Cageside Community Ratings: Fastlane

Fastline was the final stop on the road to WrestleMania. As with every PPV each match has been rated by members of the Cageside Community in order to a cSs rating. All the votes have been tallied and compared with the scores awarded by Dave Meltzer and ESPN.

Highest Rated match of the night

The Shield v Baron Corbin/Bobby Lashley/Drew McIntyre - Cageside Rating: 4.17

Votes: 490

Meltzer Rating: 4.5

ESPN Rating: N/A

2018/19 rank: 7th out of 47

  • The Shield’s swansong match took match of the night honours in Cleveland from Cagesiders.
  • This is the first time a bout involving Bobby Lashley has achieved a Cageside rating of higher than four.
  • This is the highest rated Shield match, beating their previous two efforts. (4.13 v New Day at Survivor Series 2017 and 3.96 v Braun Strowman/Dolph Ziggler and McIntyre at Super Showdown.
  • Meltzer agreed with Cagesiders, giving the clash his match of the night honours.

2nd Place

WWE title match - Daniel Bryan v Kevin Owens v Mustafa Ali - Cageside Rating: 4.16

Votes: 434

Meltzer Rating: 4.25

ESPN Rating: 4.25

2018/19 rank: 8th

  • Another stellar outing for the new Daniel Bryan, who scoops his third four star Cageside rating this season, levelling him at the top of this table with Buddy Murphy.
  • The 4.25 Meltzer score means he is currently holds the highest average score for the Wrestling Observer newsletter.
  • This was ESPN’s highest rated match, for some unknown reason they didn’t attribute a score for the main event.

3rd Place

US Title match - Samoa Joe v R-Truth v Andrade v Rey Mysterio - Cageside Rating: 4.10

Votes: 264

Meltzer Rating: 3.75

ESPN Rating: 3.25

2018/19 rank: 9th

  • Bronze medal goes to the re-arranged US Title match. Indeed this is the highest score a match for this championship has obtained, beating the 3.95 Ziggler, Corbin and Bobby Roode received in 2017 Clash of the Champions.
  • Andrade, Truth and Rey all grabbed their highest Cageside ranking.

Raw Tag title match - The Revival v Aleister Black/Ricochet v Chad Gable/Bobby Roode - Cageside Rating: 3.84

Votes: 205

Meltzer Rating: 3.5

ESPN Rating: 3.5

2018/19 rank: 18th

  • The Revival’s long overdue PPV debut was rated highly. It achieved the highest Cageside score for a men’s tag team match this season.
  • The six men delivered the highest score for a Raw tag team title match since McIntyre and Ziggler's epic battle with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins at last year's Hell in a Cell, which scored 4.49

SDL Tag title match - The Usos v Shane McMahon/The Miz - Cageside rating: - 3.46

Votes: 115

Meltzer Rating: 3.25

ESPN Rating: 3

2018/19 rank: 22nd

  • Eerily similar scores across the board for the SDL tag title rematch. It received two less votes, but scored 0.02 higher.
  • Meltzer agreed with Cagesiders that the match was of similar quality, again granting the foursome a 3.25.

New Day v Rusev/Nakamura - Cageside rating: - 3.43

Votes: 91

Meltzer Rating: 2.75

ESPN Rating: N/A

2018/19 rank: 24th

  • E and Woods managed to beat their previous best kick off show score, which was when they competed in the Survivor Series kick off match (3.28).

WWE women’s tag title match - Boss n Hug Connection v Nia Jax/Tamina - Cageside rating: - 2.65

Votes: 262

Meltzer Rating: 1.25

ESPN Rating: 2

2018/19 rank: 39th

  • The first PPV defence of the newly minted Women’s tag team titles received a tepid response from all three panels.
  • Outside of gimmick matches and battle royals, Tamina is still yet to achieve a score of three or more from Cagesiders.

SDL women’s title match - Asuka v Mandy Rose - Cageside rating: - 2.41

Votes: 360

Meltzer Rating: 1.25

ESPN Rating: 1.5

2018/19 rank: 40th

  • For the first time since last July’s Extreme Rules, a SDL women’s title match scored lower than three with Cagesiders.
  • This is Rose’s worst rated match, scoring lower than the 2.53 at the WrestleMania 34 battle royal.

Charlotte Flair v Becky Lynch - Cageside rating: - 2.34

Votes: 427

Meltzer Rating: 2

ESPN Rating: 1

2018/19 rank: 41st

  • The Man and the Queen's run of classic PPV matches came to an abrupt halt at Fastlane. This is lowest scoring match where both women have competed against each other.

  • The low score meant this is the first PPV since last year's Extreme Rules where all the women's matches scored less than three.

Kofi Kingston v The Bar - Cageside rating: - 2.03

Votes: 203

Meltzer Rating:DUD

ESPN Rating: 0.75

2018/19 rank: 43rd

  • Like the Lynch/Flair match, this clash was more of an angle, and this was relfected with all three judges rating it as the worst match of the night.
  • The Bar will be hoping for better booking soon, as this match and their poorly received Survivor Series battle with AOP means they are languishing near the bottom of the average score table.

The average match score for Fastlane was 3.26. Meltzer's harsher judgement of the lowest scoring matches, including awarding his second dud of the season led to his mean match score coming in at 2.65

The Cleveland event has a lower average than last year’s SmackDown Live exclusive PPV which scored 3.34.

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