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Arn Anderson is headed to Starrcast

In his first comments since word broke that Arn Anderson was no longer working as an agent/producer for WWE, the Hall of Famer had nothing but good things to say about his old employer. But he and Starrcast promoter Conrad Thompson aren’t doing anything to dissuade you from the notion he may say a lot more about the situation when he appears at the All Elite Wrestling-adjacent Starrcast II convention in Las Vegas this May.

Regarding his exit from WWE, which reports paint as a firing by Vince McMahon due to Alicia Fox wrestling while intoxicated in a house show match Anderson was responsible for, Double-A told Sports Illustrated:

“I was fortunate enough to work with WWE for 18 years. Certainly that provided my family and myself with a nice living, and I have no regrets. A lot of my best friends still work there. Everything has a shelf life, and I guess mine ran out.”

That’s now, though. Come what SI calls his “first non-WWE sanctioned appearance in nearly 20 years” as one of what Thompson calls Starrcast’s “marquee events”?

“It used to be a dangerous setting when they handed me a live mic. So we’ll see if it will be again.”

If you’re gonna be in Vegas for Double Or Nothing the weekend of May 23 - 26, you can see what Arn says live by attending the con at Caesar’s Palace. And like the first Starrcast, streams will be available via Fite.TV. Or, if you’re broke/cheap like me, just hang out at cSs and we’ll let you know if Anderson serves the tea.

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