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AAA Roundup: Heat on Cain Velasquez, Hijo del Fantasma’s kid coming for LA Park, Maneater in training

Welcome to the another roundup of AAA news and wrestling action this week. The lucha libre world is upset with Cain Velasquez, the son of Hijo del Fantasma is plotting his revenge on LA Park, and Lady Maravilla received maneating tutelage. On TV, Conquista Total had the ever-dreaded illegal tombstone piledriver.

Lucha libre heat on Cain Velasquez

AAA had a plenty of big news this week from pushing and shoving at a press conference for the mask vs hair main event of Triplemania XXVII to Cody Rhodes announcing an appearance at Rey de Reyes on March 16 to the reveal of the Rey de Reyes card itself. The weirdest occurrence was lucha libre heat on UFC fighter Cain Velasquez.

Apparently, Velasquez made some comments about lucha libre not being real. There is an article from Record with the quote in Spanish, but I couldn’t find the source with Velasquez saying it himself. I don’t know if the quote was originally said in English then translated to Spanish and maybe something was lost in translation by Velasquez not using proper wrestling terminology.

My translation of Velasquez’s comment to Record is, “I respect the sport, but everything is show and the hits are not real. In MMA, I am the best in the world and if sometime I pursued professional wrestling, I have no doubt that I would also be the best in the world. I am a competitive person by nature.”

The weird thing is that Velasquez did some training at the WWE Performacne Center, so he’s not as oblivious to how pro wrestling works as it sounds in that comment. As for if he would become the best professional wrestler in the world, I have my doubts about that. I recently saw Velasquez act in the Vince Vaughn movie Term Life. (That is the one where Vaughn has funny hair.) Let’s just say Velasquez has zero charisma in his face. He would be better suited as someone’s muscle rather than a star to carry a show.

Anyway, back to the uproar Velasquez’s comments caused in lucha libre. La Parka and Psycho Clown took issue with the MMA star. La Parka invited Velasquez to face him in the ring and threatened to cut Velasquez’s knees out or something. I’m not sure. Psycho Clown felt disillusioned by Velasquez’s comments. Psycho respects MMA and asked that lucha libre be respected as well. He said that if Velasquez thinks lucha libre is fake, then come in the ring and and see for himself how real it is.

In their defense, the question was asked by a reporter and not just them spouting off. There is also the possibility it is just a play for press conference publicity angling for a future newsworthy wrestling match. However, they would be foolish to attempt to play tough guy with the former UFC heavyweight champ. If Velasquez does enter a lucha libre ring in the future, he would definitely have much better results against La Parka and Psycho Clown than his most recent 26 second defeat.

Would you like to see Cain Velasquez set foot inside a professional wrestling ring?

Vengeance will be his

LA Park had a laugh at La Parka’s threats toward Cain Velasquez. LA Park is no stranger to MMA stars crossing over. He was bludgeoned by Tank Abbott in his WCW days. (The current LA Park is the same person as WCW La Parka.)

LA Park may have his own shoot fighting issues to worry about, albeit many years from now. You may remember the son of Hijo del Fantasma throat slashing LA Park at Triplemania XXVI after his father lost his mask to LA Park.

That muchacho has taken up martial arts. Hijo del Fantasma tagged LA Park with a one word message: Tremble.

LA Park commented that he would be an old man by the time Fantasma’s son is ready to fight, so the sins would be upon that youngster for hitting an old man. The lucha libre world is a wacky place.

TV taping tonight on Twitch

Lucha Libre AAA

AAA has a TV taping tonight from Monterrey. As usual, you can watch live on Twitch in Spanish for free. English commentary will continue to be available in the foreseeable future as Vampiro handles those duties. You can listen in English on AAA’s English Twitch channel.

None of the advertised matches look like stinkers. If I had to pick one to watch, I’d go with Golden Magic, Niño Hamburguesa, & Myzteziz Jr. vs Jack Evans, Australian Suicide, & a luchador sorpresa. The rudo team will bring the moves and the tecnico team is good enough to rise to that level.

Conquista Total: Mexico City, Part 2

AAA returned with Part 2 of the new season from Mexico City. You can read about Part 1 here, and watch Part 2 here. The episode featured two trios bouts and a four-way, some story development for Keyra and Lady Maravilla, and Hijo de La Parka watching his father get tombstoned.

After the opening festivities, the show began with Lady Maravilla getting out of a taxi to enter the arena. She went to the dressing to complain to Keyra about taking taxis and Uber and how she needs a car. Maravilla wants to buy nice things, like Keyra’s bag and fur coat. Keyra clarified that she didn’t pay for those. Men did. Keyra is going to teach Maravilla how to use men. The scene ended with a high-five, a hug, and smiles.

