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CMLL Roundup: Los Ingobernables lost their hair but could pick up a blonde, Fantastic trios title bout

Welcome to the CMLL Roundup. Get caught up on all the news and action from the past week. There was a hair vs hair tag match, a fantastic trios title fight, and Charlotte Flair teasing us once again.

This week’s roundup will primarily focus on the big event Homenaje a Dos Leyendas. The full show is available on YouTube.

I didn’t watch any matches from the Monday and Tuesday shows this week, but I did keep an eye for any storylines. Last Monday from Puebla (Mar. 11) had no set ups for their show on Monday (Mar. 18) this week.

The main event from last Tuesday (Mar. 12) did put into place a title match for this Tuesday (Mar. 19). At the end of a trios bout, Dragon Lee called out Mephisto for his World Welterweight Championship. Mephisto said he didn’t want to wait and a bout was ready to go right then. However, Mephisto weaseled out by ripping off Dragon Lee’s mask. A proper title bout will take place this Tuesday (Mar. 19).

Homenaje a Dos Leyendas

Homenaje a Dos Leyendas took place last Friday (Mar. 15). The main event featured a hair vs hair lucha between Niebla Roja & Angel de Oro and El Terrible & La Bestia del Ring. Other feature bouts included the mini men micro stars in action and a trios championship bout.

My pick as best match of the event is the trios title tilt with Ultimo Guerrero, Euphoria, & Gran Guerrero against Caristico, Volador Jr., & Dragon Lee. The bout begins at the 1:33:30 mark of Homenaje a Dos Leyendas. It was jam-packed with fancy maneuvers and high-octane action. I’ve probably watched about fifty matches in CMLL, and that one was the best, or at least in the top three.

Enough about that. Time to tackle the main event.

Hair vs Hair: Niebla Roja & Angel de Oro vs El Terrible & La Bestia del Ring

Los Ingobernables wore gray suits to the ring (starting at 2:08:40). The brothers Chavez had donned superhero gear. Angel de Oro was dressed as Thor, and Niebla Roja was dressed as He-Man.

Los Ingobernables wasted no time by attacking before the opening bell rang. They beat the two brothers from pillar to post. El Terrible and La Bestia del Ring were so focused on destruction that they were disqualified from Fall 1 after whipping their opponents with belts. Hmm, that seems like a strategic error with such big stakes on the line.

Los Ingobernables controlled Fall 2. The Chavez brothers had one brief moment of offense, but that was reversed when Terrible caught Niebla Roja’s catapult. Los Ingobernables evened the score after Terrible powerbombed Niebla Roja and Bestia hit a piledriver on Angle de Oro for the double pin.

Los Ingobernables continued to kick ass for Fall 3 culminating with a super powerbomb by Bestia to Niebla. The Chavez brothers came alive with a springboard moonsault by Angel, a springboard splash by Niebla, a double suicide dive, and a double flying attack to the outside. The action evened out with exchanges of pin attempts, but nothing dramatic enough to make me think the match was going to be over.

For the finish, Niebla accidentally superkicked Angel. Bestia took advantage with a piledriver to Niebla. 1, 2, 3. Niebla was eliminated from Fall 3. Bestia powerbombed Angel. Terrible assisted for a second powerbomb, but he took his eyes off the ball to celebrate toward the crowd. Unbeknownst to Terrible, Angel reversed the powerbomb into a pin to eliminate Bestia.

It was now down to Terrible vs Angel with all the hair on the line. Angel hit a suicide dive which seemed to separate Terrible’s shoulder. It was tough to tell how serious the injury was, because Bestia and the referee were yanking on his arm to ‘pop’ it back into place. I would guess it was real, since the match ended quickly after that. Back in the ring, Angel slapped on a Sharpshooter to win.

Bestia took his shearing. Terrible disappeared to the back for medical attention, but he returned later to his mandatory haircut. Los Ingobernables didn’t go away without one last fight. Terrible dropped his hair in the center of the ring, then the duo put the boots to the brothers. The show closed with the brothers Chavez celebrating in the ring.


That was a rather unimpressive showing from the Chavez brothers. Sure, a win is a win and they hit some cool moves, but they were dominated for the majority of the contest. After seeing that match, I wouldn’t take them seriously to become CMLL’s top luchadores any time soon.

In post-show interviews, Angel de Oro and Niebla Roja celebrated backstage with their father, Apolo Chavez. Los Ingobernables sported their new haircuts and explained that wins and losses don’t matter. Their goal was to humiliate the brothers Chavez. I would agree with them that it was accomplished despite the defeat.

As for Los Ingobernables, they may have lost their hair, but they could be gaining a blonde.

Charlotte Flair is once again touting Los Ingobernables. A few weeks ago, she was hanging with Rush and his wife. Now, they appear to be Twitter buddies. Charlotte replied to Rush’s tweet with some catchphrases and fist pounds.

Needless to say (again), Charlotte Flair joining imminent. With or without hair, Los Ingobernables are taking over the world.

Other action from Homenaje a Dos Leyendas:

Homenaje a Dos Leyendas honored two legends during the event. CMLL founder Salvador Lutteroth is always one. The other legend this year was Blue Demon. During the show, there was a little plaque ceremony.


