action from the past week.

Charlotte Flair to join the Los Ingobernables?

Over the weekend, you may have seen Charlotte Flair pop up in a luchador mask. It seemed like innocent fun to be wearing a Volador Jr. mask while visiting Mexico City. I have to say that the idea of Flair breaking out some cool lucha libre maneuvers at WrestleMania is intriguing.

Then, my mind was blown with a joke by Ryan Satin, runner of Pro Wrestling Sheet and frequent guest on Ryback’s podcast, Conversation with the Big Guy.

Time to put on my conspiracy hat. Charlotte’s name has been linked to Andrade in a rumored romance. Andrade was a founding member of Los Ingobernables as La Sombra in CMLL. Who did Charlotte party with this weekend? Oh, none other than Rush and his wife. Rush is also a founding member and current leader of Los Ingobernables.

Charlotte is already Instagramming in Spanish too.

View this post on Instagram

Yo no se mañana

A post shared by Charlotte Flair (@charlottewwe) on

If you’ll notice Charlotte’s reply to Ryan Satin’s tweet, it is a fist. I’m not fluent in emoji speak, but I believe this video will put that fist into context.

I know very little about Los Ingobernables in Mexico and absolutely nothing about Los Ingobernables in Japan. None of that matters when watching the video of all the members putting their fists together, because it is 100% badass. Imagine a recreation with Charlotte there as well.

That video is actually from August 31, 2018. Why did I bring it up today? Well, Rush tweeted it out on March 3, 2019. At first, I couldn’t figure out why. Now, it is all coming together.

Charlotte Flair joining Los Ingobernables imminent?

Reunited and it feels so good

Reunited ‘cause we understood. There’s one perfect fit. And, sugar, this one is it. We both are so excited ‘cause we’re reunited, hey, hey.

I’d like to think that Peaches and Herb song was sung when Gilbert el Boricua (aka El Mesias, Ricky Banderas, Mil Muertes) and Ciber the Main Man (aka Cibernetico) found out they would be teaming together last Friday. Mesias and Cibernetico were one of AAA’s major feuds for years.

Gilbert and Ciber cut a good promo back in November about how CMLL was sending them to ‘school’, but they themselves are the university of lucha libre.

They teamed with The Chris on Mar. 1 for a trios bout. If you are excited about the idea of Gilbert joining the Cl4n, don’t get your hopes up. CMLL also teased Gilbert as a potential next member of Los Ingobernables in February.

It seems like CMLL is trying to find a place for Gilbert. For now though, he has a feud brewing with Diamante Azul. More on that later.

It’s been about four months since the last CMLL Roundup. Damn, time flies. This go around, CMLL will be back in the weekly rotation on Mondays. If you have ever been curious about watching one of Mexico’s big two promotions, now is as good a time as any to jump aboard.

CMLL is easy to access. They usually upload three shows a week (Monday, Tuesday, Friday) on their YouTube channel. To get prepped for shows for Fridays, be sure to check in with the always excellent Sermon on the Mat by Rev. Claire Elizabeth. The Friday shows can be streamed for free on the Marca Claro website. If you happen to have the television channel Televisa, CMLL swooped in when AAA departed for TV Azteca.

As far as the wrestling goes, all you really need to know is that most matches are best-of-three falls. Each team has a captain. If the captain loses, then that counts as one fall. Otherwise, the team’s other two members must be defeated for one fall.

Immediate storylines only seem to last a week or two, so don’t worry about being lost if you are just starting to watch CMLL.

The current champs are as follows with the date they won:

  • CMLL World Heavyweight: Ultimo Guerrero (Oct. 16, 2018)
  • CMLL World Light Heavyweight: Niebla Roja (Jun. 10, 2017)
  • CMLL World Middleweight: El Cuatrero (Jan. 19, 2018)
  • CMLL World Welterweight: Mephisto (May 4, 2016)
  • CMLL World Lightweight: Dragon Lee (Mar. 4, 2016)
  • CMLL World Mini-Estrella: Shockercito (Mar. 5, 2017)
  • CMLL World Tag Team: Diamante Azul and Valiente (Nov. 18, 2018)
  • CMLL World Trios: Guerreros Lagunero (Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Ultimo Guerrero) (Sep. 28, 2018)
  • CMLL World Women’s: Marcela (Nov. 19, 2018)
  • NWA World Historic Light Heavyweight: Stuka Jr. (Aug. 14, 2018)
  • NWA World Historic Middleweight: Caristico (Aug. 21, 2018)
  • NWA World Historic Welterweight: Volador Jr. (Aug. 4, 2018)

Oh, you think that is a lot of championships? They also have national titles and Guadalajara titles. See the full list on Wikipedia.

Plenty of action has taken place since the last CMLL Roundup. Here are the televised championship matches and other bouts with big stakes that occurred in the past four months.

