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Rey de Reyes review: Young Bucks are AAA tag team champions

AAA’s Rey de Reyes is in the books. The Young Bucks shocked the world by making a surprise appearance to battle with the Lucha Bros. A sword was awarded to the new King of Kings. There was love, betrayal, danger, strutting, new alliances, old wounds festering, and a championship changing hands twice.

Get caught up on the action with the preview and live results.

Let’s break this sucker down.

The Young Bucks are new AAA tag team champs

Yes, that’s right. The Young Bucks won the AAA tag team championships by defeating Fenix and Pentagon, who had just beaten former champs Texano and Rey Escorpion. This will take a little explaining, especially since not all of it makes sense at the moment.

Let’s start with Cody Rhodes. The executive vice president of AEW made an appearance early in the evening to promote the partnership with AAA. Expect AAA stars in the US for AEW. Rhodes’ goal is to bring major AEW stars to Mexico. He specifically name-dropped Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho. I’d be excited to see Jericho return to Mexico after so many years away. Rhodes also announced that Hugo Savinovich will be the Spanish correspondent for AEW. It was a suprise job offer that Savinovich accepted on the spot.

Boom! Enter Konnan, flanked by Taurus, Texano, and Rey Escorpion. Konnan insulted the crowd by calling them idiots, drunks, and other choice words. He got in Rhodes’ face with a threat. Rhodes better check with Konnan next time he even thinks about coming to Mexico to make another announcement.

In a moment of unintentional hilarity, Konnan told Savinovich to translate. Konnan spoke in English, Savinovich relayed the message in English, and Rhodes played along like Savinovich was actually translating something. Savinovich would later get on the ball and translate for the crowd, not for Rhodes.

As you can expect, the tension escalated after Rhodes called Konnan a little itty bitty employee in comparison to Rhodes’ AEW role. Fists flew. Rhodes was losing the numbers game until some AAA stars charged in for the save. Psycho Clown, Taya, Lady Shani, Drago, and Aerostar stood tall to support Rhodes. It will be interesting to see if those five will turn out to be a hint as to who AAA will be sending over to wrestle in AEW.

Let’s fast forward to the main event.

Texano and Rey Escorpion put their tag team titles on the line against Fenix and Pentagon. The Lucha Bros started fast with a double tope con hilo to the outside. They used a quick pace, while Los Mercenarios utilized a divide and conquer strategy to slow down the challengers.

Pretty much every match on the card received plenty of time, however, I believe the main event clocked in at under ten minutes. Even though it was short, the excitement was still high.

For the finish, the Lucha Bros used their double team finisher of Fenix launching a flying double stomp to jumpstart Pentagon’s package piledriver. Fenix followed with a suicide dive so the pin couldn’t be broken up.

Just like that, the Lucha Bros were celebrating their eighth tag team championship. The festivities didn’t last long as Konnan interrupted. The story in AAA is that the Lucha Bros have turned their back on taking orders from Konnan. He said that they couldn’t call themselves the best tag team in the world until they defeat a particular team of brothers.

Lights out. Lights on. The Young Bucks were in the ring!

An impromptu main event tag team title match was underway. The fight was back and forth, but the Young Bucks had the advantage more often than not. The Bucks used crab submissions to weaken the legs of the speedy Lucha Bros. The Bucks then crossed the line by using the outlawed tombstone piledriver. That move is treated like death in Mexico. Fenix was spiked on the floor.

All looked bleak for Pentagon, but he rallied with a package piledriver. 1, 2, kick out. The Bucks took control after that by using the Lucha Bros own finishing combo to pin Pentagon. The Bucks did add a little extra flare though with a springboard flip to jumpstart a tombstone piledriver.

The new new tag champs celebrated in the ring with Konnan.

There’s a lot to digest there to close the show. In hindsight, it was all predictable but still surprising. I was not expecting Texano and Rey Escorpion to lose their belts, nor was I expecting the Young Bucks to finish the evening as champs.

I’m not sure how much any of this helps AAA at all. One positive aspect is that the rumors of the Young Bucks being in Mexico may have driven more viewers to watch Rey de Reyes and converted new fans to AAA through the rest of the action. One thing for certain is that it sure does fire up excitement for AEW’s Double or Nothing show in May when there will be a rematch.