It was nothing to go out of your way to see. View the four part short video series about Blue Demon’s life on YouTube (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4).

I only watched four of the six bouts from the event. The main event was already discussed, so let’s jam on the rest.

Microman, El Gallito, & Atomo vs Chamuel, Mije, & Perico Zakarias

The captains were Microman and Chamuel (starting at 19:00). Microman’s team were the tecnicos, while Chamuel’s team were the rudos. Micro Angel was the referee for the bout.

The highlight of Fall 1 was Gallito’s rooster strut. The tecnicos picked up a triple pin after Microman hurricanrana’d his way out of a potential powerbomb. His teammates swooped in for roll-ups of the other two rudos.

The pace picked up for Fall 2 as the rudos dominated with a super arm drag by Chamuel, a double underhook slam by Perico Zakarias, a running guillotine leg drop by Chamuel, and a swanton bomb by Chamuel. Microman gained momentum but was stifled when Chamuel got a boot up on a Vader bomb attempt. Mije scored the pin on Microman.

Fall 3 was hotly contested. Highlights include a hurricanrana off the apron by Microman, a super fly splash off the middle rope by Atomo, and a flying crossbody off the apron by Atomo. For the finish, Chamuel imposed his power on a fireman’s carry slam but missed the subsequent swanton bomb. Microman scurried up the corner to connect on a Vader bomb to pin the rudo captain.


The match was okay. If you like the novelty of the micro division, then you’ll enjoy it.

Sanson, Cuatrero, & Forastero vs Gilbert El Boricua, Negro Casas, & Cavernario

Cavernario entered (starting at 1:07:15) in a Fred Flintstone outfit, also known as Pedro Picapiedras in Spanish. Los Dinamita possess the Mexican National Trios Championship, but this rudos vs rudos bout was a non-title affair. Sanson and Negro Casas were the captains.

Fall 1 went to the rudos, because of course it would have. I kid. Cavernario scored a pin on a rope-assisted splash, and Gilbert El Boricua got the other pin off a teamwork frontcracker with Cavernario.

Negro Casas’ team embraced their rudo ways by trying to remove masks to begin Fall 2. They controlled the action until Los Dinamita took over with a slingshot corkscrew to the outside and a flying senton to the outside. Sanson scored the captain pin with a huge backbreaker on Casas. During the downward fall, Casas ripped off Sanson’s mask but it didn’t affect the pin at all. It might have been a total accident as Casas grabbed Sanson’s head for support before the backbreaker.

Los Dinamita turned up the pressure with teamwork pummeling to start Fall 3. The other team of rudos had a nice push with a suicide dive by Cavernario, a power slam by Gilbert, and then a suicide dive by Gilbert. Gilbert’s night would end shortly after on a pin following a teamwork monkey flip. Cavernario fought hard but succumbed after a powerbomb then a running springboard drop kick by Forastero. The champs were victorious.

This was a solid bout but nothing to lose sleep over if you skip it.

World Trios Championship: Ultimo Guerrero, Euphoria, & Gran Guerrero vs Caristico, Volador Jr., & Dragon Lee

The world trios titles were on the line (starting at 1:33:30). The challengers were looking smooth in white gear. Euphoria came out with some nifty headgear. Those little costume touches amped up the big fight feel for a championship bout. The captains were Ultimo Guerrero and Caristico.

Fall 1 had one-on-one feeling out as is the norm in lucha libre. The top highlight was a flying crossbody by Volador to a seated Ultimo Guerrero. Almost immediately after, the Guerreros won the fall via a triple submission dance. The Guerreros had each of their opponents in a submission on the Guerreros’ backs then hopped up and down in a circle together.

Fall 2 began hot with a huge teamwork leapfrog by Gran Guerrero.


Highlights include a double super overhead press slam by two Guerreros, another leapfrog attack by Gran Guerrero on the entrance ramp into the ropes, a huge running leapfrog hurricanrana by Caristico, and a flying crossbody to the outside by Caristico. The tecnicos picked up the fall with a single leg crab by Dragon Lee and a super hurricanrana by Voldaor.

Fall 3 had all the stakes. Highlights include a powerbomb into the corner by Euphoria, a springboard flying frog crossbody by Caristico, a triple suicide dive by the tecnicos, a tower of doom followed by a flying splash from Euphoria, and a tandem tope con hilos by Dragon Lee and Volador. That was all in the first few minutes of the fall. The action continued at that same pace for another five minutes or so.

For the finish, Dragon Lee and Volador neutralized the opposition with two awesome hurricanranas to the outside. Caristico got the better of Ultimo Guerrero in the ring with a whirling arm bar, however, Ultimo Guerrero was savvy enough to shift his position and cradle Caristico for the captain pin and win. The champs retained.

Whew, what a match. I really thought the challengers were going to pull off the upset. Ultimo Guerrero continued to show why he is the top dog on the roster.

Which was your favorite match from Homenaje a Dos Leyendas? How high on your list does the championship trios bout rank in CMLL this year? Did Angel de Oro and Niebla Roja come off as stars to you or more like duds?

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