Lanzelot, Villano III Jr., & Lady Maravilla vs Dinastia, Niño Hamburguesa, & Lady Shani

This was the episode where Lady Shani was escorted by a little fan dressed like her. Commentary mentioned that Lanzelot and Dinastia are brothers. Dinastia must not be cool. He ran around the ring to give high-fives, but nobody joined in. I’ll give the benefit of the doubt to Dinastia having short arms and the fans couldn’t reach him.

Highlights of the trios bout (starting at 12:00 of Part 2) include a moonsault by Lady Maravilla, a corkscrew moonsault by Villano III Jr., a powerbomb cutter by Villano and Lanzelot, two bowling balls by Niño Hamburguesa, and Maravilla with a flying crossbody to the outside. Lady Maravilla used her maneater training a few times on Hamburguesa as a distraction.

Lucha Libre AAA

For the finish, Hamburguesa did a butt bomb to Villano followed by a flying splash to win. Has anybody ever kicked out of Hamburguesa’s flying splash?

After the match, Keyra ran down to the ring to distract Shani as Maravilla clobbered her. Keyra talked smack to a beaten down Shani. Maravilla proclaimed that she and Keyra are the best. Shani had the mic and said she will give them a Reina de Reinas opportunity but they will not win. Shani brought the fight back to them until having to be separated by other luchadores.

Joe Lider vs Texano vs Cage vs Pagano

Cage walked gingerly during his entrance. It did not seem to affect his performance.

I originally thought this match (starting at 31:00 of Part 2) was a tag bout. I didn’t realize it was a four-way until Cage and Pagano began fighting each other.

This was a bruising bout where everybody had their moments. Highlights include a suplex train by Cage, a sitdown powerbomb by Texano, a tope con hilo by Pagano, and a double suplex over the ropes by Texano and Pagano to Cage.

For the finish, Texano brought a table into the ring. He set it up in front of the corner with intentions of putting Pagano through it. Pagano pushed Texano off the ropes onto the table and finished the job with a flying guillotine leg drop to win.

Rey Escorpion, Hijo del Fantasma, & Blue Demon Jr. vs Dr. Wagner Jr. La Parka, & Psycho Clown

The side story of the main event (starting at 52:50 of Part 2) was Hijo del Fantasma picking on Hijo de La Parka, who was ringside at the commentary table. Fantasma made it a point to beat up La Parka directly in front of Hijo de La Parka. Later, Fantasma pushed Hijo over the announce chairs.

The rudos controlled the action early after Rey Escorpion whacked Psycho Clown with a chair. The tecnicos got their shine with a tope con hilo by Psycho and a running senton off the apron by Dr. Wagner Jr. Highlights include a running plancha off the entrance steps by Psycho, tilt-a-whirl backbreakers by La Parka, and a senton off the ring post by Psycho to the outside.

For the finish, Fantasma went full rudo. Earlier, the referee Hijo de Tirantes had been knocked down. He was still down when Fantasma kicked La Parka in the cojones. Then came the dreaded move of doom. Fantasma hit a tombstone piledriver on La Parka. That maneuver is banned by the lucha libre commission. Tirantes woke up and counted to three for a rudos victory.

After the match, Hijo tried to tend to his father. They really sell strong for tombstone piledrivers down in Mexico. Fantasma attacked Hijo as doctors were putting La Parka on a stretcher. Fantasma ripped off the rookie’s shirt, while Escorpion de-masked Psycho. Blue Demon and Wagner were off in the crowd brawling. Fantasma gave Hijo a huge chop for good measure. He then ripped off Hijo’s mask. The rudos stood tall to close the show.

Lucha Libre AAA

Good golly, that debut did no favors for Hijo de La Parka. He came across as a chump by not even getting one strike in. Give me a reason to want to see you again. Well, best of luck to his career. I’m sure he’ll be fine, but that was a dud of a beginning.

All in all, that was a solid hour and ten minutes of Conquista Total. There was nothing mind-blowing but nothing boring either. Anytime a tombstone piledriver is used, that is reason enough to pay attention. Plus, bonus points for a mini story with Keyra and Lady Maravilla. I’m wondering how far Maravilla will go with her new knowledge of how to use men. Will she go so far as to try to coerce Vampiro for favors?

Which was your favorite match from Conquista Total? Do you like how lucha libre treats the tombstone piledriver like death itself? Do you want to see Hijo de La Parka get revenge or have Hijo del Fantasma move on to something else instead?

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