There’s also the confusing issue of Konnan being the one to introduce the Young Bucks. Was the beef with Rhodes a sneaky ploy all along? Or, are the Young Bucks just evil foreigners in the AAA world and aligned with Konnan because 99% of all foreigners have for the past twenty years?

Aerostar is the King of Kings

Lucha Libre AAA

Aerostar outlasted eight other luchadores to win the Rey of the Reyes tournament. AAA uses the word tournament loosely compared to what I’m used to in English. I was a little disappointed that there was no literal tournament with all those fantastic high-flyers, but the match certainly lived up to expectations for what it was.

The contest was Royal Rumble-esque with one minute intervals for new entrants. Eliminations were by pinfall or submission. For Lucha Underground fans, it was basically Aztec Warfare.

Entrance order:

1. Hijo del Vikingo
2. Myzteziz Jr.
3. Eclipse Vengador Jr.
4. Taurus
5. Laredo Kid
6. Sammy Guevara
7. Jack Evans
8. Golden Magic
9. Aerostar

Australian Suicide was the only advertised competitor not to appear. He must have been too busy playing with fish heads. Australian Suicide was replaced by Eclipse Vengador Jr., who is a television character from Por la Máscara. Eclipse Vengador Jr. did surprisingly well. One of his big moments was a beautiful moonsault to the outside.

Elimination order:

1. Eclipse Vengador Jr. by Taurus via rodeo driver
2. Myzteziz Jr. by Taurus via rodeo driver
3. Golden Magic by Taurus via rodeo driver
4. Jack Evans by Hijo del Vikingo via reverse 450 flying splash
5. Sammy Guevara by Laredo Kid via 450 flying splash
6. Taurus by Aerostar, Laredo Kid, & Hijo del Vikingo via triple pin after a super duper plancha by Aerostar off Laredo Kid’s shoulders
7. Hijo del Vikingo by Aerostar via flying bomb splash
8. Laredo Kid by Aerostar via rolling cutter
Winner: Aerostar

The match had so many highlights that taking notes proved to be futile. The first elimination took place after eight luchadores entered. After Aerostar came down last, Taurus took over with fantastic displays of power and dominance. It took three luchadores to team up to eliminate the bull. Laredo Kid hit a reverse hurricanrana, Hijo del Vikingo connected on a springboard frog splash, and Aerostar finished the job by leaping off Laredo Kid’s shoulders for a super duper flying splash.

Aerostar and Laredo Kid were the final two. They rocked it with big moves and dramatic kick outs. Laredo hit a blockbuster. Kick out. Aerostar hit a flipping powerbomb. Kick out. Laredo hit a fancy driver followed by a 450 splash. Kick out. Aerostar hit an outside in springboard Code Breaker then a flying bomb splash. Kick out. While fighting in the corner, Aerostar got the upper hand with a super Code Breaker. He followed up with a rolling cutter to finally put Laredo Kid down for the count.

It was a feel good moment for Aerofans. The Rey de Reyes victory is arguably his greatest achievement in a long career. The push is on to elevate Aerostar as a main player in AAA. Now, if only Lucha Underground would return for season five so we can get an answer to a question I proposed in the preview. Can Aerostar time travel while carrying a sword? Or will the sword cut through time and space resulting in catastrophic consequences?

Daga del Mal

It was supposed to be a big night for the reunion of Los Perros del Mal members. Taya, Daga, and Joe Lider joined forces to battle El Poder del Norte. AAA put together a cool little hype video for the occasion. Unfortunately, the night would not end in a happy way for Los Perros del Mal.

The match was physical and rough. All six participants hit their patented spots. On the intergender tip, Taya stood her ground. She got got on a teamwork dropkick to her crotch and also did the getting with a spear and running knees combo.

For the finish, Daga turned on Joe Lider by whacking him with a chair and smashing him through a ladder with a fireman’s carry slam. El Poder del Norte cleaned up the pieces with their teamwork chair taint dropkick.

There was no official explanation why Daga went rogue. Commentary sort of mentioned that Daga felt it was time to move past Los Perros del Mal. That team had their time, but that era is over.

The aftermath of that match leads into the next topic of discussion.

Lady Shani, Taya, and Faby Apache triangle

Lady Shani successfully defended her Reina de Reinas championship in a four-way street fight against Keyra, Chica Tormenta, and La Hiedra. The bout was hard hitting with tables and chairs. Highlights include a neat double submission attempt by Shani, a suplex through a table by Tormenta to Shani, a running dropkick chair to the face by Keyra to Tormenta, a crucifix spike by Keyra to Hiedra onto a chair, and a DDT on the apron onto a chair by Keyra to Hiedra.

