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Cain Velasquez signed for AAA’s Triplemania XXVII, could fight Texano, Psycho Clown, or Pentagon

AAA held their second press conference for Triplemania XXVII. The first one back in February announced the main event of Blue Demon Jr. vs Dr. Wagner Jr. in a mask vs hair lucha de apuestas. This time around, the news was just as big.

Cain Velasquez has signed a contract to participate in Triplemania XXVII.

What that entails isn’t quite clear at this moment, but we do have three potential rivals for Cain to inflict pain.

This whole thing came about from Velasquez making comments about lucha libre not being real. La Parka and Psycho Clown took exception at the first press conference. During the second press conference, AAA’s general manager, Dorian Roldan, talked up surprises for the Triplemania event and then introduced Velasquez.

Velasquez did a short Q&A with reporters. He clarified that he never said lucha libre was fake. He just meant that the hits aren’t real. Velasquez’s favorite luchador is El Santo. As for what this lucha libre adventure will mean for Velasquez’s UFC future, he said that there are 2 or 3 fights left on his contract. He is not retiring and still plans on regaining heavyweight gold in the UFC.

Things were wrapping up when Texano Jr.’s theme song hit. Texano came on stage to publicly challenge Velasquez. Everything was respectful as Velasquez said it would be a pleasure to compete against Texano.

Doo doo, doo doo, doo doo. The familiar sound of clown music blared from the speakers. Psycho Clown came on stage to also issue a challenge for Velasquez. Again, it was respectful between the two.

Arf, arf. Theme music for Perros del Mal was cranked out. Pentagon Jr. entered the fray. This time, it was not respectful. Pentagon brought the heat to an otherwise tame press conference.

The following is my translation of his Pentagon’s words in Spanish.

Texano and Psycho were very kind with you, but I’m not going to be. Do you know why? I’ve spent the past five years of my life bringing Mexican lucha libre to the highest level across the world. You came and lacked respect for the sport that I love so much. We never mentioned anything about your sport, because we respect it. But you came to Mexico to insult lucha libre when we have the best luchadores in the world. I will not allow that.

Cain remained cool. I was hoping for something crazy like Pentagon flashing a fireball to the face. That didn’t happen, but we did get something unique to the lucha libre culture. Velasquez put on a luchador mask to pose with the other three.

Lucha Libre AAA

In true AAA fashion, the press conference closed with the microphones cutting out during Dorian Roldan’s final comments. At that point, I was waiting for them to play Vampiro’s f’ing music.

The details of what exactly Velasquez will be doing at Triplemania XXVII on August 3 are going to be announced at a later date. For now though, we have three potential opponents for him. All three are intriguing in their own way. I think Texano would be the safest choice to have a good singles match. He has more of a physical style that would be easiest for Velasquez to adjust to. Psycho Clown is the most popular luchador on the AAA roster, so he would be the pick for the most pomp and circumstance. Pentagon is the most exciting option, because he has no fear. He will take the action to Velasquez no matter the cost.

Commenters on Facebook seemed to be enthused with the ideas of Velasquez versus Pimpinela Escarlata or Niño Hamburguesa. Which opponent would you like to see mix it up with Velasquez at Triplemania XXVII? Does his involvement make you more likely to watch the event?

View the entire press conference on AAA’s Facebook page.

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