  • Rey del Inframundo: Sanson retained against Templario (11/2, iPPV)
  • World Middleweight: Cuatrero retained against Titan (11/6, full show)
  • World Women’s: Marcela defeated champion Dalys (11/19, full show)
  • World Heavyweight: Ultimo Guerrero retained against Sanson (11/19, full show)
  • Leyenda de Plata Tournament: Cavernario defeated Fenix (11/16, full show with semifinal battle royal; 11/23, full show with one-on-one final)
  • World Trios: Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Ultimo Guerrero retained against Caristico, Mistico, Volador Jr. (11/30, full show)
  • Mask vs Hair: Hijo del Signo & Yago defeated Akuma & Camorra (1/1, full show)
  • Mexican National Trios: Cuatrero, Forastero, Sanson retained against beat Angel de Oro, Niebla Roja, Soberano Jr. (1/4, full show)
  • Torneo de Parejas Increibles: Diamante Azul & Tiger defeated El Malayo & Kraneo (1/28, full show with eight team tournament)
  • World Light Heavyweight: Niebla Roja retained against Luciferno (1/28, full show)
  • Campeon Universal 2019: Terrible defeated Niebla Roja in an all champion tournament (2/1, full show with first phase; 2/8, full show with second phase; 2/15, full show with one-on-one gran finale)

Shout out to Lucha Blog for the results. The Lucha Blog website is a wealth of information in the lucha libre world.

Now that we’re all caught up, let’s do this.

CMLL’s week in the ring

I’m going to watch five matches each week from CMLL’s various programs. Sometimes the bouts will be important, and other times it will be lower luchadores I haven’t seen before.

There was a greasing German tank, a heavyweight title fight set for Monday (Mar. 4), a spicy macho man, and a feud brewing between Gilbert el Boricua and Diamante Azul.

Out of the matches I watched, my pick of the week is the lightning match between Titan and Templario on Mar. 1 (starting at 1:05:50 of the show). If you are feening for a lucha libre fix, that bout should cure what ails you. It is under ten minutes in length and full of dramatic pin attempts in the second half.

Monday from Puebla (Feb. 25, 2019)

Vangellys vs Ultimo Gurrero

This match was the main event of the evening (starting at 1:32:13 of the show) It is my first time seeing Vangellys. I can’t figure out what his gimmick is supposed to be.


The ring announcer called him a German tank. Hmm, so I guess that’s how German tank drivers dress. I hope Vangellys dances like “Das Wunderkind” Alex Wright. Oh, snap. Vangellys attacked Ultimo Guerrero on the runway. Never trust a German war machine.

Fall 1 was brawl heavy with Vangellys in control. The most interesting part was seeing a sign that said beer is 40 pesos ($2.07 USD) and a soda is 25 pesos $1.29 USD). That is a good price for beer at a public place, but that better be one big ass soda. Vangellys won the fall with a fisherman suplex. He had nice hook action with his hand clasp.

Fall 2 went to Ultimo Guerrero via octopus submission. Hey, the German tank greased up between falls. Some dude sprayed a substance on Vangellys’ shoulder. Darn Germans and their athletic doping.

Fall 3 had slow counts for both luchadores by referee Tirantes. The big moves were a front face super suplex by Ultimo Guerrero and a super arm drag by Vangellys. For the finish, clotheslines were traded and Vangellys connected on a spear. 1, 2, 3. Wow, I was not expecting the match to finish like that nor the result. That’s a plus.

After the match, Vangellys grabbed the mic. He challenged Ultimo Guerrero for a heavyweight title shot. Ultimo Guerrero accepted, because he likes those kinds of challenges. But, it has to be with a different referee. Anyone but Tirantes. That sounds like a match made for Monday, March 4. I am not looking forward to it. This fight was kind of whack. It was slow and sluggish. Hopefully the pace picks up in the rematch.

Tuesday from Mexico City (Feb. 26, 2019)

Lightning Match: Fuego vs Universo 2000 Jr.

Nice to see Fuego with his Macho Man inspired outfit.


Lightning matches are for one fall in a ten minute time limit (starting at 39:15 of the show). Universo 2000 Jr. was more of a punch, kick, chop kind of guy. Fuego was more of a fancy fellow. Highlights include a springboard moonsault off the middle rope by Fuego, a suicide dive by Fuego, and a tope con hilo by Fuego.

The finishing sequence began with a lengthy chop fight. Fuego ran the ropes for a headscissors takedown attempt, but Universo powerbombed him. Universo tried for a second powerbomb, however, Fuego reversed it into a roll-up. The win went to Fuego at 5:50.

Friday from Mexico City (Mar. 1, 2019)

Princesa Sugehit, Kaho Kobayashi, La Jarochita vs Dalys, Tiffany, Reyna Isis

I chose this match (starting at 19:10 of the show), because I’ve never seen Kaho Kobayashi before. Apparently, she is the current holder of the CMLL-Reina International Junior Championship. Her reign is going on 535 days.


