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Hijo del Fantasma gone from AAA, now an independent

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Last night (Wednesday, Mar. 20), Hijo del Fantasma (aka King Cuerno) posted what I thought at the time was just a sentimental photo montage of big moments in his AAA career.

I didn’t think anything of it. The only reason I took notice was the emoji face response from Texano.

I was thinking it was a joke about his feelings being hurt over that top left photo of Hijo del Fantasma shaving his head. At the time, they were bitter rivals in a mask vs hair match at Rey de Reyes in 2018. They later formed a super group with Rey Escorpion and La Mascara, known as Los Mercenarios.

It turns out that the photo montage has a much more newsworthy meaning. It seems that Hijo del Fantasma is gone from AAA and is now an independent wrestler. While he hasn’t directly stated his current status, Medio Tiempo reported the news and Hijo del Fantasma himself retweeted tons of fans wishing him the best in future endeavors.

In a video from +LuchaTV filmed a few days ago, Hijo del Fantasma hinted at his future. Little did we know he was referring to leaving AAA.

The following is my translation of the brief Spanish conversation:

Q: What is coming next professionally for you?

A: Surprises, very big surprises. The career of Hijo del Fantasma continues. A luchador that always gives something to talk about. A luchador that always finds ways to please the public, to give 100 percent. Surprise changes are coming. Good things. It is time for what comes next.

Even though the announcement was surprising, Hijo del Fantasma going his own way is not shocking. He was probably frustrated seeing himself contractually shackled, while other luchadores (Fenix, Pentagon, Daga, Puma King, LA Park, and more) are free to travel the world making good money wrestling as independents. It was reported last month that Hijo del Fantasma filed a lawsuit against El Rey Network and Baba-G Productions over his restrictive Lucha Underground contract. With AAA’s hands in the Lucha Underground pie, perhaps some friction was created as a result.

The past is the past and now it is time to look toward Hijo del Fantasma’s future. He speaks perfect English. Hijo del Fantasma is one of AAA’s top stars, so he could be enticing as a bridge to the always desired Hispanic market within the United States. Most importantly, Hijo del Fantasma is a fantastic wrestler. All of that would make him a prime addition to any wrestling promotion.

WWE, AEW, Impact, ROH, MLW, CMLL, and others should all be interested. In fact, AAA can’t be ruled out either. They have been using several independent luchadores as of late. Fenix is their Mega Champion. The Lucha Bros headlined AAA’s first major event of 2019, Rey de Reyes. LA Park was in the Triplemania XXVI main event and was the person who removed the mask off Hijo del Fantasma.

Let the bidding war begin for Wrestlemania week. Hijo del Fantasma would be one heck of a surprise to generate buzz, even if it is only a one-off appearance. His alter-ego, King Cuerno, is booked for Impact’s United We Stand on April 4. Other than that, the chocolate champ is free to run wild.

Where would you like to see Hijo del Fantasma pop up? Which promotion would benefit most from signing him? Which dream opponents do you desire for Hijo del Fantasma?