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Allow Finn Bálor to kickstart those ‘Conor McGregor to WWE’ rumors for ya

Overnight, UFC star Conor McGregor announced his retirement from mixed martial arts on Twitter. For those keeping track, this is the Irishman’s second social media retirement (he returned for big payday against Nick Diaz a few months after “retiring” in 2016). And like the first time the Notorious One claimed he was walking away from the Octagon, the speculation about a possible future in WWE has already started.

If anything, it’ll probably be more intense this time around. McGregor spent a portion of the build to his second fight with Diaz at UFC 202 trash-talking the WWE roster and pro wrestling business, so there’s a built-in story if he decides to follow in Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey’s footsteps. And recently he’s exchanged tweets with fellow John Kavanagh trainee and WrestleMania 35 main eventer Becky Lynch about a possible team-up.

According to Bet Online, “Fight in WWE” is already the favorite among oddsmakers at 3/2 when it comes to Conor’s next move.

Then there’s this, from noted internet $#!+stirrer Finn Bálor:

Certainly not the end...

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