Kaho was pretty cool with a suicide dive, a springboard arm drag, being rag dolled by Dalys, and a missile dropkick. I’d watch her wrestle again.

Princesa Sugehit and Dalys were the captains. Fall 1 went to the tecnicas. Jarochita pinned Tiffany on a running boot off camera, and Princes Sugehit slapped on an octopus submission to Reyna Isis. Fall 2 went to the rudas as they teamworked Sugehit. The final blow was a Dalys-assisted leg drop by Isis.

Sugehit nailed a bowling ball in the corner for the top move of Fall 3. The finish began with Tiffany pinning Kaho after a facebuster. Sugehit fought hard but was dispatched with a flying crossbody by Isis to the outside. Back in the ring, Jarochita almost scored a captain pin with a running double knees to the back, but Dalys kicked out. The bout ended shortly after when Dalys crushed Jarochita with a sitdown powerbomb. 1, 2, 3, rudas.

Lightning Match: Titan vs Templario

This lightning match certainly was lightning (starting at 1:05:50 of the show). Templario was accompanied by a micro, who I believe is named Mije. The first two minutes had nice action from the feeling out process in lucha libre. It picked up with a springboard missile dropkick by Templario. Highlights include a powerbomb by Templario onto the floor, Mije with a flying splash to Titan’s crotch, Titan superkicking Mije, and a springboard moonsault by Titan to the outside.

The second half had some close calls on pins. I thought every one was going to be a three count. Templario caught a flying crossbody and turned it into a swinging slam. Titan kicked out at two. Titan was caught in a gutwrench position on the top turnbuckle but turned it into a super hurricanrana. Templario kicked out at two. Templario connected on a powerbomb lungblower. Titan kicked out at two.

For the finish, Titan hit Templario with a spinebuster. Titan pretzel legged Templario to wrap him up in a submission. Titan then rocked backward to trap Templario in a pin. 1, 2, 3.


Titan was the winner at 9:08.

Caristico, Diamante Azul, El Valiente vs Gilbert el Boricua, Ciber the Main Man, The Chris

I chose this match (starting at 1:20:35 of the show) over the main event, because I’m a fan of Gilbert and Chris (aka Zorro from AAA) and haven’t seen them wrestle in a while. Gilbert came out with a black trench coat and a lucha libre mask. He removed the mask before the match.

Caristico and Ciber were the captains. The rudos took control by brawling all around ringside. Fall 1 went to the bad guys. Ciber weakened Caristico by smashing him into the fan barrier. Back in the ring, Caristico leapfrogged Chris but was goozled by Ciber for a chokeslam. Ciber pinned captain Caristico.

The rudos maintained control during Fall 2 until Diamante Azul charged down the entrance ramp for a flying double clothesline over the ropes into the ring. Diamante followed up with a suicide dive to Gilbert. In the ring, El Valiente locked in a single leg crab lock while Caristico slapped on his patented whirlybird arm breaker to Ciber. The double submission tied the score at one fall apiece.

Fall 3 was more evenly contested. Highlights include Valiente with a twisting springboard crossbody, Caristico doing his thing swiveling around body parts, a back and forth rope running clubbing suicide dive by Valiente. The finish saw Diamante Azul and Gilbert going one on one. A powerslam by Gilbert only earned a two count. Diamante rebounded with a low German suplex. The two hugged up and Gilbert ripped of Diamante’s mask. With both of Diamante’s hands covering his face, Gilbert brutally speared Diamante. The tecnicos won Fall 3 by disqualification.

After the match, Diamante Azul grabbed the mic. I think he called Gilbert a f-ing old ill-mannered man, but it was hard to understand his grumbly voice. Diamante issued a challenge for mask vs hair. Gilbert isn’t interested in Diamante’s mask. Gilbert wants to show him who’s number one in CMLL. It sounds like a future grudge match will be coming our way.


The week started a little slow in CMLL action, but the Friday show picked up the juice. It appears that they are setting up feuds for a big show in two weeks. The main event last Friday saw the feud continue between Los Ingobernables and Volador Jr., Angel de Oro, and Niebla Roja. Los Ingobernables beat the stuffing out of the tecnicos after a cojones kicking disqualification. It has been announced that Los Hermano Chavez (Angel de Oro and Niebla Roja) vs Los Ingobernables (El Terrible and La Bestia del Ring) in a hair vs hair match will take place at Homenaje a Dos Leyendas on March 15.

Are you interested in tuning in Monday night for a heavyweight title fight between Ultimo Guerrero and Vangellys? Does a feud with Gilbert el Boricua and Diamante Azul get you excited? How would you react if Charlotte Flair had a subtle Ingobernables logo on her trunks at Wrestlemania?

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