For my money, the move of the night was a Spanish Fly by Keyra to Tormenta off the apron through a make-shift table. I didn’t think there would be enough room, but they hit it with a low trajectory.

For the finish, Lady Shani powerbombed Hiedra onto a pile of chairs. 1, 2, 3 and still champ, Lady Shani.

After the match, Faby Apache came down to run her mouth. She said Shani is progressing in her career, but the people all know that Faby is the true Reina de Reinas. Faby then threatened Keyra for lacking respect. That is a reference to something that happened at a TV taping that hasn’t aired yet.

Referee Hijo de Tirantes was next for verbal wrath. Faby threatened him, so Tirantes snatched the mic. He said he is a gentleman and that Faby wouldn’t know since she’s never seen one before. Shortly after saying that, Tirantes clotheslined Faby. Faby fought back with a whirling backbreaker, but she was overcome by Keyra and Tormenta joining the fracas.

Taya ran down the aisle to make the save. Shani, Taya, and Faby had a Mexican standoff of sorts.

Fast forward to after the Perros del Mal match and Taya was being ambushed by Keyra and Tormenta. Faby was the one to make the save this time. Faby extended her hand for Taya to shake. Taya reluctantly accepted. It appears that the two former bitter rivals have squashed their beef, for now.

It will be interesting to see where the trio of Shani, Taya, and Faby leads in story. Could it be setting up a three-way at Triplemania XXVII? That would have potential to be a dynamite match. In the meantime, they might have trios competition in the near future from Keyra and Tormenta. The question is who would be the third. Lady Maravilla seems like an easy choice, since she is pals with Keyra. However, it would be pretty cool if AAA could score Taya’s biggest rival today, Tessa Blanchard.

Other action:

Cage Match: Psycho Clown, Maximo, & Mamba defeated Jeff Jarrett, Killer Kross, & La Mascara

The story of the cage match was the Alvarado family feud between La Mascara and his cousins, Maximo and Psycho Clown. Super Porky, the father of Psycho and Maximo, was present ringside to cheer on his sons. Leave it to Jeff Jarrett to be the kind of jerk that picks on an elder with a walker.

As is often with the case in AAA, throw out the rule book. You want rules? AAA don’t need no stinkin’ rules. Luchadores entered the cage, exited the cage, entered the cage again, and exited the cage one more time. Killer Kross left through the door to retrieve Jarrett’s trusty guitar. Jarrett made good use of it by clocking Maximo. The ins and outs made no sense but, at the same time, also made perfect sense with the way the story was told.

Jarrett was first to officially escape. He mocked AAA bigwig Marisela Peña with a ‘no sweat’ motion. Jarrett then focused on Super Porky. Psycho jetted up and over the cage wall after seeing those threats. He walloped Jarrett good and sent Jarrett running back to the USA. Psycho then returned to the cage match to help his brother Maximo.

Mamba was second to escape. Kross was third after getting the okay from Mascara, who was confident he could pick the bones clean of his beaten down cousins. Maximo was out fourth.

Psycho Clown looked down and out after Mascara ripped off Psycho’s mask, however, Super Porky slipped Psycho a new mask. As Mascara was climbing the cage while wearing Psycho’s mask, Psycho slipped in from behind for a huge super powerbomb through a table.

Psycho went on to escape to victory. They played his music before his feet touched the floor.

The match was a little difficult to view clearly, because the chain link fence cage had a thick middle section at shoulder level. Overall though, the bout was decent enough. It had amusing heeling, exoticos pinching Jarrett’s butt, a nice story with the family feud, and a big finish.

Los OGT’s (Averno, Chessman, & Super Fly) defeated Pagano, Drago, & Puma King

This was a trios match for the sake of a fun trios match, as evidenced by Los OGT’s outfits. Averno was dressed as Batman, Super Fly was dressed as Venom, and Chessman was dressed as... I’m not sure. My best guess is Deadpool, but I don’t think that’s correct.

It was a pretty long match that left bodies strewn all over the floor. Highlights include a corkscrew dive by Drago to the outside, Pagano with a cannonball suicide dive, a moonsault by Super Fly, a Mexican Destroyer by Drago, and a Tower of Doom.

The finishing sequence got a little scary. Puma King attempted a sunset flip powerbomb to Super Fly off the apron through a table, but it came up a little short. The result was Super Fly banging his head and neck against the edge of the table.

I’m not sure if Averno saw what happened, but it felt like he used a little extra malice when hitting Puma King with a chair shortly after. Thankfully, we later received word that Super Fly should be okay.

Next on the chopping block were Pagano and Chessman as Averno pushed them off the top turnbuckle crashing down through a table. That left Averno and Drago one-on-one. Averno ended up victorious with a super double underhook face slam.

Applause to all six luchdores for putting their bodies on the line, whether intentionally or unintentionally. There will be some major soreness and bruises in the morning.

Mixed Tag Championship: Niño Hamburguesa & Big Mami defeated Villano III Jr. & Lady Maravilla

The story going into this mixed tag title bout was Lady Maravilla practicing her maneating skills by trying to lure Niño Hamburguesa into her clutches. Maravilla dressed nice for the occasion with a pink bow in her hair. She started with a promo insulting Big Mami. Maravilla said that Mami shouldn’t be angry or jealous over her precious fat boy. “Look at you and look at me,” to imply the choice was simple.

During the match, Hamburguesa was reluctant to engage physically against Maravilla. He also stopped Mami any time she was ready to do serious damage to Maravilla. Highlights include a flying senton by Villano III Jr. to Mami, a cannonball suicide dive by Hamburguesa, and a Tower of Doom with Mami on the bottom and Hamburguesa on top.

For the finish, Mami was ready to flatten Maravilla, but Hamburguesa got in the way. He wouldn’t let Mami squish her. In the end, the mixed tag champs retained after a flying splash by Hamburguesa onto Villano.

After the match, Hamburguesa took his title and exited the ring without celebrating. He carried Maravilla to the back. Mami was so sad that she was almost on the verge of tears.

This is a pretty good tale AAA is telling so far. It is nothing original, but they are keeping my attention to see what happens next. There are several ways the drama could play; Maravilla using Hamburguesa, both ending up in love, Hamburguesa realizing he is being used, Mami taking matters into her own hands, or something completely different. I like the call to keep the titles on Hamburguesa and Mami. They are too much fun to lose the belts on a whim for a storyline.

Rey de Reyes was a solid show anchored by big spots. The length was a bit long at hour fours in duration. I was sort of weary midway through and zoned out a little. The final two headline bouts and the impromptu closer were super exciting and provided a jolt of energy to the viewing experience.

I like the teases Rey de Reyes provided for the future. The drama with Lady Maravilla and Niño Hamburguesa continues. The three-way interaction between Lady Shani, Taya, and Faby Apache should make for strange bedfellows as all three consider the Reina de Reinas title as the top goal. Will there be repercussions for Daga turning his back on his friends? The idea of Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho competing in Mexico is exciting. What exactly is the relationship between Konnan and the Young Bucks? Is the Konnan vs Vampiro feud for Triplemania going to shift into a trios bout with the Bucks and Lucha Bros included?

I sporadically checked on the Twitch viewership numbers during the show while watching the English feed with Vampiro on commentary. For the most part, the numbers seemed to hover in the 2,400 area. I’m not sure about the Spanish feed.

The line of the night from Vampiro on commentary was toward referee Hijo de Tirantes. Vamp emphatically joked that when Hijo de Tirantes was born, the doctor punched his father in the balls and slapped his mother for bringing such an ugly baby into the world. Damn, I got a hard chuckle out of that one. Vampiro also had moments mocking Twitch commenters that criticized him. He played it off as all in good fun, but you know there were feelings of truth in his statements. A Vampiro production never disappoints.

It wouldn’t be a AAA event without some screw-ups. Surprisingly, the show was almost botch free. One minor mistake was Vampiro saying during the introduction that the Rey de Reyes tournament had eleven participants. It only had nine, as originally planned. One major mistake was flashing Super Fly’s entrance video during the Rey de Reyes tournament for Eclipse Vengador Jr. That’s not that big of a deal, except Super Fly had a near death experience earlier in the evening. I was ready to erupt thinking that Super Fly was okay and turning a trick for double duty. Alas, it was only a production mistake.

What do you think of the Young Bucks surprise appearance to win the AAA tag team titles? Which was your favorite match? Who stole the show? Which luchadores stuck out to you that you were not previously aware of?

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